The Quirky Characters of Mr. Dusing’s Class from Barrington Elementary

At first glance, Mr. Dusing’s third-grade storytellers at Barrington Elementary may seem quiet and polite. But don’t let those shy exteriors fool you! Inside those nodding heads are galaxies of original, hilarious, and gruesome ideas, which, when added together in just the right order, create the brilliant narratives that you find here today. You begin by crafting an original character, such as an escaped giraffe, a giraffe-bird, and her dog, Cotton Ball Plant, a magic-smelling key, clowns who live in castles, and Ms. Crazy, of course. Next, add juicy details to describe the setting—the cold of ice cream and the feel of the wind, a place that has plants and water and hunted people, un hombre quien siempre huele a sudor—and give that character a wish—wanting to sleep all day, to give ten animals a shower, to be a famous D.J., build buildings, or protect his sheep. Finally, mix in obstacles like dirty chores, falling off of roofs, mean dollar-stealing bullies, fear, snakes, tornados, and ghosts. When you mix it all together just right, the result is creative, intriguing, and just plain delicious.

Tricia Hassenfeld
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


The Famous D.J.

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Ms. Crazy and her friend Buster. They went to the park. Buster went to the slide and when he touched Ms. Crazy, it gave her a shock. Then, when Ms. Crazy went down the slide and then she touched Buster, he got a shock! Then a girl came. She was Belinda. She was a D.J. Belinda the D.J. told them to come to her house.

Belinda wished to be a famous D.J. in the world. I can tell you she read a book about being a D.J. She wanted Ms. Crazy and Buster to help her.

Ms. Crazy and Buster brought Belinda to a D.J. content, and Belinda won. Buster and Ms. Crazy were happy, and they lived happily ever after.


Sin título

Un dia normal, hay un hombre quien esta haciendo ejercicio en el ginasio y se llama Justodo. Cuando esta haciendo ejercicio huele a sudor. El desea hacer ejercicio y comience a hacer ejercicios con una máquina con la caminadora.

Pero! El dinero para pagar. Entonces, el va a su casa para conseguir dinero.

Despues, no hay un dinero para Justodo. Se fue por que Terminador.

Finalmente, su carro no tiene gasolina. Entonces, el va a su casa.

Despues de todo, esta feliz.


It’s a normal day, and there is a man exercising in a gym, and his name is Justodo. When he is exercising, he smells like sweat. He wishes to exercise and plans to exercise with a treadmill machine.

But! He doesn’t have money to pay. So, he goes to his house to get money.

Then, Justodo doesn’t have any money. He left because of the Terminator.

Finally, his car didn’t have gas. So, he went to his house. After all, he was happy.

Anthony Juarez


My Wish

Chapter 1: On a very, very, very, very normal day, three girls were so bored. They wanted to do something cool but fun, but the girls were nice and normal. They went outside, and they saw trash. They could smell it, too. Then an ice cream guy came, and the girls bought ice cream. It tasted good, and they could feel the cold of the ice cream and they could hear and feel the wind. Then they picked up the trash from the sidewalk. This helped other people see that trash goes in the garbage can.

One girl wanted to be talented. She wanted to be a singer superstar. She went to a show so people would know that she had talent, and she planned to go up to the stage and sing. But the security guards wouldn’t let her go in. But she went anyway when they weren’t looking, and she went to the stage and she started singing a song that she made up, and audience liked the song. Then she came to be famous. And she was popular. Everyone was crazy about her music because even men and ladies were crazy about her music, and she was so famous. She was the first-place singer. Everybody liked very, very, very much, and her awesome and beautiful song!

Chapter 2: The singer was invited to a contest show, and she made a new song. And she won. And she was happy.


Trip to Buster’s House

My character is a giraffe-bird. My giraffe-bird can taste, feel, see, hear, and smell. My giraffe-bird can build a nest, eat, and sleep. It lives in a tree zoo.

My magic giraffe plans to run to Buster’s house. Buster’s house is next door.

But then, the magic giraffe’s dog wants food, so it gives it dog food. Then the dog wants to go for a walk. The magic giraffe takes the dog for a walk. Finally, the magic giraffe puts the dog back home and goes to Buster’s house and plays video games.

