Blue, Bluer, Bluest

Sohpia’s  color poem speaks to the nature of blue balance: what is the sky to us, the ocean to us, and what are the sky and ocean to each other? At once symbols and literal forces of nature, their perilous and wondrous influence on the drama of human history is gently recorded in these short lines. At the end of the poem, it is clear that one cannot live without the other.

Katrina Goudey
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


Color Poem: Blue Mirrors

The ocean mirrors the sky.
Storms rush in the depths of one and the heights of the other.
The sky is reflected in the ocean.
One is wisdom, one is freedom.
Both can be deadly.
Both can pull someone away and engulf them.
Both give and take.
Both can bring wonder.
Both can bring adventure.
One is a reflection of the other.
The sky is seen in the ocean,
And the ocean mirrors the sky.

Sophia Newmark

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