The Growth Cycle of Brown Elementary’s Writers

The second-graders in Ms. Menchaca’s class at Brown Elementary School found their voices. As we followed the growth cycle of a plant, we simultaneously planted the seeds of our imaginations. Studying author Pat Mora, we sprouted metaphors for our beloved mothers, and two sixth-graders’ odes led us to honor our fruits and vegetables. Author Bob “Mud” McMahon asked us to look inside an apple for answers… The elements needed to write are so similar to what plants need. Good soil (the mind), water (nourishment), and sunshine (imagination). You’ll get a breath of fresh air from these poems. Alexia sums up the process of writing and growth: It takes love and patience. “Last, it takes time to grow.”

Jena Kirkpatrick
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


My Mom is Compared to a Cook

My mom is compared to a cook
She cooks good for me
And my sister and my brother
She is a master of cooking
She makes spaghetti and meatballs
She makes hamburger patties
She makes salad and meat


Saving Seeds

I ate an apple
I saved the seed
Me and my dad
We put the seed in the dirt
My roots were big
The tree was big and tall
On the apple, there were little leaves
The sun was so bright
The seed was growing
There were twenty apples
Then we made an apple pie

Marquez Coronado

I Like Apples

I like apples
My mom got me the apple
I got the seed
I planted it in my pot
I gave it to my mom and dad
My mom got water
And put it on the flowers
Roses and sunflowers came out
My friend came over to my house
He said he liked it
I made one for my friend because he wanted one too
Then I made some corn and my friend got some too
He liked the corn
He said his favorite color is yellow
Corn is my favorite vegetable too
I ate pumpkin seeds
They were good
I like pumpkin seeds
My friend wanted pumpkin seeds
I gave him some

Jahira Cruz Giron


My Ode to My Mom

Oh Mom, I love you because you make my favorite food and I love it.
Oh Mom, you let me have fun!
Oh Mom, I want to see you.
Oh Mom, please let me spend the night with you after school.

Saydi Garcia

The Lion Fish

I love my mom.
My mom keeps me warm.
My mom has beautiful hair.
I like my mom.
When she laughs, I laugh.
My mom puts me to bed.
My mom tries to tickle me.
My mom gets me fun stuff.
I was laughing.
I went to the zoo.
I go to sleep.
I gave her candy.
I eat candy, too!


The Apple Seed

I had an apple, and I ate it. It had seeds inside. I put them in the pot. I was looking for a place to put it. I put it in my garden where my other fruit trees are. I like the garden a lot. It is so fun. Gardening is the best thing ever. An apple has a long stem. The stem is a part of the apple. Fruits are healthy for you. They are good protein. I cut the apples in half. I planted a lot of roses and flowers. That is how my poem lasts. It takes time to grow a nice flower. I am going to make it a good garden.



The Orange

The orange can grow leaves.
The orange can grow so big.
The orange will need water and sun.
The orange will be like chocolate.
My dad and mom will help me take care of the orange.
I had a car, and it made fruits and vegetables in people’s grass.
I helped them have a new garden.
The orange will be so sweet.
The orange will have a seed.
The seed will be orange.
The orange is going to have a stem.
The orange will be in the store.
I will sell the little oranges.
The big ones will stay with me.
I will not let the big orange go.
I will play tea party with my big orange.
I will not cut him.
Then he will pass on, and I will have a new friend.
I will miss him.
I will grow a new orange named Silly.
Orange and I had good times together.
I loved orange.

Raven Lewis

Beautiful Chocolate

I write an ode to my mom.
She is sweet.
I love her.
My stepmother and I have the same necklaces.
I went to the dentist with my mom.
Where is my mom?
She is beautiful.
I kiss my mom.
She is a chocolate fountain.
I live in Candy Land.


My Ladybug Mom

I will compare my mom to a ladybug
She loves to fly
And change colors
But still the dots — ha, ha, ha
She loves protecting flowers
My mom loves the little, tiny bugs that are light green
Sometimes she drinks water in a leaf
Sometimes she turns green, red, or blue
She eats leaves and grass
She has friends like me, but with black dots, too
She changes when it’s winter, autumn, and summer
She is a beautiful ladybug
She is like the turtle she gets in her shell
She flies with the other bugs and ladybugs
Then she climbs on flowers
She gets good looks, like a tiny ant
She’s with a friend
She has a lot of sick friends
She has other friends who can help her
Zoo friends, including me



My Mom is Like a Jungle

My mom is compared to a jungle.
She makes great fruits and vegetables from the jungle.
We read animal books that are from the jungle.
She is sometimes like a monkey.
She teaches me the animals of the jungle.
My mom loves the plants.
She likes the flowers there, too.
She loves water that waters the plants.
My mom loves the jungle.


Compared to Clouds

My mom is compared to a fish because they jump.
My mom is compared to a wave because they’re big.
My mom is compared to clouds because you can make things.
My mom is compared to sound because it is smooth.
My mom is compared to sun because it is warm.
My mom is compared to water because you can swim.

Joe Perez


Orange Seeds

I love oranges
So I planted a seed in an eggshell
I put one in the middle
I hope that it will be five feet tall
I will have an orange party
I will have two hundred oranges in my tree
I will sell them
They will be so big
I will have two trees
My trees will be ten feet tall
I will have orange shoes
I will have an egg beard

Jimmy Soliz


Ideas, where do you come from?
I come from your brain.
Can I play with you?
I forgot, I think with you.
Help me, help me if you can.
Give me ideas.
I want to think about butterflies with you.
Help me think of all the things that butterflies do.
I like you.
Do you like me?
Yes, I like you.
I like you more.
No, I like you more.
What? How about we like each other more?
We can.
What do you want to do together?
Ummmm… how about think.
That’s a good idea.
Let’s think about fairies.
No, let’s think about animals.
How about both?

Sophia Trevino


I Love You Mommy

I would compare my mom to an angel.
She sings like an angel.
She plays instruments like an angel.
She talks to me like an angel.
She gives me hugs and kisses when I come and go.
She’s really kind.
She knows a lot about heaven.
I imagine that she has a halo.
She has a giant heart.
That’s what makes her very loving.
She plays the piano.
She holds me when I’m scared at midnight.
Her wings make me warm.
She covers me with her wings.

Promise Wright


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