This Is a Sun

Happy Monday! Here’s another poem in celebration of National Poetry Month. This poem was written by Carlos, a fourth grader in Ms. Esbrand’s class at Oak Springs Elementary. Carlos paints a picture for us in his poem—one with a vast array of colors and images that are uniquely beautiful and chilling at the same time.

This Is a Sun

With red fire around it
and a red blanket
and a yellow pillow
and an orange ground.
it is like a smooth bed
but it is not blue.
This is a house
wood, brown, smooth, big wall
glass, clear, smooth, big as a door
chair, tan, smooth, small as a kid
couch, brown, soft.
This is a house
it feels safe
it will change by being dark, trash
everywhere, broken windows, table
broken in half.

Carlos, fourth grade, Oak Springs Elementary School