A-Little-Bit-Crazy Writers

With their love for oral storytelling and creative problem solving, Ms. Spencer’s fourth-grade class at Baldwin Elementary School was never afraid to get a little crazy with their writing! This group of writers loved creating new universes where nothing was as it seemed and reality took a day off.

Emily Beyda
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


The Space Pig

How would you like to ride a pig in space? You could feed it cheese mice and chocolate milkshakes and ice cream. You can fly a pig today–dum, dum, dum–and I’m in space! One tiny step for pig. One giant step for pig time.

Robert Witherell


The Weird Day

One day, I was on my morning jog, but then a bird came down from the sky and hit me. That was just one of three weird things that happened to me that day. The second thing that happened to me was this: I was driving in my car and a monster truck came out of nowhere and ran into me. It almost killed me! It was so unexpected. It knocked me out, and I fainted. The third weird thing that happened to me was my house tried to kill me. The shower tried to drown me. My bed tried to suffocate me. The weirdest thing out of all of them was that my food tried to make me fat and kill me!

Lucas Paulson


Humpty Dumpty

Once upon a time, Humpty Dumpty went to get some berries for his special dessert. Then he saw a rainbow and ponies, and he really wanted to ride a pony, so he did, but when he sat on the pony, it went crazy! He almost cracked. But just when he thought he was safe, an eagle got Humpty Dumpty and ate him.

Jenna Lieu


Penguin and Friends

One day, penguin‘s friends came over and they went to the beach. They played tag on the ice on their bellies. It was getting dark, and they were scared by the owl. The owl was mean to them by making a mess in their rooms, and the penguin got blamed for the mess!



Araz the Fish

My name is Araz the fish. Mainly, I go to the graveyard to visit my mum. What I need the most is a ladyfish. A blonde ladyfish to keep me from being alone. My biggest secret is that I pick my nose. I know, I’m a fish, but I have a nose. Deal with it. My biggest fear is sharks, because they ate my mum.

Camden Tracy


Mr. Bunny’s Big Day

Mr. Bunny is walking along and he sees a candy store. “I want some hard candy,” Mr. Bunny yells, so he keeps walking along and then… He sees King Coffee Bean! “Attack Mr. Bunny!” exclaimed King Coffee Bean. Since Mr. Bunny is bigger than the coffee army, he steps on all of them. Mr. Bunny finally defeats them all and gets some hard candy.

Eva Garza



My name is Riverclaw. I’m a kid, but I have no mom and dad. I was raised by a wolf pack. My mom’s name is Diamondclaw and my dad’s name is Tigerclaw, so basically I’m their child.

One day, I saw Beamer the guinea pig and I said, “Hey, you!”


“Want to be friends?”

From that day on we were friends.

Lauren B.


The Sheep Who Loved to Be Pet

A sheep wanted to pet people’s hair. When it’s owner went to do something, he left the sheep with someone else. The sheep wanted to pet the guy’s hair, so the sheep started chasing him. The guy ran to the kitchen. He was so scared. The sheep came in the kitchen and held a gun, and said, “Look, let me pet you. I got a gun.”

“I’m never coming out!” said the guy.

”I will make you come out,” said the sheep.

“You’ll never find me!”

Just then the owner came in and said, “Sheep! No more threatening people!”

The sheep said, “Fine, I’m sorry.”

Gorge Lelux


Monkey Problems

A guy named Steve caught his hair on fire. He had a banana in his hand, and he couldn’t see where he was going. So he ran into a 100-foot-tall monkey! His friend Cupcake tried to save him and look for him, but she couldn’t find him. Later she found out that he was eaten alive, so she had cupcake revenge. She got a banana and threw it at the monkey’s face. But then she got eaten, too!

Julianna Ramirez


The Elephant & the Quesadilla

I walked up the stairs after lunch and I heard a lot of noise and I also smelled some yummy quesadillas. I grabbed the quesadillas until an elephant came up and grabbed them from me! I saw the elephant fall downstairs, and I laughed.

Marissa Gonzales



My name is D.S. D.S. is an abbreviation for my name, so let’s keep it that way. I feel so miserable. My life is so miserable for so many reasons, but the main reason is that I am an orphan. This orphanage is so crowded and the kids are so annoying for a seventeen-year-old like me. Luckily, there’s something really fun I do when no one’s watching. I sneak out of the orphanage and go to this house where my enemy “No Name” lives. I call my enemy “No Name” because, well, she has no name.

Enrique B.


Beamer’s Burgers

One day when I was walking, I heard there was a great burger joint down the street. When I saw the joint, I smelled the best thing ever, and when I got my burger I touched it and I wanted to eat it. When I tasted it, it was so delicious, and I saw that Beamer the guinea pig was making it! I tasted the French fries, and they were delicious. They smelled so good. I heard that Beamer was the best cook. I touched my fries and they felt amazing. Then I saw Beamer wink at me as I left.

Colin Rice


The Racing Monkey

Once there was a monkey that wanted a racecar. But to get it, he would have to win a race. The monkey was in third place by the end. Everyone bumped into him. Then his car exploded and it threw him to the finish line and at the last second he won! He got his dream car, too.

Antonio LaRosa


The Cat Who Wanted Pie

Once, there was a cat who wanted pie, so he went to the pie house. But there was a force so evil there that no one could survive.

“How am I supposed to open this door?” Cat asked himself. “I don’t even have thumbs!”

Cat went to the crowbar factory and came back with a golden crowbar in his mouth.

“Hey door!” Cat said.

“What?” said the evil door.

“DIEEEEE!” Cat yelled.

“AHHH!” screamed Door.

Cat used his crowbar to whack Door in the face. Door fell down and disappeared, so Cat got his pie and lived happily ever after. But Door died, so he didn’t live happily ever after.

Sam M.



No day of my life is easy. Everyone says my name like it’s some evil person’s name. They hiss my name, and they talk about me behind my back because of my stupid name, Ezrila.

One day at school, there was a new kid. She wasn’t shy. She was mean. I tried to be nice to her, but she was so mean.

After school one day, I saw the new kid sitting on a park bench by herself, crying. I didn’t know what to do, so I went and sat next to her. I asked her if she was okay. She said she was fine, but I could see in her eyes she wasn’t.

“Whatever it is, I can help you,” I said. After that, everything changed. Hermione became nice and I made a lifelong best friend.



The Lava Pit

Once, there was a boy with no arms. He wanted to get home, but he had no arms so he could not get to the other side of the lava with monkey bars over it. He needed arms to get across when the smoke was out of his path. He decided he would try to use his legs to get across the lava. He finally made it, and he went home.

Lauren Lauterjung

4 thoughts on “A-Little-Bit-Crazy Writers

  1. Awesome job Mrs Smarts 4th grade!!!!! Loved reading all the stories.
    Loved the burger story Colin!!!

    – Stephanie Rice

  2. I enjoyed reading your creative stories. The cat who wanted pie was especially interesting to me

  3. I enjoyed reading your creative stories. The cat who wanted pie was especially interesting to me

  4. I enjoyed reading the stories, Ms. Spencer’s class! What a great idea on how to share your creativity. *The cat who wanted pie* made me laugh : ).

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