Badgerdog Book Crush: Cryptic Cryptids

The Cryptic Cryptids Book Crush summer campers loved debating books and writing about creatures that may or may not exist. While we didn’t reach a consensus on the existence of Bigfoot, we certainly had fun playing Jeopardy-style trivia based on the book.

During the three-week workshop, we explored characters, setting, plot, tension, and other writing elements using the novel Uncertain Summer by Austin author Jessica Lee Anderson.

A highlight of the workshop was a visit from Jessica Lee Anderson who talked about how she became a writer.


Everyone had a chance to ask Jessica questions and gain insight into her writing process.
She also shared research she did for the book, including this map of Bigfoot sightings in Texas.


In addition to writing exercises, the Cryptic Cryptids stretched their creativity off the page by creating projects based on Uncertain Summer.

Advik programmed each of the main characters in Minecraft and recreated scenes from the book.




Valerie created a diorama including several scenes from the book.


Adheesh illustrated nine different scenes from the book and drew a map of Caddo Lake State Park.



Vishnu created a diorama of the first time Everdil sees Bigfoot, when she’s in a boat on Caddo Lake for her birthday. She tries to take a picture of the creature, but it doesn’t turn out.


Saisha used a different perspective to illustrate the same scene.



Caroline created many elements from the book in origami.


Ishaan drew scenes of Everdil and Shawna being chased by the wild boar.

And when Emmett thinks he is bitten by a copperhead snake, but it turns out to be a stick that cut his leg.



Ari created a sculpture of the Bigfoot costume stuffed with slaughtered animals that fooled a few folks into thinking they’d shot the creature. 


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