A Season Since…

Time flies when we’re having fun, but it does the same when we simply continue on. What produces this illusion of speed? What makes us think time ought to march by more slowly? A season is only a season, but that can be quite a lot. Take Ms. McGee’s class at Barrington Elementary School–just a few months ago, they were poised at the edge of second grade, ready to leap into something new and fresh. Now, they are nearly seasoned third-graders! So much can change in a summer! So much can happen! Ms. McGee’s second-grade class ended their year with a three-week Badgerdog mini-workshop, and this week we publish the pieces they wrote back then. What will they see with their new third-grade eyes? Will they recall a time in May when they collected bits of their lives in notebooks now slightly aged? Whatever the answer, these writers composed wonderful poetry and prose, and their work is both careful and considerate. The following pieces look beyond everyday life—they stare! Something new and wonderful is discovered in such close focus.

Things in My Heart

Cool math games
My family


Things in My Heart

Ms. G
My fish and books
Barrington and math

Things I Like

I like to water my mom’s grass.
Watering the grass is fun for me.
I like writing my letters in A-B-C order.
I like telling my sister funny jokes.
I like playing with my next-door neighbor.
I like drawing pictures.


I Want an XBox

I want an XBox in my room because I don’t have one to play with. I could play with my XBox when it’s school time. I could sneak and, when my mom comes home, I could fake that I am asleep. Then, when she goes to bed, I could turn on the TV and play with my XBox.


Things in My Heart

Cool Math
My family
Earrings and bracelets


Inside My Fictional Room

Inside of my room I have my plasma TV. I have a lot of toys. I have my DSi, my DS, toy cars, an XBox, and a Wii. I can always hear my cat meowing. It sounds lonely and makes me open the door to let it in. Inside my room it smells like rotten eggs and rotten potatoes.


My Hands

My hands can write. They can wave goodbye, finger wave, hold things, touch stuff, and they can even make fake glasses. They can do magic, make stuff, move stuff, tear stuff, even open stuff. They can make guns and signs. My hands are cool.


Things in My Heart

Tacos and summer

Things in My Heart

My dog Honey
Grandma and Grandpa


Spotlight: Barrington Elementary School

At AISD’s Barrington Elementary, the entire third grade participated in three workshops led by two of our talented writers—Debbie Gonzalez and Jena Gessaman. These were “bite-sized” workshops designed to introduce students to the ways of poetry and storytelling. To celebrate these young writers’ introduction into the world of writing, we’d like to share with you selections from Barrington’s third-grade community. Congratulations on all of your hard work, vivid imaginations, and gorgeous words!

North Carolina

An airplane is bright.
It is red. It is gray on the bottom.
It has drawings on its wings.
It stops to get gas and goes back to the airport.
It picks up some people,
and leaves them in North Carolina.

Ariana G.

Candy Land

Me and my spider went to Candy Land for a party. We had to get stuff, but he was shouting all over. I was so mad. Then Cookie Monster took my cookie, and he put it in a glass of milk.

When there was a piece left, I shot a web to get it, but Cookie Monster got it. Then he got his web and used it to clean his teeth.

We decided to go to his house. We knocked. When he opened the door, he said, “I’m Cookie Monster.” We screamed and we ran. Then we went flying like Spider-Man and saved Elmo.

Tony B.

Snake School

A snake goes to snake school. It slithers, and it’s sneaky. His name is Roy, and nobody wants to be his friend, but he is smart and special. But when he gets home, he stinks because of the sandwiches he eats, so his mom gets mad. He says he’s sorry. The next morning, he’s sticky, so he screams. He says he is going to take a shower. He goes to school, and he meets a girl. She says he is sassy, so he likes her.

Ronald M.


—an exerpt

There is a house named Alicia. She is new to the barn. This pig named Piglet welcomed Alicia. Piglet told Alicia to come in and meet her friends. They were all pigs. One was named Piggy, one was named Dritpig, and one was named Scary Pig. They were pink, and three more were black and white.

Delilah R.


His name is Harry.
He has skills.
He is a snake.
Inside, he is cold.
He has nowhere to go.
We need to save him.
He screams at night.
He stays up all night.
He is sleeping.

