Ms. Linahan’s Llamas

Ms. LInahan’s llamas (fourth-graders at Baldwin Elementary School) shared a love for collaborative writing and group storytelling that spilled over into irrepressible exchanges of themes and ideas. Our writing time together was book-ended with on-the-rug sharing circles, with each student volunteering connections and interpretations of each other’s work, collaborating to create an inspiring environment for learning and writing.

Emily Beyda
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


My Pet Onion

I’m an onion, but I’m a baller, and I’m officially King Gangster Onion. Last week was awesome. I drank some orange juice and turned into a gangster and ate the MLG Pickle. Now I’m totally rich, and I eat Dorittos and drink Mountain Dew. When I was young, I always wanted to be a white apple, but I never was. I don’t have any parents. I mean, I come from a green thing, but I call him Green Thing, not Dad. My home was a complete mess considering it’s me. So, yeah. That’s me.

Connor Howard


New Friends

One day, there was a purple fluffy unicorn named Jackie. She had no friends and was very lonely. All she wanted was a friend. Jackie had nothing to do and no siblings or friends to play with. She sat in her backyard staring at the side fence. She had been sitting there an awfully long time and her legs started to cramp. She hated getting leg cramps and decided to walk around. That’s when she heard voices. She went inside and found her mom talking to AJ. AJ was a girl in Jackie’s class at school. AJ had seen Jackie walk in and looked to see what was going on. Jackie slowly walked to the door and asked AJ, “Would you like to come and play?” Jackie held her breath as AJ opened her mouth to speak. “Sure,” AJ replied. Jackie was so happy. They went outside and played soccer. When they were done, they were very thirsty. They went to the fridge to get some Gatorade. When they looked in the fridge, they were disappointed. Jackie was afraid AJ would think it was strange she didn’t have anything to drink. That’s when she heard her dad’s booming voice. “I’m home!” He walked through the door holding grocery bags. Right when he placed the bags down, Jackie tore through them. She found Gatorade at the bottom of the first bag. She yanked it out and tore two groceries from the box. She brought the box upstairs in case they were still thirsty. And then they drank all the Gatorade they wanted.

Ben Tillisch


The Kitten

One day, I got my first kitten. I looked at her fluffy white fur. I lightly felt her soft white fur, and then I heard my oven ring. Ding! The cookies were ready! I tasted the gooey chocolate, and the cookie was wonderful. I smelled the delicious cookie with it’s cookie dough smell. I gobbled it up. It tasted so good. But now I regret eating it so fast!

Lily Ruxer


Billy and the Man Eating Fish

One day, Billy was fishing, hoping to catch a fish quickly because he knew the FBI would be there soon. When he felt a tug, he pulled the line and a fish popped up and almost ate him. He kept the fish as a pet, and as soon as he got in his car, the cops came after him. He wasn’t looking where he was going and crashed the car that the cops were using. The fish got so big, it ate Billy and only his head was left. Then the fish ate three more heads belonging to the cops.

Reiser Johnson


The Penguin

There was once a penguin who really loved ketchup and mustard, and he really wanted some of both, but on the way to the store there was a giant human mouth. Every time he went to this store, the human mouth would scare the penguin away, which is why the penguin never had ketchup and mustard again and he lived badly ever after!

Neha Gundubogula


Answer That Question

“Welcome back to ‘Answer That Question!’ We are interviewing Mr. Giant Butt. The first question is, What is your biggest secret?”

“I can actually talk!”

“MY GOD, a talking butt! What a freak show! Next question: What is your greatest fear?”


“What do you want the most?”

“A wife.”

“LOL, he’s forever alone. What was a special day in your life?”

“I’ve never had one.”

“Who is the most important person in your life?”

“I told you, I’m forever alone!”

Kevin Howard


Sparrow and Robin

“Tweet!” Robin chirped. “I want an owner!”

“Oh be quiet,” Sparrow chirped. “We’re wild birds. None of us are getting homes.”

The two friends, Robin and Sparrow, were having an argument over whether they would have owners soon or not. “No!” Sparrow kept saying after Robin asked over and over if they would get homes soon.

