Badgerdog Spring Break Camp: Jena’s Lower Elementary School Class


Hi, my name is Hera and I like peanut butter sandwiches. I wonder if Zeus goes to hard on everyone? He’s always going to hard on everyone and when I mean everyone, I mean everyone. When someone is doing something right he yells at them. I don’t know what is wrong and I don’t like it. Hey, look! He is talking to his brothers Hades and Poseidon. Look! Zeus is getting really mad at his brothers. I wonder what’s wrong? Let’s get closer to them. Hey, Zeus is yelling at them because they did something wrong. Poseidon created a tsunami and crashed it on the villagers and hurt some people. Hades made fire to hurt our people. That is mean. Let’s go see them. Wait! Zeus’ brothers are leaving to go somewhere. Let’s follow them. Look! They’re going to Iris the goddess of rainbows. Look! They stopped. Iris is coming out. She’s walking to Poseidon. Wait, look! Everyone is running away. I wonder why?

Allie Guillot

Jeremy’s Cleaning Problem

After Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out

Jeremy never did his chores

His home was like a place for boars

Piles of clothes stacked in his home

He even had his own cloth dome

Pots and pans piled to the top

After a day, they started to drop

Jeremy sat down in his cloth dome

He said, “I shall clean my home!”

He grabbed a broom

And started with his room

He grabbed the hose

Then, he cleaned his clothes

He took a pan

Then, looked at his hands

Then, put it back

Onto the rack

Jeremy had finished his chores

But the problem was he couldn’t open the door

Jeremy threw the garbage away from the door

Then, he said, “Let’s explore!”

Benjamin Vikalo


I am Apollo

I wonder what the world was like when Helios was god of the sun?

I hear the sound of my own music

I see the blinding light of the sun

I want to have someone who loves me

I pretend I’m normal

I feel happy by the sound of my music

I touch the fletching of my arrows

I worry I’m not good enough

I cry for my lovers

I am Apollo

I understand I’m not the best

I say I love my sister

I dream one day someone will love me

I try my best

I hope to be myself

I am Apollo

Emmett Arthur

Jamie Never Cleaned the House

(After “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out”)

Little Jamie would not clean the house

He would not clean anything, even a bit of louse

Old books, dark roasted hams

A million papers, baked lamb

The house reeked of dirty socks

Of orange leaves and muddy rocks

Pencils and notebooks littered the floor

Bookmarks and Legos jammed the door

X-Box cartridges, PlayStation games

Flew into the fire pit and made a large flame

Board games, consoles, paint galore

Swept outside onto the grassy floor

Eventually, the pile was so great

It reached from China to Washington State

Little Jamie STILL refused

He laid on the couch and sang some blues

Meanwhile, the pile of junk reached space

It fell down and hit people in the face

Giant globs of blackened trash

Swept out of the country, out of the world

It curled, whirled and swirled

It washed out and hit Jamie on the couch

That’s what you get for being a grouch

So, children, don’t be a lazy mouse

And always, ALWAYS clean the house!!

Ethan Liu

I Will Not Clean

(After “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out”)

I really do not like to clean

My name is proudly, Gretta Dean

There’s something evil about the broom

I absolutely won’t clean my room

I will not dust

I’ll let plates rust

Laundry can stink

Stained with ink

Though my parents will shout

And my sister will pout

I will not clean

Even when I stink like a rotten bean

Even when my teeth are lean

I will not clean

The garbage stacked high

The burnt custard pie

My room looks like a tornado

I smell like a bad potato

Fine, I’ll clean, said Gretta Dean

But by then all people left her alone

No one called her on the phone

For Gretta wouldn’t do her chores

And so she smelled like rotting cores

She changed her mind and said

With her big head

I, a Dean


Call me a stubborn girl

Call me a broken pearl

Call me a silly curl

I will not do my hair

I will not wash my underwear


Gretta Dean


shining bright spots of fire

they rise in night higher

many tales of them to tell

of beauty like a spell

of violence by the wishing well

the mystery

of century

the center of our world

white and pearled

billions of years, old yet young

to speak, but not have a tongue

gems of light

shine by night

shapes of story

battles of glory

Gretta Dean

Dear Hogwarts,

You should accept me into Hogwarts because I invented two spells. The first one is “Bublio” and the use is to conjure bubbles. The second spell is “Cardium Shieldo” and the use is to turn a card into a shield. I also created an enchantment called “Wind-Mail” and it enchants wind, so it mails things. Another reason is because I’ve spent my whole life trying to get in to Hogwarts. I am a great candidate because I can win the tri-wizard tournament and bring glory to the school. I would like to teach and eventually become head master. Please let me in! I promise I will excel in all subjects and behave well. 