Stephen T.

Good Day

—an excerpt

I was fighting with my shark, and I bit him. He was crying, and I went to another sea. A shark was sleeping, and when he woke up he said hello to me. He was ten thousand years old. His name was Adventuro.

Ruth M.

Elephant and Snake

Snake was playing around with his friends, but then his friend Elephant became very big. He was almost going to squish his friend Snake. Elephant didn’t like Snake, so Snake turned into an anaconda. He was bigger than Elephant, so Elephant became his friend. They played soccer together again, but Snake was angry.

Alexandro C.

The Giant Q-tip

There was a giant man, and he got a Q-tip to clean his ears. The Q-tip was orange, and it was stuck in his ear. He went to the doctor, and I came and helped the giant get the Q-tip out. He made me rich, and the newspaper took a picture. I was famous on Jupiter and Earth.

Ivan B.


One day, I was home, and my dad said, “Do you want to go to Hawaii?” I said yes, and we went out on a boat. We were going to have fun.

The boat took us to a beach. We were swimming in the water, and when we saw it was night, we went to sleep in a hotel. The next day, we woke up, and we had breakfast. We went to the beach to have fun. We did something else—we went looking for shells. But we did not see any shells, so we decided to recycle the beach.

When we were half finished, we saw a mirror, and we saw a dead turtle, and we were almost done. We saw a lost puppy, and when I asked my dad if we could keep him, he said yes. “As long as he doesn’t have an owner.”

We went back to the boat. We were going to leave. We saw a shell, and I told my dad, “Dad, Dad, I found a shell.” Then we went back home.

Cesar S.

Night Snake

Night snake, night snake
What can you see?
A dog looking at me?

Night snake, night snake
What else can you see?
I see something
trying to push me.

So the night snake
jumped out of the water
and bit the tiger
on the neck.

Ashton H.

Snake Bite

One day, I went to the forest to see animals. First, I saw a snake. I was a little scared because I thought the snake was going to bite me. The snake was small and sliding. My mom was so scared. I told her to not be scared because when you are scared you are attracting the snake to bite you. My mom wasn’t scared anymore because she didn’t know that. You shouldn’t be scared because a snake will bite you.

Mane R.

Cartoon’s Teeth

—an exerpt

One day, an old man went to Target to buy some teeth because he had been fighting, and all of his teeth had fallen out. He bought some teeth, and they were so nasty that if you looked at them, you would almost throw up. When he would go to sleep, he would take the teeth out and put them in a cup with water.

Christian P.

What’s Adventure?

Have you ever wondered, what’s adventure? Well, adventure is when you go places that are dazzling, dangerous, or sad, but you have the time of your life and you meet new people. Sometimes there’s someone or something that tries to hold you back, but there’s always a tricky part, so don’t get fooled.

April P.

Vampire Butterflies

One day, I went outside. I saw a bunch of butterflies stuck together. They were chasing a dog, and I got a net and got all the butterflies and took them in my house.

I cleaned them, and there was one thing I did not know—they like to suck blood—so I ran into my room, and there was a butterfly. It bit me, and I turned into a zombie. A cop took me to the station and arrested me. I was still not all zombie, so I went to a friend for help. Then I went home and went to sleep.

Sixty months later, I woke up, and I was human. My mom told me I was dreaming, but it was all true. Eighteen years later, more butterflies came, but they didn’t do anything.

Jesus M.

Snake Shake

Snake, snake, snake
Bite, bite, bite
Go around and shake, shake, shake

Snake, snake, snake
Bite, bite, bite
Don’t fight, fight, fight

Snake, snake, snake
Shake, shake, shake,
Front step, back step
Skate, skate, skate

Snake, snake, snake
Skate, skate, skate
Go around the pool
And shake, shake, shake.

Michelle H.

Baseball Eraser

One day, there was a baseball game. I was so excited because it was my first baseball game. We got to Yankee Stadium, and the stadium was filled with people. The game was about to begin, but instead of playing with hard baseballs, they played with fake balls. Their balls were erasers. It was funny to see them not catch or hit the ball, but after seeing my team doing none of those things, it wasn’t fun anymore. At the end of the game, it was tied zero to zero. It was boring and funny at the same time.

