Magical Encounters at Bluebonnet Elementary

Random, nonsensical poetic madness was the theme of our workshop at Bluebonnet Elementary this summer. And what else could inspire such craziness—other than the famous, mumble-jumble, topsy-turvy works of Jack Prelutsky, Shel Silverstein, and Dr. Seuss? This group of third-graders participated in a repetition and rhyme brainstorming exercise on the board (made-up words were always welcome!) before sitting down to create their own poetry that rivals any of the greats. There is something very liberating about being told, “Write whatever comes to your mind.” And write they did!

In one workshop, we used only visual prompts—brightly illustrated galley sheets that contained only pictures, no words—to imagine what was happening in the story. A purple bird, a piece of chalk (or was it a magic wand?), a red carpet, and a mysterious ship in the sky made the students’ fertile minds go wild. They were so excited to share with others the words that flowed onto their paper. This is a delightful group of young writers who made sure my summer started with a bang.

Terri Schexnayder
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


To My Grandma

Roses are red
and bonnets are blue.
Know that I love you.
You are true.


Pickle and Nickel

There once was a boy named Pickle
who was turning into a nickel.
Then the nickel turned into a pickle.
He drank a nasty potion and went back to normal.


Dog and Pig

The dog on the log went to dig.
He found a blue pig—
dancing and prancing.



Puppie Guppy Is My Puppy

My puppy’s name is Puppie Guppy, and he is cuter than any random little dog except a Yorkie.
Puppie Guppy has a friend named Lula (a Yorkie!) and she’s about ten months old and ten inches long.
Puppie Guppy itches in his stitches. Oh, no! His stitches broke and he has to go to the vet.
But on the way, he was bitten by another dog he found in the fog, hiding in a log.
Puppie Guppy finally made it to the vet. Yay! Puppie Guppy got his stitches at last.


Bob Story

Bob Frog sees a scary, hairy dog and runs to Bob Log.
Bob Dog wants to get Bob Frog and runs to him.
Bob Clog went to the scary store, and Bob Pig got some ice cream.


The Pig

There was a pig.
He was dancing a jig.
He went to a fig to dig.
The dog and the frog
had fun in the fog.


Nod to Pod

A frog eats a dog.
The dog eats the nod.
A log found the pod.
The pod was called Mod.
A dog finds the nod.
A wig eats a shod.
They all eat the pod.
And the frog eats a cod.




Firecracker, cracker.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Look at my firecracker.
Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!
Green, red, blue, and yellow.
What a colorful fellow!


Jack and Jill

You will never guess what happened!
There was a boy named Jack
with a very close bird friend named Jill.
Jack was locked up in a cage,
but Jill got him free.
Jack and Jill are both free.


When I Went to the Park

When I went to the park
I saw a dog and a frog sitting on a log.
When I went to dig with my dad,
I found a chick.



Sour Power

My mom gave me a dime.
She said, “Go buy a lime.”
Lemon limes sour all the time.
Lemon limes in my mouth—look inside!


Pig and the Wigs

There was a pig who loved wigs.
He dropped his wigs on a bunch of twigs.
The twigs crunched the wigs.
The pig was so big—
like his wig—so he liked it.
But he was sad,
so he got a hat.


The Toad

There is a toad that needs to cross the road
to get to his hole on the other side.
When the toad tries to cross,
a truck hit him and he died.
And that was the end of him.



There Once Was a Girl

Once there was a girl inside her house. She went into her room and saw some chalk. She used the chalk to create a door, which led to a lake. The girl created a boat, and soon she saw a big castle where she met a purple bird.

As they went into the castle, the bird was captured, but the girl helped the bird escape. She threw the chalk away and someone put her in a cage. The bird got the chalk and a magic carpet—then it helped the girl escape the cage. They flew through the air and arrived at the front of her house. The girl and the purple bird with the purple chalk lived happily ever after.


The Dog and the Blog

Dog wrote a blog
about a singing dog.
The dog was sleeping
and his heart was beeping.
The dog was scared and he went to the door
to see what was going on.


The Dog and the Frog

The dog met the frog at the pond.
The dog ate the frog
because the frog tasted like dog food—
It was good!


A Girl on a Flying Carpet

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Skyler. She had a red carpet that could fly. Eventually, she landed on the ground and discovered something in her hand. It was a magic wand. She saw a door and went through it. She ended up on a ship.

Somebody started pulling her and put her in a cage. They took away the wand and threw it. A bird grabbed the wand and gave it to Skyler who used the wand to escape.


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