The Legendary Fluffy Puppy Cheetahs

Ms. Gildon’s Legendary Fluffy Puppy Cheetahs are exactly as they sound: smart, silly, and unexpected. During our six weeks together, they were always ready to explore new forms and news ways to describe things, especially through the use of sensory details. They wrote engaging biopoems about themselves and objects, created mind maps, celebrated their favorite people and places through odes, and crafted meticulous and charming how-tos. I know the Legendary Fluffy Puppy Cheetahs will create beautiful worlds and paint lovely pictures in their readers’ minds in the months and years to come!

Lauren Bull
Badgerdog Teaching Artist



I see my baby sister’s eyes that each day make me happier.
I see her earrings that look like little diamonds.
I hear her when she cries when she wants to eat or when she wants someone to change her diaper.
I feel happy with her hands that are really soft from the inside.
I smell her hair when she comes out of taking a bath that smells like flowers with really good perfume.
I imagine she tastes like agua de jamaica.

Karla Gómez



Yo veo una computadora.
Yo escucho un telefono.
Yo siento mis piernas colgando.
Mi lugar favorito es Paris.
Yo saboreo una galleta.
Yo miro libros.
Yo toco la mesa.
Yo huelo semillas.
Yo describo a Adriana.
Yo pruebo semillas de las que come el profesor, sabe a sal y son de calabasa.
Yo oigo las semillas que come el profe.
Yo tengo mucho calor.
Ms. Gildon es alta.
El tele es negro.


I see a computer.
I hear a telephone.
I feel my legs hanging.
My favorite place is Paris.
I taste a cookie.
I see books.
I touch the table.
I smell seeds.
I describe Adriana.
I try eating seeds from the teacher, they taste like salt and are from a pumpkin.
I hear the teacher eating the seeds.
I’m very hot.
Ms. Gildon is tall.
The TV is black.

Brandon Tovez


Ode to My Mom

I see my mom walking to the park.
My mom smells like kiwi shampoo.
My mom tastes like vanilla cake.
I hear my mom walking with her sandals.
I feel my mom—really soft.

Jose Acevedo


How to Brush Your Teeth

First, you go to the restroom. Then you open the door and walk in front of the mirror. Get your pink electric toothbrush. After, you have to get your toothpaste that tastes like mint. Put the toothpaste on your toothbrush and run cold water. Put it on your toothbrush. Then, you raise it up to your mouth and put it on your teeth. Brush on the side and on the bottom and brush your tongue. When you are finished, you get a blue cup of cold water. Place it on your mouth and hear swish, swish and spit it in the white sink. Splash!

Sujamis Colmenares


Tic Toc

Numbers in order, all sizes, he has three hands, tells time
Sibling of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 and foldy the folder
Lover of time and hanging out with foldy
Who feels boring and happy to play with foldy
Who needs to break a battery and legs
Who gives s l o w t i m e and time
Who fears somebody will stink him up
Who would like to see his own numbers and the world
Resident of chicken and waffles
Time teller

Angel Ramirez


How to Play Minion Rush

First, you need to download Minion Rush on Playstore.
Then wait until the game downloads. You’ll see an arrow at the top.
After, enter your birthday. When it’s your birthday, you win prizes.
Next, play for practice. Get lots of bananas so you can buy costumes.
My favorite costumes are the ninja, the grandpa, and the construction worker.
Finally, you need to be very despicable. Make new records and pass levels.
You can throw lots of vehicles, chicken, robots, and toys at the villains!

Cristian Martinez


Oda a Mi Papá (Ode to My Father)

Que mi papá me quiere mucho.
Me da dinero. Me abrazaba.
Yo oigo la risa de mi papá y la voz.
Yo siento su cariño.


My dad loves me a lot.
He gives me money. He holds me.
I hear my dad’s laughter and his voice.
I feel his love.

Evelin Daniela Domínguez


How to Make Hot Chocolate

First, get the materials: sugar, hot chocolate, hot water, milk, whipped cream, and marshmallows in blue, green, and white. Then pour the hot water and grab the hot chocolate bag. Open the bag and put it in the hot water. Stir sugar and milk and mix it together. After that, add the soft whipped cream and squishy marshmallows and bendy straw. Beside the marshmallows, there are light brown bubbles. You can make more bubbles with your straw. The hot chocolate is ready and it tastes sweet, hot, and spicy. Be careful, the cup is hot! Now you can share it with your family on Christmas or a cold day.

Krystal Gomez



Smart, really hungry, fun, and funny
Sibling of Angel— but not the ones in my class
Lover of sharks, games, and pizza
Who feels happy, hungry, and excited
Who needs pizza, water, and more food
Who gives back money and supplies
Who fears dying, zombies, and demons
Who would like to see dinosaurs, sharks, and dragons
Resident of Mexico
Escobar Mondragon

Ahiram Escobar


How to Draw an Ice Cream Puppy

First, get paper, crayons in red, blue, pink, brown, and black, and a pencil.
Then draw a circle and a cone.
After, draw the eyes of a puppy and the mouth like a puppy.
Next, draw scribbly lines on the cone.
Now you can add some decorations, like colorful sprinkles and gummies.
Lastly, you need to paint the circle pink and the cone brown,
the eyes blue on the inside, the mouth red for the tongue, and black on the side of the tongue.
In conclusion, you can show it to your parents or your friends.
They are going to love it! They are going to have a red smile and they will hug you.

Enriqueta Choxom


Mis Hermanos (My Brothers)

Ojos son cafes


Brown eyes

Adriana Urbina


How to Play Happy Wheels

First, get a computer. Next, go to Google and type TOTAL JERKFACE. Then click “Play Now.”

You’re wondering, who are the characters? There’s Segway Guy, Timmy and Dad, Pogo Stick Guy, Santa Claus, Motorcycle Guy, Helicopter Guy, and Old Grandpa. Segway guy looks like a person with a white helmet. The next character is Timmy and Dad, the little kid and his dad. They have a blue bicycle. Hey, look! There’s the Pogo Stick Guy. He has a helmet with a pogo stick. Next, there’s Santa Claus. This time, Santa has his elves with presents. The Motorcycle Guy has a motorcycle with somebody. There’s Helicopter Guy, who is hard to control so be careful! The Old Grandpa has jets with a wheelchair.

Once you click a level, this is how you play: use the up arrow to move, the left and the right arrow to lean. The space button is to grab and throw.

If you are a in a level called “Sword,” use the space button to grab and throw it. If you want to win a sword fight, you have to kill with the sword while throwing it.

The ball throw is kind of hard. If you throw it in the first space, you die!

Diego Hernandez

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