Very Sincerely,

Julian Joseph

My Brother’s Sink

(After “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out”)

If I never cleaned my brother’s sink

They would shoot me, I think

With mounds and mounds of toothpaste spit

And tons and tons of little lint

The little legs of big lice and nits

The tiny threads from when I knit

Some strings of hair

Maybe even a grizzly bear!

Oh, how terrible the bathroom would smell

With rotten meat and seashells!

So, that is why I clean my brother’s sink

But I’ll stop soon, I think

Laurel Olmstead

Little Silly South Wouldn’t Dust the House

(After “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out”)

Poor little Silly South

Wouldn’t dust an inch of the house

She’d rake the yard

She’d sweep real hard

But she still wouldn’t dust the house

And then, one day, she found a mouse

All covered in dust from its head to its mouth

She asked around the whole neighborhood

But she never would

Try to find it out

Then, her mom found a clue

And then, she found it all out

The mouse was covered with soot and dust

Because Little Silly South

Wouldn’t ever dust

The dust started to pile so very high

It eventually touched the sky

And in the time being

The dust broke the ceilings

It stopped the fans

And broke the pans

And the dust covered Little Silly South

Now, I guess

This is the end

I’ll see you ‘round the bend!

Lincoln Mark

Oliver and the Leaf

I’m thinking of Oliver

I’m not thinking of that one lonely leaf

I’m thinking of posting a video of Oliver

I’m not thinking of that one lonely leaf on a tree’s limb

I’m thinking of posting a video of me petting Oliver

I’m not thinking of one lonely leaf on a tree’s limb

Turning yellowish-brown because of autumn’s changing weather

I’m thinking of posting a video of me petting Oliver

And him jumping up and down on me

Lincoln Mark

I am From Texas

I am from the black and white piano close to my living room wall

From colors and paper

I am from the big clock above the sink

The soft rug in the living room

I am from the delicate petals of a red rose

The three shrubs whose limbs I remember as if they were my own

I’m from laughter and love

From mom and dad

I’m from sleeping late and mom waking me up

And from hugging family before night

I’m from I love you and you’re so sweet

And the months of the year

I’m from movies every Friday

I’m from Austin and Korea

Macaroni & cheese and spaghetti

From a chemist for a dad 

I am from a family with black hair

From photos of my brother and me as babies

All the love of them in my heart

I am from Texas

Olivia Kim

What if I Didn’t Clean My Room?

I absolutely will not clean;

my parents are so mean.

Books and papers litter the floor

until the books block the door.

Dust and trash and ash rise and fall

covering all.

Leaves and twigs hide the house

falling bricks, tiles, plus one mouse.

Molding wood and more and more

nothing is from the store.

Such a horror.

Olivia Kim

The Story of Boaty Lakoot

(After “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out”)

Boaty Lakoot Barout McDrath

Never, ever took a bath

And when she really wanted to play

Everyone said, “No, not today”

But her hair was so curly and long

It looked and felt so, so wrong

And that is the story of Boaty Lakoot

And how she had to wear 27 pairs of boots

Shifu Qian

Tawny Mawny Does Not Like to do the Laundry

(After “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out”)

“Do the laundry” Tawny Mawny’s parents said

He said, “No” and went to bed

His parents dragged him back out

And smacked him until he made a shout

“Do the laundry!” they said

Screaming as he ran back to bed

He ran out of energy and then he said, “I will never do the laundry”

He could not go to sleep

Because he smelled like an old sheep

His bin was flooding his room

It smelled like an old tomb

Then, “BOOM!”

His wall burst open to find his mother doing the laundry

And she said, “Get back in your room! 

The one that smells like an old tomb

Where it doesn’t shine

Oh, your in it…never mind

Zane Nasser


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