Blake Manor Elementary’s Pocket Adventures

There is nothing quite like entering a room where students are excited and ready to write; Ms. Hawthorne’s fourth-grade class had the spirit! Their no-limits, boundless energy called for hands-on props and a variety of diverse activities. We played, “Who is the Cat in that Hat?” after Dr. Seuss’s classic rhyming tale and created our own interesting characters. We checked out Ms. Jena’s funky jacket after reading Calef Brown’s “Eliza’s Jacket,” in which pockets have no limits in terms of what they may hold. Finally, we talked about our feelings after reading Maya Angelou’s “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me at All.” Trinity’s line, “Then I’m gonna go twist and twirl / Into a twisted pearl” proves that energy helps to create gems. This class gave me so much inspiration. I want them all to know, as Lyric so perfectly stated, that “My hero is you.”

Jena Kirkpatrick
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


1,000 Pockets

Okay, I would have a pocket that is a closest.
My other pocket will have a house with five bathrooms,
three kitchens, nine bedrooms, and four living rooms.
Then, my next pocket will have another house with a relaxing room.
Then, the next pocket will have an electronics room.
It will have thirteen rooms in it,
a farmhouse with baby animals, a maid, and a chef that brings
food for me and anything I want, like a buffet or a flying car.
I bet you’re wondering what the coat looks like?
Well, a bear with fur, and the hoodie looks like a bear head that’s brown.
The rest of it is white. I love my coat.

Abby Bucanek

The Lego Kingdom

Lego person lives in the kingdom
He discovers new things
On rainy, days he eats food
A king meal
Five hamburgers and a steak and French fries and a Coke
He has dogs, wolves, and puppies
If they smell it, they will track it down
He discovers hidden spots for diamonds
And animals like eagles and lions
When it’s a rainy day, he gives food to all the animals and kids
They like him as a king

David Cantu-Hernandez

My Fears

My fears are getting lost in the store and losing my siblings.
My little stuffed bear protects me when I’m scared.
Sometimes I get scared of my barking dogs, Coco & Joanna.
I get scared of footsteps outside my room and witches on a broom.
The footsteps are really my cats running up and down the hall.
Only my teddy bear keeps me safe.
When I wake up, I feel fine,
Ready for a new day,
Ready to have fun and learn and come home to do homework and watch TV.
I am safe at home.

Taya Dodson


The Jacket Pocket

My jacket is going to be red fire and apple colored
I’m going to have money… $20,000,000
Chinese food and Mexican food and pepperoni pizza
Diamonds and catch dreams
Be a songwriter and give out CDs
My jacket is going to be as dark as the sky
Limo and a flight to Alabama
Candies and Smarties and hearts

Makayla Hudson

The Model Star

I am a model; my name is Jessica.
I live in a new house, and when it rains so hard I feel happy.
I have a pool in the backyard where we swim.
We go to the store and buy new clothes.
I work at a store called Wal-Mart.
We get money, and we also get McDonald’s.
We go home, and the kids go to school to learn about
math, reading, and writing.
I went to school to eat lunch with them.

Jessica Juarez-Flores

My Hero

My hero can fly
My hero can go fast
My hero is love
My hero is happy
My hero loves me
My hero is you

Lyric Olds

All My Pockets

My jacket is dark
Dark as the sky
When I reach into my pocket
I get a Hot Pocket
Every time I take a bite
I become weak, small, and big
In my other pocket is a magic scarf
That can cover the whole world like a Tootsie Roll
In my last pocket, I have a time machine



The Pocket Adventure

My pockets
I will have houses
In my pockets
And the homes
Will have five bedrooms
Four bathrooms
A kitchen
A dining room
And some maids
In my other pockets
I will have animals, all animals
They will be beautiful
I will have a zoo
I will run it
It will be lots of money
But people will come
I will get money from people
So many people will come
That I will have to give it away

Jamari Westmoreland

My Dream

I want to be a dancer
Not just any prancer
I’m going to go up and down
All around
Then I’m gonna go twist and twirl
Into a twisted pearl

Trinity Yocham

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