How It Feels to Be a Tree from Blake Manor Elementary

Mr. Colon’s fourth-graders at Blake Manor Elementary are a hilarious bunch ready to share their endless creativity with you. We studied authors Billy Collins and Gabriela Mistral, as well as literary devices like metaphor and alliteration. The students’ strong grasp of Spanish and English aided them in phrasing poetry that captures the heart of a message beautifully. Andres wrote, “I want fearless/not sadness, less real/more non-real.” Emma shared, “Forever is to keep away or to wait.” Each week, as I read their work, I sat with certain lines like these that made me think. Young authors do not hesitate to honestly share once they get rolling. Do not wait. Begin reading and start thinking. Who knows, as Luis joked, you may watch as your “marshmallow turns into a monster.”

Jena Kirkpatrick
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


10 Cut Down Palm Trees

I am a palm tree in the forest of Hawaii.
I see animals having fun living in me.
I have friends.
They look happy having animals live on them.
The forest I live in looks like a green world
Filled with animals, trees, plants, and food.

There’s no more peace.
Machines are starting to come.
Everything is so noisy.
Until the machines started to cut.
Many animals were starting to scream,
Running away crying.

Then, when it was over, smoke filled the forest.
Plants and animals were starting to get sick.
Little plants were starting to grow from cut trees.
The animals will have to find another home.
Thanks to whomever cut down the trees.

Celeste Aranda

The Mysterious House

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was down. Her dad and mom died in 1981 on January 3. She was alone for five years in the streets because she didn’t have money to pay for the house. Before she was alone, she met a witch. The little girl didn’t know the woman was a witch.

One day, the witch dropped a target to show the little girl where she lived. The little girl went to the house, and nobody was there. When the little girl entered the house, the door slapped hard and closed. The little girl was scared. Then the little girl saw witch stuff.

She went to the kitchen and something was moving. Then the girl heard somebody open the door. She went to see who it was, but nobody was there, other than the radio heard loud. The girl was so scared she wanted to get out, but the door was closed. Then everything was moving, and the witch came in and put on a bad face like she was angry. The girl turned and saw the witch. She was saved because the witch was her friend’s mom.

Melissa Arriaga

It’s Easy

It is easy to say hello
and saying goodbye
is not that easy,
so I can hear you – no.



A fish has a fin to swim
A whale has a tail
A dolphin and a whale are mammals
A zebra with a stripe pattern
A rook in chess
A book to read and rest

Pablo Cabrera


I am a Tree

I live in the forest, so it’s kinda creepy.
It hurts when they’re making a hole in me.
I don’t feel lonely when I am together with my family.
It tickles when children climb me.
It hurts when they cut down my legs.
It feels like piranhas biting me, trust me.
When I feel water, it feels like I’m taking a shower.
I like when snakes climb on me so I can feel ticklish.

Jose Calderon

The Tree with Everything

I want to be a tree of everything.
When you climb me, you will see your future and you can make a mansion on me.
You can make your wish, and it will come true.
I have billions and billions of roots.
When a root falls, a life has gone away.
This root will turn into dirt so it may have peace.
I feel ticklish when they climb me.
The water feels sweet on me when it falls.
My leaves can be eaten and you will live for eternity.
If you fall, one of my roots will catch you.
You will be safe, and I will reunite people if they are crushed.
Also, you can breathe all the way to the moon because I reach the atmosphere.

Jose Contreras

The Three Rooms

I sometimes feel
Like there are three rooms
That make me feel and enjoy
And when we’re all together
It makes me feel great
And sometimes I feel in my room
By myself
I wish I could fly



I was so happy one day
I turned into a tree house
Many years passed and they made me bigger
I was almost going to the old years
My roots were already going to stick out of the ground
My heart beat like I was going down quiet
And quiet became my heart
Not that much shining
I fell
And fell down like a town

Jacob Estrada


I Wish

I wish I could
go to Alaska
to play with
the snow.

But I will
be cold. I get an
alert that there
is a storm.

I wish I could
go back to America
it is
too cold.