What they didn’t know was that under the tree there was a guy named Wallace who desperately wanted a bird. The only problem was that his girlfriend was totally against it.

“No! We are not having another pet in this house ever again! I can’t stand the fur and business they leave all over the place,” she had screamed in Wallace’s face.

“Tweet!” Robin suddenly called. “There’s a sad guy down there!”

“That doesn’t mean he wants us,” Sparrow chirped.

“Birdies!” Wallace cried.

“See…?” Robin snapped.

“Okay, okay. You win!” Sparrow cried as she fluttered down to Wallace. Robin followed.

“I think I’ll call you Hansel and Gretel. No, Salt and Pepper. No, Paul McCartney and Britney Spears. No, John and Lucy. No…” Wallace rambled on about picking names.

“I’m breaking up with you!” Wallace’s girlfriend screamed when she saw Robin and Sparrow.

“Sasha, wait!”

Sasha softened. “We can keep them,” she cried.

“Oh, thank you!” Wallace screamed happily. And they lived happily ever after with the two birds.

Sofia Colaluca


Magic 8 Ball, Yes!

Mr. Burger wanted a pet penguin. But Mr. Burger lived in Egypt, so he booked a flight to Antarctica. When he got there, he was really cold. He saw a house, but he realized it was a council of penguins. They didn’t like burgers, so the council had Mr. Burger ARRESTED FOR MURDER! But a penguin lawyer fought for him, so Mr. Burger was FREE! But then Mr. Burger went back to Egypt with his friend Connor, who went to Antarctica to study sea lions. Everyone was happy!

Bo Wang


Agent Tyler

Hey! Sup? I’m agent Tyler. What I usually do is stop bank robbers and throw them out the window, take down monsters, send bad weather out of the area–you get the point, right? Well, as an agent, I’m really famous. I have about a quadrillion dollars. I can do whatever I want, and I pretty much like wearing sunglasses almost everywhere just for fun.

Tyler Kampton


The Pig Who Went to Candyland

One day, there was a pig who wanted candy, so he traveled all the way to Candyland to get some and take it to his home. When he got there, a dragon tried to eat him and bake him with fire breath. The pig ate some candy and started to run away, and the dragon chased him all the way home and caught his house on fire. The pig was hiding from the dragon under the bed, and he stayed there until the dragon left. Then the pig came out, but his house was destroyed. When he checked his hands, he still had some candy. He ate his candy, and then he fell asleep because he realized it was his bedtime.



The Shadow

Once, there was a boy who was secretly a shadow. All he wanted to be was a normal human being, but healthy food got in the way. He loved healthy food, but every time he ate something healthy, the power of his shadow grew stronger. His parents fed him celery and chicken almost every day. If he wasn’t eating celery and chicken, he was eating broccoli and steak. What the boy didn’t know was that if he ate more and more healthy food, he would become evil! The poor boy couldn’t eat lunch at school because he didn’t want his friends to know he was a shadow.

One day, when he got home from school, he ran to his room. He heard whispering. The shadow was talking to him. “Beware, beware,” the shadow howled.

The boy threw himself on his bed. “Your soul, your soul,” The shadow howled again. Soon after, the boy got dizzy. All he could see was the shadow. The shadow took over his personality.  The boy was under the control of the shadow. The shadow took the boy to the cemetery and pushed him into the cabinet of souls. The shadow won.

Kinda N.



My name is Sprinkles. I live in Unicornlandia. I am going to Cookie College. My roommate is Nyan Cat. She always poops sprinkles, which I find offensive, because my name is Sprinkles! A couple of years ago, my parents, Mr. Donut and Mrs. Pegisi, got killed because of Donald Trump and Barney. Hey, those were the only things on TV! So me, and my brother Watermelon, moved in with Aunt Pineapple. I don’t like her. Her puppy tried to kill me once.

Georgia Schmitt


Nubby’s Life

My name is Nubby. As you can tell, my humor is stiff. Get it? Because… I’m a pebble? Get it? Wow, tough crowd. In school, no one notices me. I mean, who wouldn’t notice a small brown pebble in the school yard? Also, people literally just run over me to play football. Literally! Because they’re ungrateful humans. It’s the same at home. Sleep, wake up, get run over, sleep. (And pebbles DO NOT eat, so DON’T ask.) So, I’m just a pebble push-over. My home is next to other stinking dirt. Geez. My life stinks once you think about it!