Belinda De la Cruz Valdez

Cotton Ball Plant Gets Her Wish!

Cotton Ball Plant lived in Dallas and looked like a rose. She wanted to get a magic plant, but a wolf was in the way, so she got meat and the wolf was gone. Snow was falling, so she got sunshine to melt the snow away. Her friends helped her. Then she saw her shadow, so she fell down, but her shadow got the magic plant and she got her wish. She became a popular and lucky girl, so she had lots of friends suddenly! She was so beautiful and nice, too. And Ms. Crazy was super proud of her!

Damaris Itzep


They Want to Take the Key

Once upon a time, there was a character whose name was Key, and he could smell things because he was magic. One day, the king was listening to music, and Key was listening too, and Key heard water because it was raining. They were in the kingdom, and the king used Key to open the door.

The character’s most important wish was to open doors. This wish was important to Key because if he couldn’t open doors, the king wouldn’t like him anymore. So Key’s plan to get the wish was to be a good at opening doors and to be a magic key. His wish came true when a fairy said, “Do you want to be a real magic key or not? Or you can tell me your wish.”

But then, the shadow was going to take Key because the shadow was behind the key. All of a sudden, the king got the key, and the king got away. A vampire bit the king and took Key away with him. And then the king was magic. Then the fairy came and made Key’s wish come true. Now he is a magic key.

Dani Gorostieta

Another New Bike

My character is funny, and he likes to dance. His name is Daniel (me!), and he likes to eat cereal in the morning. He likes playing video games. He also has a pet cat. (He likes playing with his friends, too.)

On a very, very normal day, Daniel was on the bus. When he got home, his bike’s tire was flat, and he couldn’t find another tire. So he told his mom, and she said he needed a new bike.

Daniel’s plan to get his new bike was to do his chores. On Monday, he cleaned his room. There were a lot of Ninja-go toys around the blue room.

Then, he washed the family’s two cars. They were red and brown. It was hard because there was a lot of trash. Both cars were dirty.

Then Daniel did the dishes. They were hard to do because the dishes were dirty, too.

When he got home from school, Daniel saw his mom and said: “You’re the best mom ever for buying me my bike!”

Daniel Curbera

David’s Famous Painting

On a very, very cold day, David was inside his house because it was cold. David didn’t have anything to do, so he went to paint in his kitchen. He was going to paint and copy what it looked like outside, so he just opened the blinds and started painting.

David really wanted to make a famous painting, so he decided to do a contest. But he had to find a contest.

David went walking. He walked until he saw his boss, who told him, “You need to go to work!”

When he was working, David went to the hospital because he fell off the roof and he broke his arm. But he was okay.

When he got out of the hospital, he saw a contest and went to sign up. Now, he was in the contest, and he won. He is now a famous painter.



Chasing Chupacabra King

One day, I saw my sheep was white blood. Then one night, I was awake and I saw a weird creature. I followed the creature to his leader, the Chupacabra King. His name was the Chupacabra Master.

I sneak-attacked him with a move from a video game. I wanted to get Chupacabra Master and kill him so he would stop taking the sheep. That way, I could cut the sheep’s fur and make money.

But then! The Lava Man brought out little volcanoes. I went to get a hose. Suddenly, King Kong went bananas! A Big Robot Crab came next. The robot had a giant claw. I turned super and got the crab’s giant claw. Finally, I went flying, and just in time, because the Chupacabra had set out bombs.

Emanuel Barrera

Chupacabra and the Hunter

Once upon a time, there was a place with plants and water and hunted people. Two people were going to the lake when they woke up the chupacabras. They saw them swim and attack, and the people ran away and the chupacabra went to sleep.

The chupacabra’s most important wish is to be a human. His plan is to visit a wizard and tell him his plan. But then, one hunter got his gun to kill the chupacabra. But the chupacabra saw the hunter.

Suddenly, the sun was going to set. The hunter saw the chupacabra and stared. Then came the chupacabra. It attacked the hunter, and the hunter shot. The hunter thought that the chupacabra died, but the chupacabra lived and returned.


Daniel’s Money Plan

On a brilliant day, Daniel went to eat breakfast so that he could build at a construction site. He wanted to build a home for people to buy. He wanted to get money to buy food and a nice house—not like his old, broken home. Daniel wanted to find out what to build, so he made a funny plan to get more money.



