Widen Writers Hop from Character to Character

Ms. Garner’s 10:30 class loved working together, trading story ideas, helpful tips, and questions about each other’s writing. We even had some students turn into characters and hop from story to story, going on wild genre-bending adventures that hopped from poetry to adventure stories to journalistic interviews, and right back again.

Emily Beyda
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


The Dog

The dog loves to go to the restaurant on a log
But the dog can’t see because of the fog
The dog isn’t cool
So it was a fool every day
All the other dogs rule
All the other dogs like to go to the pool
With a stool



Bouncy Shoes

White tight springs with things
Walking with those and talking along
Having to think what to say when people ask—what are those?
When they do that to you, say that they are shoes
with springs on the bottom
I have them
How are those there? How do you walk normally?




Swag is all about being cool and leather jackets and cool hair like Christopher. Swag is when you walk very cool down the hallway and then you fall. Swag is when you talk like a diva and when you post things on YouTube. That’s swag, too!



The Mysterious Stranger

It looks like the mysterious stranger is camping. Or like he’s helping someone, like those helicopter dudes when people call out for help. Like he’s talking to someone. Maybe he’s helping an animal. It looks like he’s rock climbing. There may be another person holding the rope on the other side. The rocks are skinny enough to hurt you if you fall, sharp and skinny. You can see a waterfall behind him. It looks like it’s about to rain. Some liquid is already running down the hill.




Candyland smells really sweet. It tastes sweet, looks sweet, and feels smooth. It looks tasty and sounds crunchy. It’s the best place in the world. You can eat as much candy as you want. The clouds are made of cotton candy. The grass is made of dum-dum pops. But then the lake starts moving and then godzilla comes out of the ground, and a kracken comes out of the sea. They bring out their gum guns and shoot gum everywhere to make it sticky. They try to take over candy world!



Alien Welcome Letter

Hello, Aliens!

My town is really awesome because there’s a lot of cool stuff, and I wish y’all could come because if y’all came, I’d play videogames with y’all and we would do awesome stuff.




A long time ago, there were tornados. And dinosaurs. It all started with a tornado that got bigger and bigger with dinosaurs. We called it a dinonado. Then it came near a village. The people who lived there gathered weapons, arrows, and armor, and they started to attack the dinonado. They didn’t know how to stop it, so then they went back in time to get help. They managed to stop dinonado by throwing a bomb in it, and the world was safe… for now.



The Worst Violent Place

It smells like someone or something died and started to rot. It tastes like rats because you eat them, and you also eat people who accidentally died. Ew! You can feel a bunch of rats and grubs everywhere, and it feels like you are going to die. You can see dead people everywhere, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can see someone getting murdered. You can hear screams in almost every direction and a guy who murders people is on the loose. There are murderers and dead people and cobras everywhere, and dead fish, dead mice, dead hamsters. Basically, everyone and everything is either a zombie or dead, and nothing and no one is pure. Nothing can survive there. It is the one and only place; the place where people die.



The Alien’s Story

I am an alien, but when I was just three years old, I got lost right after we saw the first human. When I was five, I learned that every time I died I would come back to life. I became immortal. After that, I lived until I was thirty-six (it was my fifty-fifth life), when something called World War One came along. I was in the war, and yes, after World War One came along, I was sick of the earth. Can you come pick me up? When you get here, please get rid of Donald Trump. Also, please bring a time travel machine so I can fix the earth.




The water falls
In between the walls
A body or rock
Where people walk
People walk and talk and mock the rock



Interview with Eli

Eli is a gamer. He likes playing “Grand Theft Auto” and “Call of Duty,” like me. He is interested in doing everything. We both don’t like Donald Trump. If Trump becomes our president, we will be trapped.



The Bad Haircut

Someone went to get a haircut, but the barber didn’t do what she wanted. She got mad. She was running in the woods, and she had flowers in her hair, and her hair looked like grass.



The Chihuahua

A crazy chihuahua wants a shadow so bad, but a girl steals a shadow and now she has the shadow! The crazy chihuahua kills the girl, and then the girl and the shadow die, so the chihuahua starts crying because she still doesn’t have a shadow.



Dancing Bear

Dancing bear wants to be a dinosaur, but the other dancing bears are judging him and laughing at him, so he makes a potion to turn himself into a dinosaur, but instead he turns into a… demon dancing bear! Now, every time someone has a party, he goes and breaks everything in their house.



Frack Master

Frack Master is a man on TV
He looks like he has money
He likes to be on TV
Just like me



The Gamer

There was a gaming competition, and the gamers were going to stay there a while, so they bought pepsis and Pringles. Every gamer brought his keyboard and was trying to win. There were two teams, the green team and the orange team. Then it was time for the finals—one green guy versus one orange guy. But it was a tie! Once more they played, and the green guy got one more point. The green team won the game!


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