Inspiration: Hummingbirds and Harry Potter

In all of our Badgerdog workshops, we ask participating writers to send us work they’re proud of (even after the workshop has ended), so that we can continually provide publication opportunities to connect writers and readers. Of course, we were very excited to hear from summer camper Claire Wan, one of fifteen students in Ms. Terri’s upper elementary workshop at the Austin International School this summer. Though summer camp had come to a close, Claire wanted to share her work with our Badgerdog community, which left us beaming. (Because we hope the excitement we aim to cultivate during the workshop persists long after we say our goodbyes.)

Claire wanted to share a few thoughts about the two pieces presented here (one about hummingbirds and one about living in the universe of Harry Potter): “The hummingbird idea came into my mind when Mrs. Terri told us to pick out a postcard and write about it. I liked the hummingbirds on the postcard I picked because they make me smile. … Harry Potter is my favorite book and movie, and I actually do want to live in Harry Potter’s world. I liked how Mrs. Terri told us to copy the ‘I wish I could’ line from an author or a movie. … These two pieces were like treasures to me, and I loved to write poems and stories in the Badgerdog workshop. Thank you, Mrs. Terri.”


The Hummingbird

A hummingbird as gray
as stone, drinking the red
flower’s pollen. Tweet, tweet, tweet,
chirps the hummingbird, with its
wings making soft whooshing noises.
It flies here and there in search of pollen.
When a bright orange flower catches
her very small eyes, she flies closer
to see that its petals are bright.
She then happily drinks the pollen inside
and then flies off in search of more.


I Wish I Could Live in Harry Potter Movies

I wish I could live in Harry Potter movies,
doing defense against the Dark Arts
and joining the DA
to improve my spells, charms, jinxes, and hexes.
Or to sit next to Harry in Transfiguration
and be the Quidditch team captain in the fifth year.
But also to share a dormitory with Hermione and Ginny
in Gryffindor and to
eat with them and Harry in the Great Hall.

I wish I could
live in Harry Potter movies
to get top grades for
Transfiguration, Potions,
Defense against the Dark Arts,
Divination, and Astronomy.
For O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s
and to go to Hagrid every other day
to help him train Grawp,
and then go to the Gryffindor
common room and do homework
or watch Peeves drop water balloons
on the Slytherins while the Gryffindors
roar with laughter.
Maybe watching Potter would
be useful when Ron, Hermione, and Harry
leave to find Horcruxes,
and going to the burrow
on the holidays would be so cool.
It would be so nice

to Live in Harry Potter Movies.

Claire Wan
Badgerdog Creative Writing Summer Camper
Upper Elementary Workshop at the Austin International School

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