Christian S.

The Orange Said

There was an orange. It said:
Come bomb
….Come, bomb
……Come, come
……….Come, come
…………….Come, bomb
………………Come, come
………………..Bomb come
………………….Come bomb
……………………Come, come bomb
……………………..Come, come, come

Kenia D.

The Good Cowboy

Once upon a time, there was an orange horse. The horse had a cowboy on top of him. The cowboy was riding the horse, but when the horse was tired, the cowboy put the horse back in his house.

The cowboy was talking with someone mean. They said they wanted to kill the horse. The horse was so scared of what he heard that he wanted to run away, so he hid under a rock.

All the cowboys went to get their horses. The horse was so hungry. He smelled food from a good cowboy’s pocket. That cowboy was a good person. The good cowboy trained the horse really well so he ride the horse.

Giovanni A.

Snake in the Street

There was a snake in the street, and it was big. The snake was sick. The snake was still alive because he was strong. He was smart enough not to go into the street anymore.

The snake was three feet long, and it was tough. But one time, he wasn’t smart, and food was in the street. The snake went to get the food, and he got run over by a car, but he was OK because he was tough and long.

Jhony J.

Elmo Slide

Elmo, Elmo, slide, slide
Elmo, Elmo, slide, slide
Elmo, Elmo, slide your pals around Sesame Street.

People, people, wake up early so you
can see Elmo sliding.
Elmo, Elmo, slide, slide
so you can even entertain adults.

Elmo, Elmo, slide, slide.
Elmo, Elmo, slide, slide
so your fan Christian S. can see you
all the way in Miami.

Elmo, Elmo, slide, slide
Elmo, Elmo, slide, slide

Anthony A.

Letter S

Slugger sliding shivering soccer
small submarine summer
slide straight snoring
snake sneezing singing
student soft squid slimy
stand sticky
stuffed strong sun
school squish shoes skipping
smart spiky sick
save shampoo service serious
slim shape sleep slide skate
sour sling
same Sanchez
sixes sevens

Brany M.

McKinney Falls State Park

First, we talked about the rules. There was one very, very important rule, and it was to have fun.

We were the first class to go with the guide. He showed us a kind of bird called a cardinal. This bird doesn’t flap its wings. It uses hot air to fly, and its color is red.

I’m going to tell you the names of the birds—grackles, humming birds, turkey vultures, doves, hawks, and crows.

The guide told me that a clock could be in a tree with a bird. If a bird is in the top of the tree, it’s at twelve-o’clock, and if it is at the bottom of the tree it’s at six-o’clock. Right is three-o’clock, and left is nine-o’clock.

Then the guide showed us a waterfall. He showed us all around. We did some activities and walked around again and left. It was the best time of my life.

Julissa M.


Yo me moví de casa. Cuando fui afuera, encontré un juguete que era una mariposa. Siempre la llevo conmigo en la escuela y yo juego con la mariposa mucho. Cuando se me abre las alas, estoy feliz. Nunca voy a separarme de ella.


I moved from my house. When I went outside, I found a toy. It was a butterfly. I always carry it with me to school, and I play with the butterfly a lot. When it opens its wings for me, I am happy. I’m never going to be apart from it.

Yaneli G.

Juan Corona y Su Barco

Juan Corona iba en su barco. Luego de repente el barco se estaba moviéndose bien rápido. Luego se aventó Juan al agua y vio la isla desaparecer. Pero el barco no se hundió sino que unos monstruos lo estaban comiendo. Juan tenia mucho miedo y mando un mensaje a rescate.

Juan Corona and His Boat

Juan Corona was leaving in his boat. Suddenly, the boat was moving very rapidly. Then, Juan threw himself into the water, and he saw the island. But the boat did not sink. Rather, some monsters were eating it. Juan was very scared and so he sent a message to be rescued.

Jose R.

