Badgerdog Mythology and Poetry Workshops


The Fox And The Hunter

—a short myth

Once upon a time, there was a fox that lived in the deepest part of the woods. One day, a wandering hunter stumbled into the meadow where the fox was napping.

“Halt! Who shall you be?” The fox bared its sharp teeth at the strange human.

“Please! Do not hurt me, dear fox! I mean no harm!” The hunter pleaded.

“All right. I will not hurt you, on one condition. You must give me your torch,” The fox sat back on its hind legs and pointed at the billowing flame.

“Of course!” The huntsman thrust the flaming wood into the animal’s paw.

“Thank you. I shall one day return your generous favor, sir.” And just like that, the fox scampered away, the torch wrapped in its mouth.

One day, years after the man encountered the fox and returned to his village, an old fox stealthily slipped into the village’s main church and dropped a small chest on the floor.

“This is your returned favor, kind man,” After it murmured those words, its spirit drifted out of its body, into the chest, and the old fox transformed into a gnarled old tree, to forever be a symbol of wisdom.

The next morning, the villagers found the fox’s chest and opened it, receiving its powers.

S. The Jeff
4th – 6th grade Mythology Workshop


The Story of the Trickster Country

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, there was a war between two countries. It all started when two brothers were born, one blessed with strength, and one blessed with intelligence.

Over time the brother with strength was using his strength, for robbing people. The brother with intelligence had to put a stop to it. The brother with strength said, “Let’s battle each other to see who gets to do what they want. The losing side has to leave.” I’m stronger so I’m going to win, he thought to himself.

They both waited and trained their many sons and daughters, each sibling trained their children with their own talents. The strong brother’s children became the Youks, and the stronger brother became king. Of course, his people were very strong and brawny fighters. There were the Olks, trained by the brother with intelligence, and he became the Supreme General. Just like their father they had intelligence and speed.

On the day of the first full moon of the year, the war had started. During the first three days of the battle the Youks invaded the Olks. The Olks did everything they could to hold the Youks back, but they didn’t use their intelligence, in the heat of the battle, they forgot they were smarter than the Youks. Many Olks were killed in the battle.

The war council of the Olks met up and decided that the Youks were, much too strong for the Olks to fight them with brute force. They knew they had to use speed, intelligence, and trickery to defeat the Youks. The people devised a plan. They knew that the Youks didn’t have a good defense. They would move their camp, so when the Youks attacked they wouldn’t find them and the Youks would be confused. There would be spies looking at the Youks and when they were confused, the camp would be alerted. Then, half the camp would create a diversion to lead the remaining Youks away. After that, the other half of the camp would attack the King of the Youks.

They executed their plan and it worked until they had to capture the King. It turns out that the King wanted to see the Olks get defeated, and gloat, so he was at the camp, not in the castle. They rushed back to the camp and hid and waited until the King was looking for signs of the camp. They made fake tracks, so the King would follow the tracks to where they were hiding. Once he was close enough, they ambushed him, and the Youks surrendered.

The Youks left the galaxy, and the Olks lived happily for the rest of their lives.

Prahalad P.
4th – 6th grade Mythology Workshop


My Mermaid

My mermaid’s name is Pearlett. She lives in Shellyton, Oceana. She is a fork mermaid. Fork mermaids are very rare, so she catches attention very quickly. She loves meeting new people and exploring the ocean. She has many animal friends including dolphins, sharks, whales, crabs, starfish, seahorses, and many more!

Her mom’s name is Coraleef, an environment mermaid, and her father’s name is Eracnics, a clock merman. She loves adventures and often rides on Crystal, her dolphin friend. If she needs to go somewhere, she sits in a mer-car pulled by Crystal, Delphine, Bubbles, Star, Buddy, and Summer (all dolphins). She has two siblings, the older one is her sister named Devinafe, a nail mermaid and the younger one is her brother named Dean, a saw merman. Devinafe loves reading while Dean loves playing video games In her opinion, they are both really annoying.

