Rose Million Healey Winner

This week, we honor five very talented young writers, all from our summer camp workshops. These five young ladies were selected as the winner and finalists of our 2010 Rose Million Healey Award in Short Fiction, which was founded by Patrick Million to honor of his Aunt Rose Million Healey, the woman who most inspired him to pursue writing.

The contest winner, Keri, is also published in the latest edition of Emerge: Youth Voices in Ink, but you can also read her work here. In the subsequent days, we’ll be publishing the work of our four finalists.

The Song of Words

At the corner of Fourth Street and Elm, an office with glass walls towered over the city. Looming like a great shadow, it glared through its windows at the people strolling down the sidewalk. Bright dresses, paint-splattered shorts, men carrying guitars and whistling as they walked—all these people bent their necks and hurried past the glass building. To them, the air seemed fouler on this block, so thick and suffocating they could hardly breathe. Only suits passed through the building’s flapping doors. Crunching numbers in their heads, the suits rushed to their cubicles, blind to anything but the elevator and the coffee pot.

From her own cubicle, Diana watched the suits hurry in. She leaned back in her chair, fingers resting on the computer keys, and observed the morning rush of business people. At the end of the hall, the elevator doors swung open and another gust of suits scampered into their cubicles, eager to attack their to-do lists. Diana pulled herself toward her computer screen and gazed into its synthetic depth. Layer upon layer of Dianas stared back at her, reflected through the mirror that hung behind her back. Each Diana gazed out with a pair of dismal eyes. Each mouth hung like an upside down horseshoe with all the luck dripping down the chins.Read More »