2020 Rise and Emerge eBooks

“Often, when you hear people talk about young authors, they are referred to as the thinkers, the artists, the voices of tomorrow. I don’t see it that way. I see these writers – the Badgerdogs featured in this remarkable anthology – as the voices of today. They came together this summer – this odd, troubling, and remarkable summer – to create in spite of it all. They did what young people always do – they shone light into every nook and cranny of real and fantastical worlds, they picked up threads and wove them together in previously unimagined ways, they spoke truth to power and answered questions with hope and possibility. 

These voices – these young voices – have done the work that writers have been doing for centuries – the work of figuring out themselves and the world through their words. But they have also reminded all us that the way to meet struggle and confusion and despair is with an expressive and open-hearted bravery. With clarity and humor and imagination and ingenuity, and an expressive and open-hearted bravery. When we humans do that on the page, it allows us to do that in our lives. So, I am here to welcome these young authors but also and more importantly, to thank them. May the world live up to your example, Badgerdogs. Thank you.”

– excerpt from the introduction by Liz Garton Scanlon

Click download to see the full ebooks.

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