A Collection of Dazzling Characters

Ms. Quiroz’s class of fourth-graders at Baldwin Elementary School loves animals, aliens, and dangerous babies. Their creative characters expressed themselves in convincing dialogue, with a few great sound effects thrown in for good measure, using their smarts and kind hearts to get out of even the stickiest situations.

Emily Beyda
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


The Fat Cat

Once, there was a cat who was soon fat. He always drank milk, but he was blind so he couldn’t always find his way to his house. One day, the milk was all the way down in the basement. He couldn’t get down the steps, so he winged it and tumbled down the stairs and broke his leg. “So worth it,” said the fat kitty as he drank all his milk!




My name is Spot, and I am a human kid. I do not know how to talk. I was almost killed by pterodactyl. I have a good friend named Alo. His papa died in a flood chasing me. I have to protect and help Arlo get home. He needs help getting home because he fell into the river. He met a lot of dinosaurs, like a pterodactyl, tyrannosaurus rex, raptors, and a triceratops.

Gavin Campbell


Violet the Unicorn

I met a very nice unicorn named Violet. She and I met at the ice cream shop. I love to hang out with her at the park. She told me a funny joke that was so funny I laughed so hard. She is a nice unicorn, and she has lots of unicorn friends. They eat a lot of food, just like me, and her friends are so funny, just like her. They like ice cream, and so do I. Her friends love people who are nice and funny. And that’s how we met.



Dangerous Baby

There is a crazy, dangerous baby, who is cute and has chubby cheeks. His hair feels like a warm blanket. I can hear his machine guns loading up and the taste of the sandwich I had earlier. The room smells like a bad diaper, and then I smell smoke. The smoke detector goes off–beep, beep, beep. He burns down the house! This babysitting stuff is hard. I hope his parents aren’t too mad.

Maddox Merano


George & Sealy

I’m George!

I was running along the sidewalk and saw Mark. “Ughh,” Mark mumbled. I hated him, so I kept walking. I hate life. Everyone hates me.

I don’t know why, but I do have one friend. His name is Sealy! He is a Seal! He has a snout. He is also really crazy and cool!

“Sealy, let’s play!” I screamed from my door.

“Okay!” Sealy answered.

The next morning, Sealy and I grabbed jetpacks and flew all the way to New York. After that we decided to fly back home, but Mark came and broke our jetpacks!

“What will we do??” Sealy asked in a scared voice.

“We shall walk!” I answered. Twenty days later, we were home.

Olivia Christodoulides


Moon Basketball

2934, The Moon: I was feeling really jittery today, so I went the basketball court. I found my friend Jake already there. “Nice!” I said, as he did a backflip from the opposite end of the court and slam-dunked the basketball and landed on the backboard.

“I see you brought Jason.” Jason was my robot friend and could beat you at any video game you played. Jason isn’t one of those cartoon robots who goes beep, beep. He has the characteristics of a normal kid.

“Yeah, I did bring him,” I replied. Right then, Jason grabbed a ball and, from the back of the court, curve-balled it and made the basket.

“Woo Hoo! Nice!” Jake said.

“Thanks,” Jason replied. We kept doing trick shots for about an hour or two.

Jake said, “All right. I have a hot lunch waiting for me at home, so bye!”

“Bye!” Jason and I both said at the same time. With just those words, we departed.

When I got home I found a cake from the neighbors. Man, I was excited to eat that.

Bryce Newman


Catching Chickens

There once lived a kitty cat that loved chickens, but she had never caught one before. One day, the little kitty cat went on a walk, and she spotted a fat little chicken. She carefully went over to it and was so quiet no one could hear her. Then she carefully came closer and scared the chicken and gobbled it right up! But then that was not the way the food chain works! Kakaw!

Mia Rincon


Needy Brother

Sara is awesome, and she has a brother named Taco Kitty. Sara laughed at his name. Taco thinks he keeps the family out of dinner, but actually she does. Taco stays in his room every day eating Pop Tarts and watching rainbow videos all day. He is scared of the sun. Now, let me tell you a little about Sara. She has to do everything for Taco, like getting the charger for his iPhone since he spends all day watching rainbow videos, and get more and more Pop Tarts at the store. I don’t know how how Sara can live with him! She is actually older than him, and he is so dumb and crazy. And that’s how Sara has the most dumb brother in the world!

Audry Bernal


Life on the Moon

2934, Moon: I am Henry. Life is fun on the moon. Basketball is awesome in zero  gravity. Because life can be hard on the moon, we treat everyone like family regardless of who they are. I spend most of my time with my robot friend Jason and my human friend Jake. I play a lot of basketball, and play videogames with Jason.