Culebras Salvan al Mundo

Las culebras les tienen miedo a los monstruos.
Los monstruos están feos.
Las culebras suben a los árboles.
Se vuelven superhéroes,
Y salvan al mundo.
Se van a la luna con la gente,
Y la gente esta a salvo.

Snakes Save the World

The snakes are afraid of the monsters.
The monsters are ugly.
The snakes climb the trees.
They become superheroes,
And save the world.
They go to the moon with the people,
And the people are safe.

Brayan G.

El Serpiente y el Alíen

Una serpiente esta peleando con un alíen
en una isla de tiburones.
Luego van al espacio a pelear en Marte.
Donde hay tormentas y tornados y huracanes.
Hay toda clase de tormenta en Marte.

The Snake and the Alien

A snake is fighting with an alien
in an island of sharks.
Then, they go to space to fight on Mars.
Where there are storms and tornadoes and hurricanes.
There is every kind of storm on Mars.

Vanessa G.

The Snake

The snake went to the store to buy some snow. It was on sale. It ate some snow and stopped because he was full. He was strong because he ate some snow. He was six years old.

Sinthia B.

The Snake

The snake likes the sun.
The snake is six years old.
The snake likes the star.
The snake likes stinky shoes.
The snake likes spiders.
The snake is strong.
The snake likes spring.
The snake likes the store.

Esmeralda J.


I like to sing.
My snake is strong.
I like to train my snake.
My snake likes spiders.
My snake likes snow.
My snake likes to snap.
My snake likes to slap people.
I like my snake because he’s skinny.

Juan G.

Great Space Battle

One night, I was outside. I looked at a plane coming my way. It was an alien. It was taking me to space. It was my friend. I was on a mission to destroy the chip of the bad alien. Two days later, the battle was over. One hundred people died, but we won, and the alien took me home. To be continued . . .

Javier A.

How It Is

The star is pretty.
The store is big.
I am a super girl.
The restrooms are stinky.
My shoes are blue.
Her last name is Santiago.
Spanish is easy.
The spider is bad.
The sun is hot.
The stop sign is red.
A girl named Sinthia is little.
Science is fun.
The seasons are winter, spring, fall, and summer.

Daniela A.

The Orange

The orange is delicious, and it has a lot of juice inside when you open it. The color of the orange is orange, and it’s so good when you taste it. You can put salt and salsa on the orange. It will taste good with salt and salsa. Oranges are like my friends.

Jose S.

A Diamante

Cute, Lovely
Lazy, Crazy, Meowing
Kitty, Lion, Hot-dog, Puppy
Crazy, Goofy, Silly
Mean, Bark

Karyme A.

I Am

I am awesome, beautiful,
……..cute, adorable, friendly,
…………….a girl, happy, incredible,
……………………a princess, a queen, a rose,
…………………………..sweet . . . I am Katherine!

Katherine L.

A Diamante

Green, Red
Pecking, Chirping, Flying
Owl, Parakeet, Shark, Minnow
Swimming, Eating, Watching
Lazy, Fast

Samantha M.


Blue, Feathery
Flying, Jumping, Eating
Robin, Cardinal, Lion, Tiger
Running, Climbing, Growling
Silly, Cute

Jennifer P.


Doctors help keep people from dying. Doctors tell people what to do when they get sick. Being a doctor is an important job. Doctors do surgery to help people so they won’t die. I want to be a doctor when I grow up.

Jesse L.

Scary Movies

The thing I know about scary movies is that they are terrifying. Do not let little kids watch them. Some kids even have scary dreams. The movies sometimes have blood in them. Scary movies are for adults, but kids like me still want to watch them. When some kids watch scary movies at night, they want the light on so they won’t get scared.

Vanessa A.

What I Know About Chocolate

I know chocolate is brown.
I know it tastes good.
I know it is not healthy.
But I still like it.
It doesn’t matter if it is healthy or not.

Clara M.


Fast, Cute
Digging, Barking, Howling
Badgerdog, Poodle, Lion, Tiger
Scratching, Meowing, Scaring
Fast, Funny

Erik O.

Best Teacher

She reads us poems
And we read to her
She is nice
She is

Luis T.

