Badgerdog Book Crush: Session C Song for a Whale

The Mighty Hamburgers summer campers took a deep dive into Song for a Whale by Lynne Kelly, searching for insight and inspiration. They experienced the sense of connection that emerges from reading a book together.

With an appetite for adventure, these campers closely read the text to discover characters, plot and setting, while drawing parallels with favorite books. Reading propelled the campers into writing their own stories, poems and puzzles filled with adventurers, aliens and dogs. Plenty of dogs.

The Mighty Hamburgers also got an ocean of insight from author Lynne Kelly when she visited with campers.

She answered questions about her journey to becoming a published author and shared her research about whales that went into writing the book. She also talked about how her work as a sign language interpreter influenced her to create a deaf protagonist.

The Mighty Hamburgers leapt off the page to create projects related to Song for a Whale. Deven used stop-motion animation to show the introduction of Blue 55, with the whale song of the 52 Hertz Whale as a sound track.


Ivy created a model of an antique radio and wrote a poem on the back.


Mishika created a book trailer that evokes the setting and emotions of the book.


Sophia baked cupcakes inspired by Song for a Whale, with Blue 55’s tail showing just before he dives.


Ainsley made a short play including key points from Song for a Whale.


Kate baked cupcakes with blue icing to symbolize the ocean, sprinkles to symbolize the water, and a lone whale on each cupcake to show how alone Blue 55 feels.


Caroline used styrofoam to create a whale sculpture. It includes a water spout coming from the whale’s back. Water spouts are one way whale watchers and scientists identify whale species, since each species produces a unique water spout shape.


Suhan made a model of the cruise ship Iris and her Grandma take on their journey to meet Blue 55.

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