The Beautiful Familiar at Robertson Elementary

We started our six-week Badgerdog workshop at Robertson Elementary with a few silly activities to loosen us up: writing Shel Silverstein-inspired poems and advertisements for crazy inventions. As we got to know each other a little better, we shifted to more introspective writing and then began to imagine our own fictional characters and scenes. At every turn, students reminded me how creative young people can be, especially because they’re still free of the responsibility and limitations that take over as we age. Here, we present two students who authored touching and lovely pieces about their family members.

Allison Foster
Badgerdog Teaching Artist 


My Mother’s Eyes

My mom has brown eyes as clear as hazelnut under water.
My mom’s eyes protect me when I look in her eyes, her beautiful eyes.
When I look in her eyes, I can look in her soul.
My mom’s eyes are as pretty as flowers.

My dad has brown eyes like chocolate chips, and I love chocolate chips.
My dad keeps me safe when I hug him because when I hug him, he is like my very own teddy bear.

Joele Hernandez

My Family’s Eyes

Everybody in my family has different kinds of eyes. My Grandma has really dark brown eyes, which remind me of branches from a tree. Also, my grandma’s eyes remind me of dark chocolate. Another thing my grandma’s eyes remind me of is mud, which I don’t really like. My brother’s eyes remind me of grass and the stem of a flower.

 Kristen Graffam 

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