Incredible Journeys with Mrs. Karcher’s Class at Barrington Elementary

Writing with Mrs. Karcher’s third-grade storytellers at Barrington Elementary meant cackling laughter, heads huddled together, plotting, wiggling out of seats excitement, and quite a lot of fun. Together, we worked tirelessly to harness that tremendous energy into narrative masterpieces. The result? Unique characters like Zezer the silver-back ape, Crystal the car charger, Painty the paint brush, and a mystery-solving girl with a baby dragon sidekick, who lives in wild settings—carefully described with juicy details—such as a big, gold mansion that smells of good (not dry) turkey, a caring dad that feeds his daughter beans and beef, and a whole candy planet of “blue and green stripes, and it smells like tropical pineapple and tastes like watermelon.” These characters have important wishes: wanting to get to the top of the wacky rainbow, getting back a best friend, becoming a gym coach or a rich boss or a princess with a pony. But in their way stand mighty obstacles, like slippery water, witches, monster crocks in the sewers, dragons, a mouse king, and a mysterious video game thief! How will it all end? Will the characters survive and get their wishes? Well, you’ll have to read our stories to find out!

Tricia Hassenfeld
Badgerdog Teaching Artist

Raven’s Quest

Chapter 1: Raven’s Plan

Once upon a mysterious time, it was time to go back to school. Well, boarding school. Raven was very excited.

There was a girl running the school. The school was a high school boarding school.

Raven was curious. She was very, very curious about the school. She thought the principal was a liar. Raven made a plan to find clues. She went out and got some supplies: one new outfit, two flash lights, three bags of sandwiches, a backpack, a notebook, seventy pencils, and a tent. She put all her supplies in her backpack and left.

Raven was off to save the school. But first she had to find some clues.

Chapter 2: Tag-A-Long

On the way, Raven saw a cute little dragon baby. The dragon wanted to come with her, so Raven took the dragon with her.

Now Raven had a ride. It was getting dark, so she made a fire and a tent. She got out the sandwiches and gave half of them to her dragon. She named her dragon Tricia. Raven loved Tricia.

Chapter 3: Clues

Raven thought of clues. The first clue was that the principal, Miss Lilly, always went out into the woods during her break time, and she always wore feather scarves (the feathers always fell out) and high-heel shoes.

The girls went to sleep. In the morning they went looking.

Chapter 4: Tracks

Raven saw high-heel shoe tracks in the dirt. Tricia sniffed the dirt and pointed to the right.

To be continued…

Andrea Roberts, a.k.a. Raven


Justin Bieber is awesome and cool, and he wears purple every day. He lives in a mansion. The mansion is big and gold. The inside is gold, too. It smells good.

Justin Bieber cooks a turkey. The turkey tastes really good. The turkey is not dry.

You can hear tiny racecars driving. You can hear the TV. You can touch the shiny gold. You can touch all of his video games.

One day, Justin Bieber wished for some chocolate. He wanted to build a portal to get to the chocolate faster.

But then! Cyborg robots had a dance-off with him! So Justin Bieber took out the screws.



Luck’s Unicorn

On a normal day, Luck, a tiny Irish man, wanted to get to the top of the wacky rainbow that played his favorite music. His plan was to fly on his flying unicorn. But, unfortunately, his unicorn got the hiccups and fell asleep, so Luck woke up his unicorn.

Ariel Bustos, a.k.a. Tory

I Love It

I live in a castle with my dad. My dad feeds me when I’m hungry. My dad does whatever I say. My dad feeds me beans and beef.

One day, I wished I could own everything because I am a girl who is rich.

First, I decided to the store, but there was nothing there to buy, so I decided to make my own store!

Candace Johnson

Bill Goes to the Car Shop

Bill was running to get a car. He almost slipped in water, so he started to walk slow. When he got out of the water, he saw a witch! He started to run fast, fast, faster, and then he jumped, and then he saw a pole. He was ready to swing around the pole, and he swung high in the sky. He was almost to the car shop. He climbed over the fence, and he went to go get a car, and he was so happy because he didn’t have to walk back to his house.


