Splashing in Creative Waters

This six-week class with Ms. Vega’s students at Widen Elementary School got churning right after the STAAR test storm passed, and I saw these students’ writing as a sigh of relief, a dive back into the creative waters to frolic and play. Many of the students selected the final piece they wrote—poems inspired by Nicanor Parra’s “Mummies” to be published here. It was a culminating activity that blended together the three craft elements we focused on—utilizing vivid verbs, selecting specific and significant details, and arranging writing in some sort of energetic order. All of the work here represents the true spirit of these kiddos—a playful pulse breathing life into their readers and back into themselves. It has been a true joy working with them!

P.S. I want to give a special thanks to the wonderful poets / educators Katelin Kelly and Katie Pryor for their help with this class.

Tyler Gobble
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


A Tiger’s Life

One tiger wades in the
lake of water.

Another goes west through
the dark forest.

Three tigers climb a big tree.

One tiger gets a fever
because it’s allergic to beavers.

All tigers hunt for food
but one tiger’s not in the

One tiger runs through the
forest because he’s won the

The tiger who won the race
gets hunted by the mean hunter
with a big mace.

At the end of the day, all
tigers go back to their dens.

Rodolfo S.



One Shopkin is lighter than
the other.

Another Shopkin sings until
he drops the word.

The other one is really crazy until
he gets out of the box.

One Shopkin named Chiqui
Chocolate is sweet like
a donut.

Another one just wants
to be the queen.

All the Shopkins have
a lot of actions.

America G.


Look at a Unicorn

  1. You can see a unicorn farting rainbows.
  2. You can see them falling.
  3. You can see the power.
  4. You can see them white.
  5. You can see them in a story.
  6. You can see their rainbow horns.
  7. You can see them eating.
  8. You can see them running away.
  9. You can see them chasing people.
  10. You can see they’re just rough stuff.
  11. You can see them stepping at people.
  12. You can see them drinking gas.
  13. You can see them at school.
  14. You can see them at your house!

Marco C.


The Crazy Shopkins

One Shopkin jumps with a jumping
rope to the big and colorful store.

Another Shopkin throws a small
pink ball into the store and
gets in trouble.

Some of the Shopkins run all
over the store and start screaming,
jumping, rolling, and doing handshakes.

All of the Shopkins go to the
store and have a big party in
the store without permission.

Until a few of the Shopkins
start leaving and the other
Shopkins keep partying in the

Until all the Shopkins leave
and the big store is messy and dirty.

Natalie Z.



One puppy is biting
the fat pillow. Another one
is sleeping in the woods with
the spooky noise. Some were
eating and others were full and
fat. All celebrated their second birthday
with a big pool and fun.

Graciela P.


I Remember

I remember when I wanted to be the only child, so I stabbed a fork in my sister’s head. It was hard.
I remember I was trying to flush my sister down the toilet but her head was too fat, so it didn’t fit.
I remember when my friend tried to kidnap me. Her name was Arelis.




Two puppies are pulling
the rope until it breaks.

One of them is eating
all the food while all the
other puppies are starving.

One of the puppies is
playing in the park until
it rains.

Ariadna V.



Minions’ Worst Day

One Minion eats a banana.
The other Minions are crying.
All the Minions are filled with sadness.
A big package is delivered to the Minions.
The Minions stop crying. They stand up.
All of Minions go to the package.
They all open the package and there are
2,000 bananas. They all get five
Bananas each. They are happy
And they make a celebration of

Omar R.



One McDonald’s has a park.
Another has a Ronald
McDonald’s Society and chants
Big Macs, Big Macs! 

Two have a big McDonald’s

And the last one has Ronald
McDonald yelling CHICKEN

Christian B.


How I Lost My Puppy

I remember when I had a little dog.

I liked to play with him until my parents
told me that they were going to sell him
because he ate something gross.

Then it was Friday and some people came
and they sold him. I was really sad and I was crying.

Kayla R.


Un Unicornio

  1. Yo estaba en la casa de mi abuela y vi unas flores que eran bonitas y olían bien.
  2. Yo fuí a un palo que tenía muchas manzanas y estábamos comiendo y estaban ricas.
  3. Yo fuí con mi mamá y pasear donde había mucha llueve y esta ve jugando.
  4. Mi familia y yo fuimos a pasear al parque y está vimos jugando mucho.
  5. Yo había visto muchos árboles y montes y había un unicornio.



The Puppies

One puppy is talking on the phone
Another one is running
and another one is
playing. The other one
is eating. And the last one
is sleeping. And the very last one
falls from the stairs and cries.



How I Scare

I remember when we
saw a movie and we got
in the closet because it was
about a girl in a closet.
My friend heard something because
She was by the closet and
we jumped on her. She
did not talk to me
for three weeks.

Dayana T.


The Owls

One owl flies in the air.
Another owl is hunting the mice.
Some owls are sleeping and
others are playing.

All the owls go to sleep.

Another owl flies to
the ocean and catches
a fish.

One owl is dancing
in the air with another

Fabian F.


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