Widen Elemendary Early Morning Writers


Ms. Garner’s eight o’ clock class at Widen Elementary wrote themselves right back into the dreams they had just woken up from, creating imaginary worlds full of princesses, treehouses, and crazy plot twists. This class loved using the senses to transport their readers to unknowable places, adding silly details to make each other laugh. Every sharing session on the carpet at the end of class finished with giggles!

Emily Beyda
Badgerdog Teaching Artist



I smell the city air.
I taste the good restaurants.
I tough the beautiful things.
I hear people talking.
I see the light, sparkling through the night.



The Park

Today is a sunny day. There are three people I’m thinking of—a turtle in the water and a girl with a mustache and a dog barking at the birds. They all see something in common, the beautiful sun.



The Dragon

Once upon a time, there was a girl, and she saw a dragon by itself, so she wanted it. But her dog was looking at them both, and he was jealous. So in the end, she didn’t get the dragon.



Cookies-and-Cream World

I smell vanilla cookies and cream. I taste the delicious cookies and ice cream. I touch my fluffy pink cookies-and-cream kitten. I hear my cookies-and-cream song. I see my best friends in my cookies-and-cream world, eating cookies-and-cream ice cream. After that, I eat all the candy. It’s too much sugar, and I go crazy and destroy the world!



The Treehouse

The treehouse made out of steel
Hope the treehouse might not fall
Or else you have to repair it at the mall
Make it stronger, so much fun
Let your child play with water guns
It was so fun, let’s play again
Go ahead
But don’t let the snake shed!



The End of the World

If I found out it was the end of the world in ten minutes, I would buy or steal a space suit. Then I would get in my space suit and my space shuttle and go to space. But before I took off, I would get space food. Then I would go to space. I would go to Titan and take my space suit off, and I would make the aliens build me and my family and my dogs a giant house.



Friday Fun

Friday, Friday, Friday fun.
Every Friday something new,
Like swimming in your own milk, too!
It feels like Friday again.
Starting on the game,
Playing online.
Mom and Dad say, “Go outside!”



The Chicken Princess

There once lived a princess, and she had a dog. One day, they were hungry, so they went to a restaurant. But when they got there, the princess started pooping out chickens! Every time she pooped out a chicken, it exploded, and they exploded the whole earth. They went to Mars, but that exploded, too! They had to go to Jupiter to escape, but then they exploded it, and no one was ever seen or heard from again.



Jesse Writes a Book

A girl named Jesse was outside. She noticed it was a perfect day to write a story about her day. When it was night time, she went to bed and fell asleep. She would continue on the next day. She ate breakfast and continued writing.



Minecraft World

One day, I was chillin’ outside. I was chillin’ until it was time to go in. I was texting my friend, but then I fell asleep. I woke up and saw that I was a Minecraft boy! It was awesome. Instead of chillin’, I made a three-story house. I was walking to the house and then I fell in a hole! I saw I was in blocky town. I smelled pumpkin pie and saw a creeper. I heard the pigs oinking and then I went to dinner. I tasted golden apples and touched my pig’s and sheep’s heads.



Rascal and Brandon

Brandon lived in the forest. He had a wolf named Rascal, and they were often trying to find teammates so they could battle other people. One day, he was roaming the jungle when he saw another person following him. It was a great and powerful giant tiger. He was determined to battle with him.



The End of the World

Dear Journal,

The world will end in ten minutes. I’m running from room to room gathering supplies, like my family, food, a first-aid kit, and water. A lot of it! Then I will run outside, go to the store, and get some toys to stay amused. Next, I will get everything out. I will not pay! I will get a gun and an axe. I’ll get a radio and a flashlight. Sorry, I need to stop. There are only two minutes left, and I forgot I have to go to the metal shelter. Well, byeee!



Emma’s World

Once, there was a girl named Emma who lived on a farm. She found a cow in her neighbor’s house, then she went to her friend’s house and started making up songs, but one of her friends started dancing, and everyone stopped and started looking at him and laughing at him.



No Fruit!

I like fruit.
I don’t like fruit
It tastes like avocados and poop.



Two Silly Poems


You sing like birds
Birds sing like you
Everything sings
Beautiful like you


I see water
I see rivers
I see waterfalls
Man, now I need to potty!




I will be invisible because nobody can see me. My mom and dad can’t see me either, and I will go, “Ha ha, Mom and Dad!” I will hug my little brother and sister and I will go, “Ha ha ha! You will get me something to drink!” And I will go to their room and scare them, but I will get hurt and no one will help me.



The Leprechaun

Once, there was a little girl who saw something green. When she got close, she saw it was a leprechaun.

The leprechaun said, “I’ll give you three wishes.”

The girl’s first wish was to get into Candy Land. Poof! She was in a world that smelled like nothing but sweets. She took a big bite of cotton candy hearts. She touched the twirly licorice chains on the swings. She heard gingerbread kids playing, she fell in love, and forgot about the other two wishes.

She left the leprechaun waiting forever, but that’s a different story.



The Turtle’s Adventure

Once upon a time, a killer gingerbread man was killed by a banana, but his little brother survived and turned into a turtle.

One day, a shark came and knocked on the door and said, “Can I use your bathroom?”

The turtle said yes, but he was afraid of the shark, so he left the house and walked to Walgreen’s and got some medicine. Next he went to McDonald’s to see his best friend Josh.

Josh had three jobs. He worked at McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Walgreen’s. They ate their favorite burger together—a Big Mac.


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