The Clown Who Lived in a Castle

Once there was a happy clown named Luis who lived in a castle. He wanted to be rich so he could buy things. He decided to become talented and be the funniest clown in the world. He would do this by practicing and practicing a lot of jokes.

But then there was a big King Cobra. Luis the Clown went to his house and got food for the cobra. Then Luis the Clown went to the library and found the funniest book in the world. Then Luis went to his castle. After he practiced his jokes, he went to perform for everybody in his vehicle. He was scared, but then he overcame his fear. He performed his joke, and it was amazing to the people.

Hector Hernandez

Ms. Tricia and Buster

Once there was a Ms. Tricia and her friend Buster. One day, she found a dollar on the ground. Then a bully came and pushed Ms. Tricia to the ground.

The bully said, “That is my dollar!”

Ms. Tricia said, “No, that’s my dollar. I found it on the ground.”

Then Buster got the dollar from the bully;s pocket and put it in the Ms. Tricia’s pocket. The bully left, and Ms. Tricia went home with Buster. Buster said, “I put the dollar in your pocket because I don’t want that bully to steal your money.”

Joshua G.

Jack’s Adventures

On a sunny day, there was a boy named Jack walking his dog. He liked to learn a lot and watch TV a lot and put ice in winter. He liked to eat ice cream and smell clean air in the morning and hear music when he was bored on fall days. He also liked October because he went trick-or-treating with his friends and Mom. He liked Christmas, too, because he got presents.

Jack’s greatest wish was to be smarter. He wanted to learn more at school. But then! A snake came. Jack gave some brains to the snake for food.

Then came a tornado. Jack ran to school. Then Jack wanted to play with his friends. He saw a shadow and tried to punch it, but then he knew how to stop them.

Joshua Z.


The Pretty Art Teacher and Her Friends

There once was a pretty, pretty, beautiful teacher. She had a wish. Her wish was to be the very best art teacher in the whole galaxy. But she didn’t know how to draw, so her best friends told her where she could go to learn how to paint pictures. Her friends’ names were Keiry, Ariana, and Anna.

The teacher worked hard to learn. She had to work a lot. She took her time and was a great student. But then, on her home, all of a sudden she saw a tornado, and she ran to her home. While she was at home, she saw a ghost. The ghost just ran away.

Finally, she was the prettiest, best art teacher.


The Giraffe that Escaped from the Zoo

On a very, very, very, very normal day, there was a giraffe in the zoo. He was eating leaves. Then he was full, and in the night, the giraffe escaped from the zoo. When morning came, the zookeeper brought the giraffes leaves, but the cage was open. The zookeeper called the police to help him find the giraffe, but the giraffe was far away, and the police couldn’t find him because the giraffe didn’t like the zoo, and the giraffe wanted to be with his family. Then the giraffe had his wish, and he was with his family. The giraffe lived happily ever after.



Limonada’s Silly Day

On a silly day, Limonada the lemon was on a farm. Limonada really wanted to sleep all day because sleeping is important. You must sleep in order to get more energy. Limonada’s plan was to only get tired and then sleep.

But suddenly! Her bed turned to fire, so she slept on the sofa. Suddenly, she heard a noise. She went to her friend’s home to sleep. Now she couldn’t sleep.

Finally, she was tired at night, and she slept. She felt excited because she was sleeping.



On a very, very, very, very normal day, Grandma Meary was just waking up from her one-hour nap. She went to go drink some coffee, and she went to go feel if the meat was defrosted to eat for dinner. Then, when she went to go watch TV, her two dogs were barking and her eight cats were meowing at the back porch. They were barking and meowing because she did not hear them when she was getting her coffee, and they were hungry and thirsty.

That day, Grandma Meary wished that she could play a trick on her cats and dogs to get them in the shower. Her messy plan was to get a box, a toy, a stick, a bell, and a string. She would use those materials to trap them!

She set the materials up, and then she waited. She had to wait a long time. Then she heard the bell ring when two of the dogs got in the box, so she pulled the string. The stick fell. The trap had worked, and she was so excited. She was even more excited because the two dogs and eight cats liked to take showers now because she had put toys in the shower. She loved it.

Nevaeh Lemus

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