Ms. Terri’s Five Brilliant Minds

They gathered in the late afternoon each week to see what creativity still lingered after a long day at school. And there it was! From their fertile minds, the young writers in this group created color poems and fantastic fiction they imagined through art on postcards. The five students, working very well together, took turns leading the walk through the lovely nature trails at the Austin International School. There, the writers recorded the mysterious holes in trees or “grass waiting, just waiting for spring.” Musical chair writing resulted in President Teddy Roosevelt coming to stop a party where a muddy pig and rock star were dancing! Jumbo-mumbo crazy creatures, such as the Skyberry and the Rozzos of Randelli, came to life on paper—after all, if poet Jack Prelutsky can make them up, why can’t we? What an intelligent, fun, and very talented group of writers these are. Enjoy their creations!

Terri Schexnayder
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


Singing Songs in Peace, Love, and Sadness

As a harp plays
on these sad days,
the Roman Empire is falling.
Blood dripping as they are calling
for help.

There is a place
where a speck of hope shall lace
the building closed with the sweet
smell of roses (though there is nothing to eat).

Shall a crying man and a woman singing
yet to bring
When yet to die in days?

Gabby George


The Butterfly

The small green butterfly makes no noise as it flutters to a flower to get some nectar near the leaves. With its small, thin, beady legs, it walks carefully to the middle of the flower. Its colors help camouflage it from predators.

It safely makes its journey to the bright red flower and back again to its butterfly family. The fragile butterfly will try not to brush any leaves, or fall while coming home.

Anay Gujrathi


You Are What You Eat

Sunkist was a dark brown Springer spaniel. He lived on an orange farm with his owner, Clementine. Every day Sunkist went down to the orange grove to check on the fruit. He knew he wasn’t allowed to, but sometimes he ate them.

One summer, tragedy struck! There was a bad drought and a lot of the trees died. No one wanted to buy oranges from the farm, even though some of the orange trees were still alive and producing good fruit.

“What we need is a better advertisement,” said Clementine.

The next morning, Sunkist went to the grove and ate as many oranges as possible. Soon, instead of dark brown, he was a bright, glowing orange. Suddenly, everybody wanted to come to the farm now that there was a glowing dog living on it! Even the rain wanted to come, and the drought ended.

Sunkist and Clementine were famous and even had a postcard with their photos on it.

Beatrice Rose


The Boat on the Water

The boat floated on the water. The water glistened in the sunlight. We were sailing along.

“Peace and quiet,” I said.

Just then, the boat leaned to one side. Water flooded over the side of the boat. Right when I thought we were doomed, the vessel splashed down again—with a hole in it! We were sinking, and the salty sea put a bad taste in my mouth. I felt the water close in over my head. (You know how I said earlier, “Right when I thought we were doomed?” Now, we really were doomed!)

I couldn’t see anything. For all I knew, I was dead. But then my head poked up from underneath the water, so I knew I wasn’t. I could smell the fresh air. Hmmm… This didn’t seem like Mississippi.

Brrr! Antarctica? Mississippi to Antarctica in thirty seconds? Impossible! Maybe a portal?

“Hello,” said a voice.

I slowly turned around and asked in shock, “Is that the Party Penguin?”

Ethan Scott

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.03.37 PM

The Party

Today my cousins and I had a party! We were allowed to do whatever we wanted, and got to wear purple t-shirts. Isabelle came to the celebration, as well as Harbarrah, a rock star. He was singing and rocking out to an awesome tune. The Muddy Pig was oinking during the song.

Our guests watched a movie and ate cheese pizza while they played Minecraft. It was a special episode called “The Diamond Minecraft Mod Showcase.” When the movie and game finished, President Teddy Roosevelt walked in and screamed, “Stop this party!!”

Everyone softly whispered, “Let’s have this party tomorrow,” and headed home to go to sleep.

Vedant Sangani

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