Journey Through Time

Pooja was born in the winter, a fact that guides her exploration in this haiku sequence. Each poem assigns a signature sonic quality to a season, allowing the reader to move through a full year of silence and echo. The imaginative qualities of these poems open up spaces for reflection, experience, and humor as Pooja gives us a forecast for the seasons yet to come.

Katelin Kelly
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


Haiku Series

Beautiful crystals,
memories drift leaf by leaf,
cold, dead, brisk, damp blow.

Someone screwed-in rain,
purple majesty mountains,
sunny meadow glow.

Hot, sizzling, zzzz,
bacon burgers taste my mouth.
Hot air surrounds me.

Shady and chilly,
leaves fall in many piles,
partly cloudy skies.

Pooka Kulkarni
5th grade

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