Badgerdog Session B: Joy Seekers (4th-6th grade)

Joy! That’s what this group of five clever writers were seeking! Through memories, collaboration, connection, and of course, creative writing, I’d say we succeeded at finding an abundance of joy. In the last year and a half, where many of us adults found ourselves rediscovering simple delights amidst the difficulty, it seems these students were already connected with the pleasures so often taken for granted. The brilliance of mothers, the comfort of a restaurant where everyone knows you, the magnificence of nature—there was so much to praise this week! These students were striking writers and fierce in their joy! 

nicole v basta
Badgerdog Teaching Artist

The Eggs in the Nest

CRASH! BANG! CLASH! Those were the very first sounds of my large action thunderstorm happening in California. It was actually expected to happen because many wildfires were taking place in California, due to climate change. Large strikes of blinding yellow appeared repeatedly, almost making me jump. I ran as fast as I could to my parents room to see more of the exciting moment (I LOVE thunderstorms for some reason). I found my dad, wide awake, but laying in bed, turning away from the window. Thunder roared and made me jump up to look at the action again, but once in a while I had to blink and turn my head away from the blinding light to keep my eyes healthy. I saw that my sister and brother came too, they huddled in the corner of my dad’s room while I jumped off the bed and danced during the stormy event. My sister wanted to go downstairs to find my mom, so she eventually was able to drag me down the stairs. We hurried downstairs quickly to find my mom sleeping on the couch, we jumped onto her and my sister huddled under the blanket. I stayed awake to look at the really exciting event. Though, we weren’t the only people huddling together. 

 A mother robin was sitting in the bird feeder which was attached to the large window next to the sofa. I could barely make out a small nest with milky white objects with cracks under the mother robin, so I guessed that the father was looking for more shelter. I observed the birds, trying to ignore the strikes of lightning going on, so I could focus on the birds (even though I love thunderstorms and I wanted to dance, I think I like birds better). Eventually, the morning came and the storm was over. I could still see the mother sitting on the nest of pearly white eggs as I woke up from my 3 hour sleep after the thunderstorm, the window shutters were still blowing around like it did during the thunderstorm, it was still pretty windy outside. Now, it was over, and I had the baby eggs to observe for the weekend. The sun was slowly rising above the horizon as the colors of the sky turned from dark blue, to pink, yellow and orange, to a light blue. I knew the baby birds that came out of the eggs would be so fun to watch. 

Madisen Kang

The One Thunderstorm


Volcano sounding thunder


Shocking crackling lightning


Heavy rain

Super duper crazy humongous ton of heavy rain

Power outage

Power outage tons of times




The thunderstorm that was the loudest one

And the scariest

And the heaviest

The thunderstorm…

The thunderstorm…

The thunderstorm…

Abby Guo

                  Ode to my Mom


Beautiful,radiant mother 

Your kindness getting stronger and stronger every day 

My mom the sun of the universe  

Always willing to be there for her family

Your smile is bright as a sunflower 

Your laughter is like bells ringing softly and gently 

You’re more beautiful than a glamorous flower with pretty petals 

You mean everything to everyone 

Your kindness showers every minute of the day


Prisha Prasanna

My Mother

My mom, a beautiful magnificent mother,

The sunshine of the world,

Bringing me happiness,

The one who took care of me when I was young,

She comforted me when I cried,

The one who put me to sleep in nights that were long,

She is very brave and strong,

She was the the person that gave me life when I was born,

and she is the person who loves me the most of all.

Chloe Duan

Praise the Comics  

Praise the comics. Giving us flowers out of fights. The X-men fighting the blob, wolverine, and vanisher, praising our hearts telling our smarts that if the X-men can fight evil forces so can we. Yes a lot of the time these super extraordinary, not so ordinary, people are not people at all so how can we look up to them? If you think this way I do not blame you, how could people look up to Loki, god of mischief, Thor, God of thunder, and mutants known as the X-men if they are not men at all? Let’s take a fall.

The Avengers are mostly mutants but Captain America, a kind person from the ’40s who took a super serum and fought in World War II, is human. Iron man, well known as Tony Stark, dogs would bark at him, and say a Human genius, Natasha Romanoff, no offs here human, Clint Barton, a human. 

4 people from the original 6 Avengers are no stranger to a human. Giving us a chance to say that we can do it.  Yes, our parents may be mad, and sad, but we will be glad to know that we will always fight evil forces,  make bold choices, let our hearts guide us through our weird days, and put aside the odd manners of why life brought us here and say cheers for our fight has been fought. Yes, our parents may be mad, sad, and nowhere near excited for that path of reading, about “Merzah the Mystic, a powerful empath and telepath who ran a Himalayan monastery,” and not going outside except to go to the library, and the bookstore.  

Thank you for reading.

Mary Hardesty


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