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Fertile Imaginations at Berkman Elementary

24 Jan

Full of energy at the end of a school day, the writers at Berkman Elementary School in Round Rock still managed to tap into their fertile imaginations to create poetry and fiction. They were encouraged to think about their new house rules if they were a parent for the day. And just what are the colors and emotions of Thanksgiving? And, yes, in this writing workshop, a snake can love gymnastics! We hope you enjoy the original work of these fourth-grade students. 

Terri Schexnayder
Teaching Artist



Thanksgiving is brown and light red.
It’s peaceful, like spending time at your family home.
Thanksgiving is both a turkey color and happy family color.
Thanksgiving is a peaceful color that people love.
Thanksgiving is a color that people like—a color for a celebration.
Thanksgiving is when families get together and there is no school.
Thanksgiving is like freedom—
free time with our family.


Being a Parent for a Day

I became my mom because I drank magic poison. I then made some changes around here. “No more school, no more teachers. More stores and more cake and cupcakes. Yum!”

Don’t forget: More ice cream for breakfast, more houses and cars, and Jell-o in the pool.  More music, more fun, more chocolate! Those are my new rules.

Trinity Adame

Thanksgiving Is

Thanksgiving is brown like the turkeys.
Thanksgiving is orange like pumpkins.
Thanksgiving is the red and yellow on the trees.

Makiah Cash

Mom Story

Once I was my mom, and she was me because I made a wish that night. I allowed the kids to have fun and they yelled, “You’re the best, Mom!”

I rocked the house. My one rule was to do everything you want to do, but don’t mess up your room. Plus, the kids can learn from home and not go to school.

Eliycia de Pina

lady gaga

A Wacky World

Ms. Johnston, who was wearing a pink-striped shirt, was watching soccer. She got up to feed her pet fish (which was lime) and he bit her. Ms. Johnston patted the fish’s head and realized it was a turtle!

Ms. Johnston later met a sea horse and thought it was her true love. But the sea horse became human and was Lady Gaga. Ms. Johnston and Lady Gaga became friends and they strutted off into the sunset.

Amyrie Evans

A Frog Goes to the Ocean

Once upon a time, Mrs. Griffis had a frog named Bruno Mars. The frog went into the ocean. He met a shark the color of lime and a tiger fish with yellow polka dots.

They grabbed a ball and played basketball, and then volleyball before racing to the shore.

Francisco Flores

ice cream for dinner

When I Became a Dad

I became a parent by wishing for it, and while I slept—bam!—I was a dad. When I discovered I was a parent, I yelled so loud. I checked in the mirror and saw I had a mustache and body hair!

I even had to work (but, the best part was that I got paid!). These are the rules I made in my house:

  • No yelling
  • No hitting
  • Ice cream for dinner
  • Jumping on the bed allowed
  • Let my dog eat my homework
  • Play all day, get in trouble
  • No school
  • Boom box every day!

Danny Giron

Thanksgiving Is

Thanksgiving is scarlet like peaches.
Thanksgiving is red like blood.
Thanksgiving is yellow like the corn you eat.
Thanksgiving is no school, family, and sweaters.

Serenity Lopez

The Singers and the Turtle

One day, people from all over the world came to see the International Music Award concert. I was in the audience with my best friend. There were bands like Future, Drake, Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars, and many more. The host for the concert was a former teacher, but now, she was Beauty Queen Charlotte Young.

“Here she comes… Charlotte Young!” yelled the announcer. But for some reason, the only thing to walk out on  stage was a turtle.

“Maybe someone cast a spell on her,” I joked to my friend.

Anthony Okeke


Everything My Words Do

My words play soccer.
My words sound like a ghost.
I describe my happiness—
happy like a puppy,
soft like a wolf.
My words wear hats.

Brayan Ortega

Thanksgiving Is

Thanksgiving is light brown like the turkey we eat,
like a leaf that falls,
like the clothes we used to wear.
Thanksgiving is dark smoke pouring out of my house.
Thanksgiving is yellow like the sun in the sky,
the sunflowers and the leaves.
Thanksgiving is giving thanks to everyone here in our lives
and to those who take care of us.