Adventures of Ropeo and GB 2

GB lives in a far away land where everybody is big, and the best part is you can’t be mean to anybody because everybody’s happy. There are trees and water. It looks like a jungle and everyone is number one.

Ropeo was always mean to GB. GB was tired of it, so he went to a candy island with his friends, Woody and Buster.

Then Ropeo wanted to find GB, and GB never knew why Ropeo was mean to him. Then, GB met the Terminator, who captured him and wanted to torture him, but he escaped with his giant machine. Then he did a bunch of punches to destroy all the bad guys.

Gabriel Allen Olivas, a.k.a. Lil Wayne


The Twins

Once upon a time, a magic bee called Dave Bee made a two amazing twins. These boys were clever, amazing twins—Zach and Cody. “I am free,” said Zach.

“Dave Bee!” said Cody.

“Zack, Cody” he said, “I am very proud to see you. We are going to move to a magical, cheerful ship.”

When Zach and Cody looked at the place, it was glamorous. “Wow!” Cody said.

“Video Game 3000!” Zach said.

It was the bravest day ever.

Then, someone mysterious took away their Video Game 3000, and Zach and Cody went on an adventure. They went to Atlantis, but it wasn’t there. Then they went to Australia. It wasn’t there either, so they went to New York. It was there! Then they went back home.

So they played Video Game 3000.

“Cody, I have a smart phone Android 99,” said Dave Bee.

“Thank you,” said Cody.

“Zach, I have something for you.”

“A car,” said Zach.

And they lived amazingly ever after.

Henoc Gogo

Ducky the Beast

The Duckys are beasts. This has gone on for years. Humans have not figured it out.

My place is arctic, and the only person who can survive there is Ducky the Beast. He is always hungry. The place is dark at night. That’s when the hunting begins, and the only one that survived is Ducky the Beast. He grows as large as Pluto, and they need to rebuild the place as quick as they can, which is in a blink of an eye, and they hate the taste of humans, and they have hair-knives.

6 Weeks Later: Ducky the Beast has to use the restroom. When he sits down on the toilet, it eats him in a millisecond, not that Ducky the Beast isn’t able to take care of it. He goes into the sewers, and monster crocks try to fight, fight, but he fights back! He uses the QuackQuack, a legendary move, and the walls crack as rocks fall on him. Raaaa! Then he immediately throws the rock as the monster toilet falls and cracks. He jumps out and lands on on Superman.

Isaiah Franklin, a.k.a. Bouncy Bunny


Best Friend

Once upon a time, there was a big kid named JJ. He lived on an island, eating water and coconuts. I was with JJ, and so was Dez and Buster the bee.

One day, JJ found a lost cat outside. Buster loved that cat. JJ was jealous because Buster was JJ’s best friend. Then Buster and the cat became best friends.

The next day, JJ was sad and he left the island.

The day after that, Buster, Dez, and I were looking for JJ, but JJ was gone. Then the cat ran away, and the cat found JJ, so JJ decided to go back to the island. Buster was happy JJ came back, but JJ was still lonely. Buster, Dez, and me worried that JJ had no best friend.

Then Buster asked JJ what was wrong, and JJ said, “I don’t want to talk about it.” JJ got up and went to Buster, but the cat got in the way and it started to rain. JJ used an umbrella and walked to Buster, but it was storming, so JJ went inside. Then Buster was inside, too.

Then JJ went to Buster and asked him, “Why do you like that cat so much?” Buster said the cat was cute, and JJ said, “Oh, now I get it.”

Then Buster and JJ became best friends again, and me and Dez was happy. The End.

Jenny Dominguez, a.k.b. A.J.

AJ the Wishful DJ

My character’s name is AJ. He has a lot of cars to fix. His house is shiny. The color of his house is gold. One day, he got a lot faster at fixing cars. AJ is a human, but he can fly. And he has human friends. His wish is to become a DJ, so he plans to get a job.

He comes upon a dragon. He defeats the dragon.