Abiel Jaimes

The Letter D

I play the drums in a parade
Duck flew away
They were in danger
The cupcakes were delicious
And dogs dance in dust
Dolphins go down in the water
I dropped my dollars in a pond
The donkey was so dumb during the dance he dropped dirt
My dad was in a party I didn’t want to damage
I discovered a soldier with a duck in a day

Jennifer Leon

Imagine That You’re a Tree

I am a pine tree on the beach in Brazil
Saving Brazilian people who are playing soccer
I see that they are mostly talking in Spanish
I am the oldest pine tree in Rio de Janiero
I am 659 years old
Some day there is going to be a World Cup
I really hope to be there


Kevin at the Zoo

Kevin went to the zoo.
Kenny was there.
Suddenly, a kangaroo jumped up to Kenny.
I grabbed a key and carrots.
I put them along the trail to his cage.
I closed the cage and locked it, but Kenny was in there.
I threw the key away so the kangaroo couldn’t grab it and escape again.
We called 911.

Kevin Ortiz


No One Else

I’m in a tree.
I love to be a tree.
I never wish to be something else.
I love what I am.
I never wish to be the same as someone.
I love the grass.
I love the fresh smell in the morning.
I like to talk with my tree friends.
I love the night when I see a bunch of stars on top of me.

Anna Osorio

Zebra Zilla

Zebra went to the zoo
He made a zip
He made a lock
He made a Ziploc
He made friends
Zella, Zib, Zac, Zack, Zeb, and Zil
Zilo made a Zilo pie and put it in a Ziploc with a strong zip
Zebra was drinking a Zilo cream with soda
He made a zip in his drink
Zib made zope and he zolted

Andres Reyes

My Dream is to be a Nut Tree

I wish I was a nut tree
How it sways all day
You’re in heaven
It’s easy to see
The nut tree is my dream
I want to see the fresh sunset
Breeze on my own leaves
I see kids sitting and climbing on me
Or a tire swing swaying on me
Or a family under me
Or a beautiful green meadow
It’s the best for me
That is what I want
I think it’s fun
Being a nut tree, I sometimes give food
To squirrels or birds
But I also give oxygen to people by myself
These are my ways of being a nut tree
I think that this dream is extreme for me

Emma Rodriguez


Magic Shoes

One day, I wanted to go to my friend’s house, but I had to pass the ugly grandma’s house (a.k.a. the witch). She came out! At least I had my shoes that can turn into anything, even imaginary things. Then I turned into a Peregrine falcon. Then, mid air, I turned into an anvil and fell down on her. “Knocked down by an anvil!” I said. Finally, I turned into a Ferrari, and then I went to play with my friend. We played tag. I’m relieved that I have powers.

Luis Rosas

The Amazing Kenny

Kenny went to McDonald’s with Kevin.
Suddenly, a kangaroo heads toward Kevin.
Then I grab two packs of ketchup and squash them on the kangaroo.
The next day, Kevin told everyone how I saved his butt.
He said, “I was like kapow and whoosh!”

Kenny Sanabria

Apple Tree

I am an apple tree
I think Christmas is near
That’s what I hear

I’m happy to be a tree
With all of my leaves
At least, that’s what I’ve seen

I like the sound
Of my hollow inside
I’m stuck to the ground
All of the time

There are trees of different ages
I help make the pages
When I grow
I go slow

I give fruit
Yummy and sweet
That’s a present
From me!

Alexis Sanchez


Christmas Tree

I am a Christmas tree
When they cut me
My lights turn of because of the sadness
I miss the time when three little children played with me
They would have tea
Like I was their friend
As the roots are cut down
One by one
They say goodbye
To each one

Bianca Suarez

Tree Is Awesome!

I live in Houston and see people having fun
And that makes me happy
My roots going down
People climbing me
Putting a swing on me
I feel badly for the trees that have been cut down
I wish people would plant more trees
I feel happy when other trees grow
When the kids plant them
When they see them
When they recycle stuff
Trees are good for the people so they can breathe air
Apples grow on me
People take them off so they can eat them
I like it when food grows on me
So they have food to eat like fruits
I like it when they go places
So they can play or get things
But I don’t like it
When dogs go to the bathroom on trees


The Olympics Letter B

1. Boom – He blew up the room
2. Books – I like to read them
3. Bam – I hit myself
4. Because – I tripped and fell
5. Before – I jumped in the grass and did a
6. Backflip – To get down off the trampoline
7. Backward – Landing next to my house
8. Both – House and tree in the middle
9. Best – Backflip ever
10. Been – Done in the entire world I’m
11. Bound – For the Backflip Olympics
12. Based – On my backflip
13. Brian – Is my coach who
14. Believes – In me – He’s got my
15. Back – Since I was
16. Born – The trampoline is
17. Black – And I made a rock star
18. Band


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