My Cool Brother

makes fur balls.
He likes to
give me piggyback rides
and eat snakes.

Manuel L.

My Dog

I was so bored one day. Then my mom brought a dog home, and nothing was boring again. When we were asleep, he was in the middle of our bed. When he smells his dog food, he runs to eat it all up. During the weekend, we play with him a lot. He gets the ball every day. I love my dog a lot.

Anita G.

My Grandpa’s Snores

My grandpa snores like a lion. I cannot go to bed because, when I lie down, I hear a big snore. So I go in his room and tell him to stop snoring. Every day my grandpa takes me to school, and every night I ask him to stop snoring.

Alexis S.

I Am

Awesome, big a crayfish cat, dear, excellent,
……..a fun fox, happy, incredible, jazzy, lazy, mean, nothing,
…………….outstanding, Pokémon, quick, ridiculous, smelly, terrible,
……………………an undertaker, and extra special am I!

Ernesto C.

I Should Have Stayed Home

I should have stayed home today because on the way to school a turtle fell on my head. I felt like I was dead.

Eric A.

My Sister’s Gerbil

My sister’s gerbil died.
My sister’s gerbil was sometimes mad.
My sister’s gerbil was sometime sad.
My sister’s gerbil exploded.
My sister’s gerbil eroded.

Steve C.

A Diamante

Fire, Water
Flaming, Growing, Steaming
Dragonoid, Scales, White, Bad
Swimming, Playing, Eating
Dangerous, Scary

Julian M.

A Diamante

Kitten, Lion
Scratching, Playing, Biting
Puma, Cheetah, Puppy, Dog
Furry, Playing, Biting
Pets, Hairy

Alicia R.

A Diamante

Hot, Burn
Playing, Talking, Eating
Star, Bright, Light, Stars
Snoring, Dreaming, Sleeping
White, Dark

Kimberley E.

A Diamante

Light, Morning
Playing, Running, Jumping
Light, Day, Night, Dark
Sleeping, Snoring, Dreaming
Round, Big



Flowers have different kinds of colors. They can be yellow, orange, blue, or even white. I know that flowers need the sun, water, soil, and air. I know that they have petals and nectar and honey and that they have one leaf on each side. I know that flowers have a stem that holds them so they won’t fall and die.

Alondra S.


Purple, Blue
Flowering, Gardening, Planting
Bluebonnet, Violets, Oak, Elm
Growing, Rustling, Shading
Green, Red

Chantel M.

My House

My house is a rock.
I like my house because she talks.
I like my house because she’s loud.
I like my house roars.
She is smart.
She’s nice.

David A.

I Love You

Dear Umbrella,

You are so wonderful.
Will you marry me?
You are so cute.
I know you are a girl.
You smell like a strawberry.
Your hair is so cute.
Your body smells like a jasmine flower—
A flower called jasmine.
Can you kiss me?
You are my little star.
You are so nice.
I am going to see you next time.
I am going to bring you a wonderful thing.
You are my cute girlfriend.
I know you’re my friend.


Jasmine, fourth grade, Barrington Elementary School

El Día de Halloween/The Day of Halloween

HalloweenC09Es el final del verano
Y la cosecha termina.
Es el alma y el espíritu
Que alucinan.

Lo negro de los muertos—
Sin duda a suceder.
Las tumbas se han de
Romper, es lo seguro.
Lo cierto del negro obscuro.

Lo negro de noche oscura,
Naranja de amanecer—
Sus poderes harán tristezas.
Ya la casa estará segura.

VeronicaEnglish translation:

It is the end of summer
And the harvest is over.
It is the soul and the spirit
That dream.

The black of the dead­—
It will surely happen.
The tombs must
Break, it is certain.

The certainty of dark black.
The black of dark night,
The orange dawn—
Their powers will make sorrows.
The house will already be safe.

Veronica, fourth grade, Barrington Elementary School

Original artwork by Sarah Meraz © 2009. Thanks Sarah!

* * *

Every fall and spring, Badgerdog solicits and publishes occasional poems from its students. This poem by Veronica was the winner of our Halloween poem contest. Congratulations, Veronica!