Johnny Gibson IV

Michael’s Adventure

Michael loves animals. One day, he was at home watching TV. He got bored, so he went into the forest to play with his animal friends. He loved playing with his animals. Then he wanted to go home, and he hoped his animal friends would help him.

Suddenly, a brave police officer appeared! Michael told him that he was just trying to get home.

They heard lots of noisy traffic is on the road. The traffic stopped, and Michael and the officer quickly got through.

After that, they went through a big river. Then they go on the backs of two bears, and the bears swam through the river.

Finally, Michael got home, and he thanked his animal friends.

Jovanny Zuniga


One exciting day, Zezer, a sixteen-year-old silver-back ape who could talk, was in a rainforest. There were other apes there. Their names were Jovanny, Darren, Arieon, Isaiah, Johnny, Henoc, Gabriel, and Justin. There were two girls, whose names were Shy’ann and Latavia.

Zezer really wanted to be the leader of all of the apes. It was Zezer’s lucky day. He battled apes bigger than him, cobras longer than him, three gorillas, crocodiles heavier than nine cobras, but then the leader of the clan, One Eye, was as strong as a bull. Zezer thought he was toast. He saw One Eye had a wooden leg. If Zezer could break the leg, One Eye might fall and lose.

He had to battle him, but One Eye knew what Zezer was thinking, so it made things easier for One Eye to defeat Zezer. But Zezer had to punch One Eye in the face to weaken him.

The battle started. Zezer landed the first hit, but One Eye blocked the hit and punched Zezer in the leg and face. Zezer kicked the wooden leg. One Eye lost. He backed down.

One day later, Zezer got his wish. He became the leader and lived happily ever after.

Justin Almanza, a.k.a. Justin Bieber


Crystal the Car Charger: Lost in Brazil

One day, a normal day, there was a car charger named Crystal, sitting in a box at the iPhone store. She lived in Brazil. She was made in a factory. A girl named Shaley went into the phone shop. As Crystal looked at her, she said with a sign, “I wish she would buy me.” The girl asked a boy if there were any car chargers. She looked at Crystal, got the box, and walked out.

The next day Crystal wanted to get her family breakfast from McDonald’s. She rolled to McDonald’s with Shaley. While walking, the road got crowded because it was New Year’s Day in Brazil. Crystal rode on a skateboard with Shaley. Then the wheels popped off, and Crystal had a dance off with Diamond. She got tired, and Crystal put Diamond in bed in a mansion. Then they to went back, but McDonald’s was closed.

Suddenly a dancing ninja dog brought Crystal and Shaley breakfast.

They had… Well, Crystal had biscuits with sausage and apple juice. Shaley had coffee with pancakes. The rest had eggs, bacon, and potatoes. Diamond had goola. If you don’t know what goola is, it’s just some rice, dog food, ravioli, meat, and ham.

Now to the adventurous part: Today Shaley had to move back to New York. Crystal was sad. She said goodbye to her friends. Suddenly, Diamond grabbed Crystal, threw her off, and pushed Shaley. The door closed and they took off. Shaley was crying.

Okay, back to the story… Crystal had nobody to help her. She went to the beach until a dolphin came. Her name was Dolly. She knew Crystal was sad. “What is wrong?”

“My friend is gone to New York,” Crystal said.

“Well, I know where New York is.”

“Really? Yay!!!”

They went to New York. Before that, they visited the Amazon and Washington, D.C. Then they made it to New York.

Guess what! A million days later, she was not there. I’m not telling you.

Fine, I’ll tell you: Shaley went back to Brazil to get Crystal. They had to stay there until they went to Texas. Crystal gave Dolly a sea reed. Crystal found a factory and found her family. Shaley was there. They lived in Texas. Her wish came true. And Crystal and her family lived happily ever after.

Kylee Miller


There was a lady who wanted money because she would be rich if she got money. All she had was $900. She wanted $900 more so, in all, she would have $1800. She would also have a dancing job because she liked dancing. Since the age of one, she really liked to be the boss. That’s why she wanted to be the captain. That was her wish forever, but the rain got in her way, so she just went with an umbrella.