Emily Mendoza

Being Mom for a Day

It was Monday morning, and I woke up to go to school. Then—poof!—I was in my mom’s body. I thought, “Stay calm.” But, on the outside, I was screaming like I was dying! I snapped out of it and realized maybe this would be fun. I soon figured out five new rules:

  1. We are hiring a maid.
  2. I don’t deal with little brats.
  3. Never, ever make me mad—or else.
  4. Treat your brothers and sisters with respect.
  5. Have fun and do whatever you want. Unless deep down, you know it’s wrong.

Mariana Najera

fall colors

Thanksgiving Is

Thanksgiving is orange like the sun.
Thanksgiving is brown like turkey.
Thanksgiving is yellow like corn.
Thanksgiving means happiness and family love.
It is also being thankful, no school,
and having free time with friends and family.
Have you ever thought about Thanksgiving as being thankful
and spending time with family? Have a great holiday and be grateful.

Tia Parson

Rules of the House

I wished upon a star to be a parent because I wanted to change all the rules. We needed to have more fun and  more chocolate candy. Also, more sleep. And no screaming.

Dumb rules are like boys putting chocolate in my hair! And having fart days on Wednesday.

John Pinedas

The First Time Ms. Johnson Went to the Ocean

Ms. Johnson went to the ocean to get fish, and while she was there, she released the biggest fart ever in the whole wide world! All the fish and sharks died because it stunk so bad, like a skunk had farted.

Then, she left the ocean and ate all of the fish she had caught with her son. When they finished, they went to the park and ate hamburgers. Ms. Johnson ate three hamburgers and her son ate five of them.

Angel Salgado

Thanksgiving Is

Thanksgiving is orange like a beautiful horse.
Thanksgiving is red like the berries on the bush.
Thanksgiving is no school and is so fun!

Sierra Shippen


Cray, Cray Story about Ms. K.

Her name is Ms. K. and she sings Taylor Swift songs. But a snake bit her and she died. Just like that—boom!

Somehow she got up and became a ghost, haunting people with her pet snake. Not an ordinary snake, but a polka-dot reptile. The snake loved gymnastics and was always biting Ms. K. and other people.

Trinity Smith

The Turtle that Wore a Pink Polka-Dot Shirt

One day, Marvin the turtle went shopping and he came across a pink polka-dot shirt. He was so amazed that he bought it. The next day, he was wearing it as he walked and passed by Señor Sensey Snake. The snake started to giggle at the shirt, and Marvin felt sad.

Then, Sammy the Shark was also giggling at him. Today was not Marvin’s day. He was so sad, he didn’t want to show his face. He went back to the store and got a blue shirt. Everyone stopped giggling and began to compliment Marvin.

Marvin the turtle was very happy today. It was his day!

Sally Tuatagaloa


Thanksgiving is orange, yellow, red, and all the warm colors like the sun.
Thanksgiving is windy like a breezy day in Chicago.
Thanksgiving is loveable like a family around the holiday table.

Miranda Jordan Williams


Countries of Love from Union Hill Elementary

21 Jan

The Union Hill Elementary writers created their own poetry about countries of music, love, and even nightmares, based on inspiration from Alberto Blanco’s “In the Country of Better Knowledge.” Imagining the new rules they would establish (as a mom or dad) resulted in more chaos in the home or a new appreciation for all the things a parent does. These writers discovered that words have color, movement, and feelings. In writing and sharing their work, these students also found a renewed sense of confidence.

Terri Schexnayder
Artist Instructor

Being My Mommy

I woke up this morning as my beautiful Mommy. Now that I am in charge, I can do whatever I want—like grab the wallet, drive to the mall and go shopping. But, wait! What about my newborn baby sister? Do I have to take her with me? What about the bills? Aren’t they due today?

“Hi, Mom. How are you? Are the bills due today?” asked my child.

“Yes, young lady!”

Did I do everything there was to do? Yes, I did, and I didn’t even have time for the mall. Being Mom is hard!

Andrea Jaimes Belman


In the Country of Hidden Love

In the Country of Hidden Love, as you hold hands,
butterflies fly.
There are love letters hidden at every step.
There is an ocean full of kind mermaids
and flowers bloom everywhere you walk.
In the Country of Hidden Love
generosity speaks to you.
There are interminable sunsets
and the sky is always dawn.

Juliana Chantal Carter


In the country of superheroes, everybody is saving the day by fighting the bad guys. The X-Men, Avengers and Fantastic Four are against Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom is a very evil man. He always destroys the town, the city of Superheroes. But, the superheroes smashed him.