They live in a tiny cottage made out of shells and coral. She is a poor mermaid despite all of the attention she gets. She is most afraid of fishers, for many mermaids and mermen have been victims of them. They would get caught in the net, and when they pull them up, they don’t let them go; they sell them to aquariums so that they can make money. She also is afraid of Sevil, the evil mermaid witch. Sevil can curse anyone, even the most powerful person in the sea, the king of Shellyton!

Actually, she also has a curse from Sevil. Most merpeople get a real tail after they turn 16 years of age, but when she was born, Sevil came in and cursed her that she would never get a real tail. One year ago, on her sixteenth birthday, instead of getting a regular tail, her fork tail became bigger, which has never happened before. She is an out-of-the-ordinary mermaid!

4th – 6th grade Mythology Workshop


Cerberus The Dog

Cerberus the dog
Was guarding in the fog
When he saw the outline
Of a woman with shining eyes.

Next thing he knew
He couldn’t smell the dew!
He was sitting in a store
With many pets galore!

This three-headed dog
Was not guarding in the fog,
But was taken to a place
Which wiped the smile off his face!

It was known as home.
It was shaped like a dome.
It had two doors
And sparkling floors.

Everybody thought this dog was unique
The owners bragged about him every week!
The Owners also thought this fierce dog was smelly.
Unfortunate for him, he got baths daily.

Oh how he hated baths
And his new home “Rats!”
When he used his powers
His owner scolded him for hours.
Now his only goal
Is to escape from these foul
People who keep him
From doing his thing.

This ferocious three-headed dog
Now is not guarding in the fog.
He’s now a housepet living with some people
Who groom him, clean him, and feed him kibble.

He needs some things that he doesn’t get,
But every month he goes to something called “the vet”!
He has a strong desire to be free,
but he knows he cannot flee!
Then something very magical happened:
The owners turned into his god friends!
They told him it was all a test
And took him to his place to rest!

Thanking them he did his job
guarding the underworld in the fog!

4th – 6th grade Mythology Workshop


How the Trisidon Constellation came to be

This constellation is called Trisidon. It is shaped like a trident. Why is it in the sky?

The legend is…Poseidon, the god of the seas, was in a war along with Zeus, Hades, Hercules, and all of the other gods. He was fighting a villain but was not succeeding. This mighty villain was so powerful that even the mighty Poseidon could not beat him!

Suddenly, in the distance, he saw the outline of his wife, Amphitrite, coming towards him. “I brought you food!” she told him.

Poseidon tried to tell her that it was not the time for it, but she wouldn’t listen. Poseidon became distracted and the villain knocked Poseidon’s trident out of his hand.

It flew into the sky but would not come down—for it was stuck! Amphitrite got mad at the villain and somehow managed to defeat him!

“Girl power!” she exclaimed.

Poseidon then asked her to get his trident down from the sky, and Amphitrite reluctantly agreed. She flew into the sky and tried to take it down. But it would not budge. Thus, she pulled and pulled and finally got it to come down. But it had been stuck to the sky so tightly that the marking of Poseidon’s trident was still there. And up till today, we still see the outline of Poseidon’s trident in the sky.

4th – 6th grade Mythology Workshop


Dogs only🐶!


Oh humans🧔. Such a confusing species😕. Why can’t it just be dogs🐶? Our humans🧔 won’t let us sniff the same tree🌲 two trillion times but they expect us to behave. We will disobey and pee on there furniture🛋 ! We will rip up there clothing and barf on their pillows! We are dogs🐶! We are dogs🐶! We are dogs🐶! We are dogs🐶!

No humans I say🚫🧔! No humans! Just kidding I love all humans🧔. Well, actually just a few. But we all like humans🧔. We all don’t like humans🧔. We are dogs🐶! We are dogs🐶! G’bye, for now, I must now go see my friends Ivan and Ruby.

Yours truly,
The One And Only Bob🐾

Sawyer Stimpert (from a dogs🐶 point of view)
4th – 6th grade Poetry Workshop

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