The Decker Elementary Storytellers

Ms. Adley’s group of fourth-grade writers are enthusiastic, poised, and wise beyond their years. Plucked from among the stresses of standardized testing and school curriculum, these pieces show the beauty and truth at the core of these youngsters. Given the chance to explore the creative depths of their minds and memories, these writers have fired out stories we couldn’t be more proud of. Enough of my yammering–dig right in to the fantastic stylings of The Decker Elementary Storytellers.

Tyler Gobble
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


My I Remembers

I remember fireworks.
I remember my new cousins.
I remember my first dog.
I remember when my dog once growled straight in my mouth.
I remember Mrs. Williams ripped someone’s test up.
I remember meting Ms. Adley at Decker Elementary School.
I remember I believed there was a monster under my bed, and the monster had sharp red horns that felt like nails on my bed.
I remember I was playing tag, and I cut myself on the concrete, on a part that was spikey. They never fixed it.



My I Remembers

I remember this rule: S.W.A.G.
I remember my grandma punched me or my cousin in the side.
I remember my pre-K best friend Elizabeth. She had blond hair.
I remember when I had to take a bath with my brother when we were babies.
I remember when I was little, I used to believe that butterflies were poisonous.
I remember when my mom was stressing, and I was eating my good-o chocolate that was called milk chocolate with crisped rice.
I remember when my mom used to say that Santa is real when I was three and she still says it.



The Epic Adventure (an Excerpt)

At 7:00 in the morning, awaiting to have a perfect day, and for once my hair isn’t deserted. Looking outside, I see a bright sun and bright clear water. I am looking at myself in the mirror and wearing a red shirt and pants.

But when I look outside again, there is a helicopter waiting to bring me to Las Vegas. While in the air, the gust of wind makes me vibrate, then I shut the door closed. In the meantime, and I skydive on top of the Egyptian cat.

Afterwards, I head to the casino and win every single penny they have. But they call the FBI and start chasing me all over the replica of the Eiffel Tower! I race to my rocket hidden inside the head of the Egyptian cat.

I power it on and blast off to Mars and make a civilization with all the money I got from the casino. I take everyone, but whoever didn’t listen I throw them out of the dome. But then I make tubes to take water from the earth and put it on my 52 by 52 mile dome.



A Trip to Hawaii (an Excerpt)

Last month, I went to Hawaii Falls with my family. We packed up, and a bad thing happened. I slammed the car door, and my finger was right there. But then I hopped on the car and we went to Hawaii Falls and then my friend was scared to go on the slide, so then the people who were there laughed at him.

Keven Perez


I Remembers

I remember chocolate candy.
I remember my grandmother being mean.
I remember big hot braces.
I remember putting all my weight on my sister.
I remember that I was a crazy baby.
I remember that I was eating some ice cream and it was really cold.
I remember when I was screaming and I got yelled at.
I remember kicking my big sister in the kneecap.

Jaressa Lang


I Remembers

I remember fireworks.
I remember Victor.
I remember cool Jordans.
I remember when my foot was bleeding.
I remember I thought the tooth fairy was fake.
I remember I was playing football tag and then I fell.
I remember when I fell asleep in class and the teacher woke me up.
I remember I met my cousin and I was so happy.
I remember when I was popping fireworks with DJ,
and we put one inside an empty water bottle and it popped even louder.



I Remember

I remember my family.
I remember dreams that were scary and dark, like black.
I remember my pets from the past.
I remember I wanted to see Obama. I was going to ask him how far it is from Washington to Texas.
I remember who I am.
I remember scary stories that scared me a lot.
I remember I wanted to go to North Pole with Santa.
I remember seeing a bat in a cave once, long ago.
I remember my old teachers.
I remember having nightmares from scary movies.
I remember seeing ghosts at night.
I remember seeing a demon under my bed and it was black and red with horns.



The Best Perfect Day Ever

First, it was a good sunny day. Jose was bored and sleepy, but then the mail came. There was a fresh blue letter. He opened it and read it. In a little while, he was surprised to learn he would go to Las Vegas. He was jumping and packed his things and went to Las Vegas. He was there for an hour. He went to a big, white motel. The he went to the biggest mall and did a lot of things. He was beginning to get tired. He drove to his hotel to go to sleep. He was awaken by the buzz of the clock. He was late for school.



I Remember

I remember movies.
I remember my mom and dad.
I remember my dog. He is loving.
I remember when my baby sister ran into the hall naked.
I remember that I believed trees moved. They don’t.
I remember when I blew a bubble and it popped in my eye.
I remember having lots of tests and they took a long time.
I remember when my sister was acting like a princess.
I remember when I could not do my ABCs.
I remember when I started cheer.
I remember the first day of school and I was scared.
I remember all my teachers.



Weirdness of the Night

It was 3:01 a.m. The wind was howling on the night before Christmas. I had just heard a tree smacking the window, so I exited my room and saw a door knob. I approached the door and hesitated but left the house.

Nobody else was awake but me and three others. Their names were Thing One, Thing Two, and the Cat in the Hat. Then we heard a voice as sweet as honey, and it said, “Enjoy this night, for it will be one of the few snowy nights that shines bright.”

The voice faded, and snow fell from the sky, as white as a winter rabbit’s fur. I had some fun by making snow angels with all the rest. We sledded down a hill or two.

My favorite part of the day was having a snowball fight as sweet as snow. Soon after the snowball fight, the city lights came on and we all went home because we didn’t want our parents to be confused and unaware of where we were.

I would say I just woke up, but I had never gone to sleep. I was filled with excitement for Christmas morning.

Matthew West


I Remembers

I remember fireworks.
I remember Roddrick.
I remember when I had the most fireworks.
I remember I ate a bug.
I remember I thought the tooth fairy wasn’t real.
I remember I was playing the game and I got scratched.
I remember Miss Miller. She baked cookies when I first met my best friend.
I remember how bad it smelled, like smoke, a lot of smoke.

DJ Byrd


I Remember

I remember money.
I remember football practice.
I remember when my cousin failed karate.
I remember when I busted my knee.
I remember I used to believe in Santa.
I remember when I was playing football then got hurt.
I remember when my teacher threw a marker.
I remember when I met David.
I remember popping fireworks.
I remember first playing football.
I remember playing basketball.
I remember when I got shots.
I remember when I came to Decker.
I remember when I first met Mr. Tyler.
I remember when it was my b-day.
I remember eating ice cream.
I remember going to the mall.
I remember getting a haircut.
I remember being bad at school.
I remember being in the first grade.
I remember last summer.
I remember old songs on the radio.
I remember winning at basketball.



The Best Dream Ever

It was 4:30 p.m. and raining hard. I was falling asleep. I thought I woke up. My sight zoomed, and it looked like I was in a cave. As I walked out, there were knights and dragons and then… I sneezed fire.

I was a dragon, standing. As I walked out, two knights raced to me as I gobbled up one of them. The other one hit me and I didn’t notice. Then I noticed and I accidentally stepped on him. I was the biggest dragon there.

I slowly came down on my four feet while other dragons and humans battled. I came running and slashing and eating everything. I saw the dragons won while they let out a roar. I was badly wounded as I slowly faded awake with a plate of chicken laying on the table in my room. I gobbled the chicken up and went back to sleep.

Greyson Toner


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