John Kitty

I am a cat, and my name John Kitty. I am afraid of Captain Hook. He is a bad man, and he throws dirty diapers at me. Then I smell bad. I love to go to World Wrestling Entertainment steel cage matches and watch John Cena. We lift weights together, and he’s sad because he isn’t a pop star. When we saw Captain Hook, we kicked him and said, “Ha ha! We beat you!”

Austin B.


The Giants

One day, I woke up and smelled burning wood. The air tasted like bacon. When I went downstairs, I saw bacon giants with flame throwers burning the house. Some had hammers, which were giant paddles with six big marshmallows and a pretzel handle. They were smashing up the house. Some had potions with chocolate milk, and when they threw the potion on people they turned into monsters! When I touched them, my hand bent and I turned into a chocolate peanut butter wolf.



Jack the Cat

Once, there was a cat named Jack sleeping in a bamboo tree. Pusheen jumped up. He scared the pandas so much that they jumped to the moon–all of them, except a panda named Ling, who was the only one left. Jack pushed Pusheen down, and Ling flew to the moon with a jetpack. Ling told the red pandas that help was on the way, and all the pandas formed a panda chain and flew back to earth where they ate bamboo for life.



The Silly Horses

Once, there was a unicorn. I was that unicorn! I lived in Rainbowville! We would always eat cupcakes and ice cream for dessert. They taste good! Then we ate pancakes and chicken, and then horses barged in. We laughed because the horses talked and told a lot of funny jokes and they would even sing in funny voices. One horse always had a cupcake on the side of his head. One day, I was laughing so hard that I died! They buried me, then I came back to life, but then they killed me.

Maya De La Garza


The Alien Attack

I walked into my kitchen and the first thing I saw were unicorns making pancakes. “Mom, Dad!” I screamed for my parents and they ran down the hall. As soon as they walked into the kitchen, they screamed. “Get out!” But the unicorns did not move. My mom and dad heard something and looked up. A giant iron ball crashed into the top of the roof! The door opened and inside was a giant UFO trying to kill my mom and dad. But my dad was brave enough to kill the UFO with his mega machinegun. Then five more came! I wanted to go and kill them, but my parents said, “Go to your room!” I couldn’t watch them die. I needed them. So I jumped and killed all the aliens in the skin, but then… I got hit in the leg by a meteoroid, and I blew up!




Dragons burn everything they see, but they are nice to kittens. And dragons eat cake like a boss! Instead of blowing out their candles, they eat the candles because they breathe fire. And then about every second they fart out fire and their eyes pop out. They try to wear diapers, but the diapers burn when they fart out fire. They are all gangsters.

Zach Webb


Space Adventure

I was out near Jupiter riding a shooting star. All the other stars were so beautiful, and one star tasted so good. I smelled the rings of Saturn–so good–but the sound was terrifying. The rings also felt very smooth. It took 1,000,000 light years to get to earth, but instead of finding a beautiful sphere there was nothing, just sadness, so then I went to another planet, which was Pluto. There was the earth, and I used my galaxy map to find Pluto, the place where Earth was–they actually switched. But the planet exploded into tiny people, and they all died. So sad. But then there was one more planet, and I searched for it on my computer. It was called the Super Cool Epic Ball of Death. “Whaa?” It was so cool! But it was just the sun throwing meteorites of death everywhere around the galaxy and making new planets.

Oziel Hernandez


The Monkey Driver

I walked up the rainbow and felt the cloud I was walking on. It felt so silky. Then I walked up to a very big house. I went inside and saw that it was a nice place. It smelled like bubblegum. But it could have been the bubble gum I was eating. Then I walked down the rainbow and went home. As I was walking home, I heard something. It was a monkey driving a car! It was coming to me. While he was driving, he was eating a sandwich. I did not want to hurt his feelings, but he was breaking the law. Plus, I don’t think he had a driver’s license. But then he crashed into a car (I told you he was breaking the law) and I ran home!



The Monkey Museum on Mars

Once upon a time, there was a Monkey Museum on Mars! I flew to Mars and touched the rocks. Then I heard a loud rumbling. I scanned my eyes over a giant building that said Monkey Museum. Only monkeys were around. And I walked into the smell of bananas. I was hungry. I tasted the monkey food and it was chocolate. That’s why they were hyper. Then everything blew up! And I flew back to earth. Poor Mars!


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