Sensational Storytellers

From our first day together, Ms. Smart’s fourth-grade class at Baldwin Elementary School was excited about plot twists, unexpected character combinations, and maximum drama, creating crazy adventures that never ended up quite where you expected them to! This class loved sharing, with characters jumping from story to story, some even interacting for the length of the class in a group story saga.

Emily Beyda
Badgerdog Teaching Artist



When I was sitting at Goodwill, a random girl about three million feet tall with a magic wand grabbed me and took me up a tree. I knew we were not supposed to talk to anything that was not made of fabric. It was the number one rule for clothes. Anyway, weeks later I found out that the witch was planning to eat me. I screamed for help every time she left me alone. I was scared to see her run in and hear me. Only the maker can hear me. But the witch heard me! All I did was scream. All she did was scream. She and I finally got to know each other. Her name is Lacy. She loves this thing called pizza. And she loves my color–pink.

Emma Smart


My Bedroom

My bedroom is boring… Wait a minute… What if my bedroom floor was ice?! That would be amazing. My bed would be made of Jello, and my walls would be made of Tootsie Rolls. Yum. I would eat it all! My covers would be made of the softest material in the world. My closet would be huge, and I would have puppies in there. The floor to my closet would be made of dog food, so they could eat it too. My room would smell pretty bad with all the dog food, Tootsie Rolls, Jello, and the blanket. But you’d have to admit: the blanket is sooo soft. The dogs in my closet would be loud sometimes, but I would give them treats and they get quiet. The next day, I would come in my room and see that nothing was there… Oh, wait… It was just a dream.

Blake Hendley


The Dog

One day, there was a dog. The dog couldn’t reach the pizza on the top of the fridge, so he was sad. But for some reason, he really, really wanted a house so he could have a fridge of his own full of pizza. One day, he had saved up enough money to get a house! He was so happy.

William Paulson


Jake and Dude

Every day, I wake up alone, rob my daily bank, take a nap, wake up, and try to get over my fear of dogs and people, talk to my mom, then go back to sleep.

But one day when I woke up, and I started started flying! I went to the top of a building and jumped off. Af first, I couldn’t fly, but then I stopped falling and just floated.

I saw a guy running like two hundred miles an hour. I caught up to him because I could fly four hundred miles an hour. I stopped him in his tracks and stole all his money. Then he said, “Hi,” and I said, “Hey,” and we became best friends and he taught me how to run extremely fast.

I hit him on the head with a pole and ran away, but he ran after me. I started running while I was flying, and I went two times as fast and he never caught up.



The P.E. Teacher

One day, I saw the P.E. teacher, so I ran to a hiding spot because she is so mean and rude. She always tells us to do fifty push-ups without stopping, and if you’re talking when she is talking she will make you do one hundred and fifty push–ups without stopping or getting water when you are tired. Once, my brother had to do three hundred pushups! She has a face with all kinds of cuts, scars, and blood. Some people say she has a mask on.

Arhav Kheni


Animal Talk

You can talk to a lama
You can talk to a mamba
You could talk to a peacock
You could watch a hawk
Animal Talk!

Emily Branagh


Tae Kwan Do

When I first started Tae Kwan Do, I was five years old. My dad would usually take me to karate in New York. Every day, I would say, “I want to go to karate,” but when I started going there it got boring because every day we would learn the same thing. I didn’t like that, so I just quit.



Mr. Stick Kitty Saves the Day

Once upon a time, Mr. Stick Kitty wanted to get Mr. Rainbow Fish out of the evil lava house jail, but it was guarded by evil flower pots. So, Mr. Stick Kitty geared up in his sapphire energy suit, grabbed weapons, and set off. Along the way, he learned the power of sapphire and harnessed it to save his friend. When he arrived, he battled the evil flower pots and deactivated them with his sapphire powers. Finally, the boss battle came, and he battled the evil lava house and won and saved his friend Mr. Rainbow Fish.



The Spy

I remember when I was a spy. A secret Chinese spy that spied on the evil Dr. Bob every night. Dr. Bob was never good. He was always trying to steal all the noodles in China, but I was dressed up like a hobo so he didn’t spot me. My partner is an elephant spy–he never quits. He is like my sixth-grade gym teacher, trying to get me to be quiet. Every word he says is, “Push-ups, sit-ups, you got an F!”



Two Worlds

I run, I run home, I pass by a dark hallway. In the glass window, I see… I see something that looks like me. My feet, sturdy, standing tall. I look back at the world of them… I mean us. Why are we so cruel? I break free. I fly. I show the true me. My heart, the one filled with gold, draws me to the helpless creature, unseen by its own people. One hour later, we put our sunglasses on and strut down the runway winning the alien fashion show.