Joopsy Addison


The Crazy Frog

One day, there was a cute little frog named Chase. He loved to play with a lily pad and rainbow. He liked to jump on the rainbow. On stormy nights, a big rain cloud rolled through the sky! When it was gone, the frog said NOOOOOOOO! all over the swamp. Then he became a night frog. Then it was it time to fight the cloud. He had to do it. To be continued…



The Lonely Cat

Once upon a time, there was a cat that didn’t have an owner, and the people who took care of her, well, they were mean to her. One night, she woke up and she saw a diamond. Something came out of the diamond, and it was an owner the cat wanted. The owner said to her, “Will you be my cat?” The cat thought and thought and she said, “Yes!” The cat ran away with her new owner, and the next morning the mean people who used to take care of the cat were looking for her. The mean people got mad and they were like, “NOOOOOOO!” The cat heard them, but she didn’t care because she had a nice owner. Meow.

Ava Vasquez


Football Memories

One day, I was playing football with my friend Andy. It was nearly evening, and you could see the brilliant colors of the sunset. My dad was quarterback. He hiked the ball. I took off running as fast as I could. I ran and felt the ball coming. I smelled the leather and hoped I could catch the ball. As the ball went into my hands, I felt the sharp sting of the ball. In anger, I dropped the ball and tumbled onto the sweet smelling grass. I tasted the dew on the grass as I cradled my head in my hands. I heard the footsteps and Andy saying “incomplete.”

William Gu


The Banana and the Horse

Once, there was a banana. He was a mutant and fought zombies. One day, he decided he wanted a horse to help him fight, and he found a big black horse. The banana tried training the horse, but he couldn’t at first. First, the horse didn’t want to fight, but soon he started training and eventually learned to fight with the banana. Soon, the horse and the banana became best friends and lived happily. Well, other than having to fight zombies.



Pac-Man and Justin Beaver

I was going to the arcade, wondering what I would play. I’m Justin Beaver, by the way, and while I was thinking about what I would play I thought about playing Pac-Man. I went to the arcade and found the little lemon with his gorgeous mouth and his beautiful voice, “Wacka wacko,” and I fell in love instantly. I didn’t want to play Pac-Man. I wanted to go in the game with Pac-Man. Suddenly, I saw a button on the machine that said “In.” I pressed it and suddenly felt dizzy. I looked around me then saw black walls everywhere like a maze. Then I saw Pac-Man and was like, “Oh my gosh… Pac-Man” Then I married Pac-Man and had one ugly baby. Then a ghost killed me.

Noah H.


The Worst Day Ever

One morning, I woke up and walked downstairs. I went outside to see what the weather was like. What I saw was amazing. I saw a whole world made out of chocolate. I ran over to touch a tree, and it crumbled. I took a bite out of it–it was flavorless. I listened to the running chocolate under me, but it made no sound. I smelled the air–nothing. I kept walking, fell off a cliff, and was falling for what felt like forever. Thump. It was just a dream, I had fallen off my bed, chewed my Legos, and destroyed them. I had knocked over my water. This was the worst day ever!

Grant Barden



My name is Avalon. I have bad luck, you could say. Well, that’s what other people say. I don’t listen to them, but it’s true I have bad luck. I try to stay hopeful and strong to have things go right. It seems the more I try, the worse things get. One morning before school, I got a black eye. I also slept in, so I was going to be ten minutes late. I got dressed as fast as I could. As I said, bad luck.

Siena Cone


Arcade Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a video game arcade girl and she had a pet deer. One day, the deer jumped into a Pac-Man video game. The girl yelled out, “I’ll save you, Mr. Fluffy Bottom!” She jumped into the game, and a ghost came after her. “Help!” she screamed. “There’s Mr. Fluffy Bottom!” she shouted. She got on the deer and gave him a jetpack. They soon flew on in the game and lived in the Mushroom Kingdom happily ever after.

Emilio Perez

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