Natural Perspectives from Mrs. Rodriguez’s class at Brown Elementary

The writers in Ms. Rodriguez’s second-grade classroom at T.A. Brown Elementary have a lot to wish for. They wish flowers could dance and bees could talk. They wish they could be horses and bluejays, bunnies and mice. They want to run, jump, and follow the rainwater on its trip through the parts of a plant. Their desire is at the root of their buzzing imaginations. … Over the course of our weeks together, they conjured one wonderful metaphor on top of another: a plant’s roots are a man who lifts weights. The ground is like a black hole to outer space. The noise of thunder is drums, and bees make sounds like a person snoring, or a lawnmower cutting the grass. Every day, they described to me a wolf’s big teeth, a dolphin bright in the sunlight, and a flower that was yellow like the sun, or smelled like strawberries. … The pieces collected here demonstrate not just these writers’ imaginative power, but also their extraordinary capacity for empathy. In their poems and stories, they consider the fear of a mouse hiding from a cat with sharp nails, the desire of a bear searching for honey, and the loneliness of a dinosaur who feels he’s too big, angry, and dangerous for the world he lives in. They picture roses overhearing the noises people make in gardens and the power of flowers that could fly. Take a look at their work to find out all of the remarkable things these writers dream.

Molly McCully Brown
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


A Bunny

I’m a bunny. I jump high like a rocket. I feel bumping in the clouds.
I eat something orange, and something on the top is green.
It is my favorite vegetable. I’m a color like the snow.
I like jumping and eating. I feel the opposite of sad.
You can guess what else I eat. It is green, all green.


The Roots

The thunder is like drums.
The ground is like a stage.
The dirt feels hard.
The roots are big and strong like a tree.
The roots are like a dancer because
the roots dance like boys and girls.



My favorite part of the plant is the flower. The flower makes the bees and the butterflies come to the flower. The flower is different colors. The flower is soft like dirt and soft like mud. I like the lifecycle of a flower. One flower is a rose. My favorite part of the lifecycle is the seed. The seed needs water and then the seed begins to grow. Inside the plant there are different parts. The parts of the plant are the roots, seed, stem, pollen, petal, and pistil. I wish the flower could dance like a rockin’ ball.



The Roots Are Like…

The roots are like a man.
They’re like a man who does weights because
they’re strong.
The roots are like a straw.
They’re like a straw because
when the plants drink water
they act like a straw.
The roots are like a stick because
a stick and the roots are strong.


If I Was a Mouse

If I was a mouse, the earth would be big and the people would be like giants and I would be in my mouse house eating cheese. The people would be playing their games and they would be watching movies and I would be hiding from big, scary cats. And the people would be petting the cats and a cat would be scratching his back and I would be scared of the cat with his sharp nails.



The sun is crazy energy.
The thunder is crazy power.
The ground is like a black hole
going to outer space.
The dirt is like meat.
The flower is like
a big giant parachute.
The roots are like a water trip.
They take the water on a trip



The Plants and the Bees

The plants are so healthy for the bees.
The bees are little animals.
They are orange and black.
The bees sting the people.
The bees eat the honey of the plants.
The bees go, Zzzzzzzz,
like when a person is snoring.
I love the bees.
The bees are bright like the sun
and so cute.
I wish the bees could talk.
They could say:
Wow, are you Lizzetth?


The Flower Is Beautiful

The flower smells like strawberry.

The flower looks like
the yellow sun.

The flower feels like a bunny.

The flower reminds me of a star.

The flower reminds me of a star
because it is beautiful.


The Yellow Plant

The plant is yellow.
The plant is a sun.

The plant is big.
It is awesome.

I like it.

It is green on the bottom,
and on top it is yellow like bees.

It is so, so long.



The Flower

The flower is so beautiful,
like a dolphin, bright in the sunlight.

The flower is the colors pink and red,
yellow, purple—so many colors.

The flower is like a heart beating fast.
It is beautiful, a rabbit white.

The flowers are cool.
Wherever you go, you see them.

The flower is powerful.
I wish that the flowers could fly.


The Bees and the Bear

My favorite part of the plant is the flower. The bees take the pollen from the flower to their house. The bees are like bugs, and the bees sound like someone is cutting the grass. The bees take nectar to make honey. The bees like the honey, and the bears like the honey. That means the bear is searching for the honey, and the bees are too. That means it is the bears versus the bees, and the bear is happy. Maybe if he finds more honey he will get it for his babies.


Wild Animal

Being a dinosaur feels big. I hear my stomping like someone big is knocking. It is terrible for me when I grab an object. I feel a T-Rex trying to tell me something, and I feel like the birds are airplanes trying to trap me in a net. I try to respond but they don’t let me. There’s a big, shiny man up in the sky, and I feel loneliness. I feel madness all over me. I am trying to talk to someone, but I forget that there’s madness all over me. I feel lonely. The flowers are asteroids trying to hit me, and the sun is falling down into the deep water. I feel like everyone in the world is trying to leave me alone. I feel like I am the predator.




If I were a bluejay, I could fly around, and I would look for nuts. I could see everything. I could sleep in a tree and then get back up and do it all again. I could do a lot of work, and if a predator was trying to get me, I could fly and not be hurt. I could hide if somebody were trying to hurt me. I could go to every habitat. My color would be blue. I could live in a jungle or a rainforest, but it rains too much in the rainforest. I would not go inside a house because there might be a dog or a cat, and I might die. So I would live in a habitat, but not too close to a city because I might die. I would want to live in my own habitat.


I Want to Be a Horse

I want to be a horse, a horse with soft fur that feels like a pillow and a tail, a tail that feels like a blanket. I would get to eat hay, like straws, and my eyes would be so beautiful. They would look like a shiny diamond of sunlight. The hay would taste like eating sweet honey. It would be awesome to run free and jump over things.



The flower is like an
angel in the sky of different colors,
like blue and purple and pink and
more colors.

The angel reminds me
of a flower because it is so
very beautiful.



The Wolf

The wolf is cool
because it has big teeth.

The wolf is bigger than a dog
and really strong.


The Roses

The roses are so good.
The roses are in the garden
with the bugs.

They are silly.

The roses hear the noises of the people
who are in the garden.

The rose is like a person.
The rose is like a friend.

The roses are nice.

The bees by the roses
sound like singing.



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