Samuel Dixon

My Awesome Five Rules

I woke up and was on the computer, where I played games forever. I wanted to make it more fun at my house and for it to be quiet. Why is it so important to be quiet in the house? Because then you won’t be disturbed.

Playing games is awesome. It’s cool, and you have fun. It’s also fun to watch YouTube because it has amazing videos. Okay, so here are my five rules. Oh, wait, I will tell you tomorrow. It’s nighttime. Now, go to bed or stay up all night. Good night and see you tomorrow.

Thomas Gonzalez

hot dog

My Words

Words are actions, music, donuts, hot dogs with ketchup, and shakes.
My words make me really happy, as happy as a camel on Wednesday.
On Thursday, my words are the color of lava red.
My words are important because they always thank me.
My words are like animals—
a gorilla eating a banana.

Abrien Hernandez

Me, I, Myself in Charge

When I woke up today, I realized I was like my Mom’s mom, in charge of everybody in my house. I told my family my new rules:

  1. I will let you hear loud music.
  2. I will let you go outside when it’s raining.
  3. I will make you go to sleep at 9:00 p.m.
  4. I will not make you clean your room.
  5. I will ask a servant to come and do things I tell them to do.

And, the most important rule: Peace and quiet in the house! These rules I have told you are important to me because they make the house creative. If you don’t like my rules, then you will go out of the house and be suspended.

When I finished listing the rules, I whispered to my sister Cristal, “And, you will have a bunny.” To Cecilia, I shared, “You will have a pony and a butterfly home.” And to my little brother, “You will have an elephant.” For my mom, I told her I would buy her a phone. “Dad, you will have your own tablet.” Everyone liked my new rules.

On my next birthday, I was still my Mom’s mom. It was really interesting and mysterious because I was wondering who made me this way. I wasn’t enjoying my world at this point and wanted to be a ten-year-old kid again. The next year, I turned into me again, but the rules stayed the way they were. I was so happy and said, “Life was crazy in the old days. I miss them now!”

Rosa Hernandez

Rules of My Life

I woke up this morning and was in charge of my house. I was the father and told my kids to turn off the music. My new rules are awesome. For example, you can have 6,000 friends in the house. I would like my family to go to Red Wagon.

I hope my family will be nicer because when I was young, they weren’t nice. Now, you can have a Wii and always make art. You don’t have to go to school and you have to be nice to your parents and take people’s advice.

I had bad rules when I was young. I had a lot—I mean, a lot—of work to do.

Eric S. Kawar


In the Country of the Lightning’s Love Music

In the Country of the Lightning,
you can hear the loud sound: Boom! Boom! Boom!
in your ears.
In the Country of the Music,
you can hear the loud music in your ears.
In the country, you see the love in your heart.

Marisol Lopez

My Rules

I woke up this morning, and I was Pop. Suddenly, I’m was charge of my household. I could have my music up loud and get a $1.6 million car. I sped in my fast car. I ate candy only one time a year, but went to Red Lobster every day.

Being in charge, I also went to school five days a week, rode in a Cadillac, ate seafood all day, and played games all night. I got pie every day at school and had parties with Takis and Ms. Terri’s chocolate chip cookies. I had all A’s, no B’s, and had a really good security system and guard dogs, like German Shepherds and pit bulls. I also had a 200-inch TV and a mansion for a home, plus sporting gear and other stuff.

Those were my new rules as Pop.

Jaydon Love



Words are people.
Words are kind.
My words make me feel happier than I usually am.
My words are the color pink.
My words are important because I love when I talk.
My words help me communicate.

Mykaela Manor

In the Country of Love

Once there was a land and there were all kinds of things there.
Like letters on a leaf and the word “love” in the sky.
That’s how beautiful the land was.
Frogs with the word “happiness.”

Tyanni Muttilib


Thanksgiving Is

Thanksgiving is green like grass.
Thanksgiving is red like a heart.
Thanksgiving is light purple like a jewel.
Thanksgiving is yellow like a banana.

Charlie Routt

In the Country of Never-Ending Nightmares

A place where nightmares grow and fear hurts the people.
It’s like a scream of words that are scary.
There are monsters you imagine you believe in, but they don’t exist.
There are unusual things that lie in the bottom of your head.
There are things that you don’t want to see, but it’s a curse.
There are dreams that are dreadful
in the Country of Never-Ending Nightmares.
It’s like something that stabs you in the back.

Jada Servin