Latavia Renee Felder


The Princess’s Wish

There was a girl who lived in a bright house in California. Nobody knew that she was a princess. She came to America to go to a big school. She made four or five friends who were friendly. At a house, there was a big party, so the princess entered the house but her dad came and took her. Then everyone knew that she was a princess, and she went back to California. She was a lovely girl. The problem was that she wanted to buy a pony, so the next morning her dad bought a pony for her. She was a brilliant, lucky girl.

Nusrat Alam

Belle’s Dream

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Belle who saw a sign that read: “Gym Coach Academy.” She always wanted to be a gym coach. When she came home, she got healthy foods, she did more exercising, and she started to get stronger and stronger. Then she went to the audition and she got the job! She was so happy that she had to tell her friends, Janette and April. Her friends were happy that Belle got the job.

Then, she went to go to the gym (where she now worked). Janette and April came through the door. Belle was surprised. Belle said, “What are you doing here?!”

April said, “We wanted to go to the academy, so we signed up.”

“This is great,” Belle said. “Now we can spend the time to get to know each other.”

Janette said, “So let’s get this gym started.”

Belle, April, Janette, and the people exercised until the gym closed at 10:30. When the academy was closed, Belle was in bed eating, and she went to sleep.

On Monday morning, Belle got dressed and ate a healthy breakfast. Belle went to her job. She went at 7:00.

Olivia Ballard

The Adventure of Ropeo and GB

Once upon a time, there was cowboy named Ropeo who lived in space. The whole planet he lived on was purple with blue and green stripes, and it smelled like tropical pineapple and tasted like watermelon.

One day, the cowboy went to his garden for breakfast. He ate donuts and candy with watermelon juice. For lunch, he ate a Jello sandwich. For dinner he had green jellybeans with a candy cheeseburger. For dessert, he had a candy apple with strawberry sauce.
One day Ropeo met GB, and they became best friends. Then one day, GB went away on a mission that lasted thirty years. Ropeo started to worry. Then Ropeo started to pack his bags to go find GB. It took a very long time. Then he got to Candy Island.
Ropeo was using his fast car, but when he got there, the evil terminator tried to stop him. He used his secret powers and finally found GB. GB and Ropeo left and went back home where they lived happily ever after.

Serenity Williams, aka Niki Minaj

colorful paint splash

Painty’s Life Traveling

Painty was so lonely one day. He was black. He needed paint. He wanted to be so colorful, and he was so thirsty, and he just didn’t know what to do, so he traveled and traveled looking for water and paint. That day he went inside a store. He found a bowl and a bottle of water and a pack of paint. He bought it and went home and was so exhausted, and poured her water in that bowl and opened her paint and jumped in her bowl and jumped out and dipped herself in her paint and jumped in her water and felt better. She had never felt that good before then. She lived happily ever after.

Shy’ann Cathey


On one bright day, Crisaline went to the village to get some bread. She saw a sharp, charming new thing. She went to go take a look. Bam! The sharp, charming thing took her to a new, quiet world.
Her pet Buster went with her, and—bam!—he went into the gigantic portal with her to the glamorous kingdom.
Then she saw it: the beautiful other side of the garden. Since she was poor she had not been able to go to the rich side of the garden, but then Crisaline went there and loved the rich side.
She stayed there for a few days then she saw a girl. The girl was a princess. Now was her chance. Crisaline could finally know how to have a family again. The princess told her it was a dangerous trip, and Crisaline said, “I’ll take any dangerous trip.”
So the princess told her, “There is a mouse king, and he will get in the way of saving my father. If you save my father, you will get your wish. But I have to warn you—once you destroy the evil mouse king, they show you three mirrors. If you pick the right one, you will get one wish.”
“But what if I pick the wrong one?” Crisaline asked.
“Then the robot-battling king will fight you, and you will turn into humongous pile of ash.”
Crisaline stayed quiet. The princess told her, “Don’t worry. You look strong, courageous, and brave. So you should not have a problem.”
So, Crisaline went off. She turned back, but the princess disappeared, and she was on her own.

Teliza Trevino

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