Summer Rose


The Mirror

I was walking down the dark, deep hallway when I saw myself in a mirror. To see my face made me wonder why I looked so scary. I know what I do, and I know what I want. I want someone to care for me carefully, but when they see me they know what will happen next.

I look in the mirror and see a brave young girl. I know it’s not me. I have never been brave or beautiful. She reaches her hand through the mirror and touches my hand. Then something happens. I go crazy. I’ve never seen someone be so careful with me. It’s worse that she’s a porcelain doll. Then I can’t feel my heart at all. It’s gone dark. I notice what I have done to her, when all she wanted to do was be brave.

Julia Mutschler


President Fish

Once there was a fish running for president. He had a cat friend that had a living flower pot butler that wanted to be watered. One day, the cat was watering his plants when he was attacked by an army of apples! After the attack, the cat hopped in a helicopter and flew to Florida. “Yep, that’s the end of the cat,” the fish said. A few days later, the plant started to get mad that the cat hadn’t given him water yet. But he was long gone.



The Plane to Texas

One morning, we were all in the car, barely going the speed limit. We were racing to somebody’s house to buy our lizard. In about ten minutes, we got there to pick, and the lizard got in the car with us. He turned into a monster that ate the world! Sorry, it was all a dream. I was sleeping on the plane with my lizard in my hand. The plane was taking us to Texas. I was just having an imaginary flashback. I probably fell asleep because the movie we were watching was so boring. I thought Texas was going to be boring just because I am a timid person. But as soon as I stepped off the plane, wonders filled my eyes.



Chocolate Lava Cake

One day, I was walking and I was going to get chocolate lava cake. It smelled like chocolate, it felt and tasted awesome, and I got there and got inside, and when it was over I made a chocolate lava cake.



Sky’s Revenge

There was a dog named Sky that saw a steak. Sky couldn’t get to it. He tried and tried, but he failed. Then a chicken went by. Sky was fierce, so he ran to the chicken, but a fox came by and grabbed the chicken. So, he went home and found that the steak was gone. He was disappointed, so he barked at the people and then ate the people. Then the dog ruled the world.

Charlize Ramos


The Witch’s Daughter

Once upon a time, there was a magical stone. This stone had the power to control the world. One day, a witch came and stole the stone but was defeated in the process, so the stone was safely returned to Chiron, a magical centaur. But what they didn’t know was that the witch had a daughter named Callie, and her destiny was to find the stone and finish what her mom started. She had to get the stone, and if she couldn’t she would disappoint her mom. It was guarded by locks, a forcefield, and warriors, but she had an idea. She got dressed up as a warrior and told Chiron to let her in. Chiron let her in, not knowing who she was. She used magic to open the lock. It tired her out a lot, and she felt like it wasn’t worth it. She looked in her hand and thought, This is the most powerful thing in the world. So why am I not happy? Callie decided to give it back to Chiron. Sometimes what you think you want isn’t what you want.



The Fox

There was once a fox who spotted a few dogs meeting at the store. Then suddenly a chicken came by and the fox wanted the chicken instead, so he started chasing the chicken to the farm. When the farmer saw the fox, he got the broom and spanked the fox and said, “Get off my farm!” When the fox finally got away from the farmer, he headed back to the store where the dogs were waiting to get them.



Space Adventure

I was flying in an airplane going to space in a super cool space suit about to kick the moon and I had a box of cheese to put on the moon and watch it explode. I passed the round moon, getting ready to make a fort that would turn into a city. I looked at England, where I saw a pink turtle that turned into mutant cheese and started to destroy the city and other mutant monsters came and helped it destroy everything in its path. Then huge sandwich supplies made the cheese monsters into sandwiches!



The Singing Raccoon

Once, there was a little raccoon who wanted stardom. She wanted to sing better than of all the raccoon people, so she went walking to the magic cabinet that could grant any wish. But when she got there, the cabinet was locked. So she went to a genie and forced it to do her bidding. Then she made it open the door to the cabinet and she got her wish and became rich and famous with her magic microphone.

Naomi Dwelle



Once a raccoon named Doge wanted a fruit shaped like a bone that gave him the power to control the world so he could save his family and everyone else from the evil Smelly Gabe. He destroyed the world in his ‘98 Carmard. Dodge snuck in the house, then… To Be Continued!


2 thoughts on “Sensational Storytellers

  1. Great job!! Keep up the good work. I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Smart for her help and support.

  2. Great stories everyone ! William I bet pumpkin and Riley feel the same as the dog in your story 💗

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