Badgerdog Spring Break Camp: Terri’s Upper Elementary School Class

The Yummy, Crunchy Bread

When we created ideas for our team’s name, several students suggested mascots, one of them Bread! Hmmm, I thought, before the votes landed on the final choice, “The Yummy, Crunchy Bread.” Well, bread is a metaphor for how writing nourishes our souls, provides food to fuel our thoughts, dreams and limitless imaginations. The ideas for poetry, fiction and rap rose like the yeasty dough, baking in our minds and coming out perfectly formed on the paper. The Yummy, Crunchy Bread writers gave their all when creating a delicious meal of words for you to enjoy!

Terri Schexnayder

Teaching Artist

Terri Schexnayder found her passion for writing when she was a young girl creating neighborhood plays and short stories. Her work, featured in Austin Woman, Texas Highways and other regional magazines, highlights travel and personal stories. All around the state, and on Zoom from her tiny home in the Highland Lakes, Terri inspires young and “young at heart” writers to share their poetry and life stories. She is a graduate of St. Edward’s University, English Literature, Austin, and is currently writing her second book about life in the iconic 1970s Austin.

I am From

I am from scorching summer days 

I am from rainbow ice cream with Grandpa

I am from cold winters and scorching summers

I am from hours splashing in a frigid pool

I am from scraped knees that burn like fire

I am from a bed covered in stuffed animals

I am from squeaking guinea pigs every day

I am from endless weeks with friends in the summer

I am from chickens 24/7

I am from boring days at a wooden desk

I am from boudin and gumbo

I am from Grandma’s favorite stories 

I am from scrapes and bruises

I am from crawfish boils with friends

I am from silently watching Dad late at night

I am from endless car trips

I am from waking up at six am

I am from sprinting a track with sore legs

I am from jet skiing on a lake

I am from swimming at long meets

I am from family gatherings at the lake

I am from fireworks on the 4th of July

I am from late nights and early mornings

I am from jumping from house to house in the same city

I am from smoothies and fruit

I am from books and stories

I am from stories of dragons

I am from friends, family, and traditions

Evie Addison

Life’s Powerful Presence

As the tree frazzled 

My body dazzled 

I knew the night was over

So, I slept through October and November

I rattled like a snake

Waiting for Christmas Break

The glorious ocean arose

So, I stood in a pose

My face was in shock

As I skipped a rock

I knew my time was over

Yet, what I had in my hand was a clover

Luck turned its face

I guess there just wasn’t enough space 

The crashing wave vanished me

That was my last time on shore

But my life was the least of a bore.

Parker Blake

My Name is William Kim

My name is from my generation. It  is from a place full of stars and 1,000 moons. It comes from gods and kings. The name William is like gold, gems and minerals. It is a fine morning in California where trees and wildlife grow like nothing else. It is rare. Rarer than a ninety-nine-dollar bill. It is special, unique and beautiful. 

My Grandpa was the first to give me a name. It was unique, not used that often, a very good one. It was like a boring Sunday. The weeds were all gone from the rich soil and the sun setting low over the houses not shining. It would’ve been my name if my mom wasn’t there.

My mom named me William because it was the name of Prince William who was rich and royal like kings. It is those who had gold palaces and rich beds made from silk and light weight material. 

Everybody thought that my name was good. Soon everybody thought I should be William. It was well written and organized. It thrived well and was quite easy to memorize. It contained seven letters: an exceptionally suitable number in every way.

Out of the infinite names, words, syllables, I would pick this name. I would care for it. 

Take it on a ride on my bike with it and sleep with it. William is not a normal name. It is a legendary name.

William Kim

I Am Poseidon

I am Poseidon

I wonder if my children are doing well

I hear the water clashing against my legs as I walk 

I see the sun glinting in the blue ocean 

I want peace between all the gods

I pretend to be strong sometimes

I feel powerful like a lion who just caught its prey

I touch the freezing waters of the Elf Ocean around me

I worry all the gods are going to get into a fight 

I cry when me and my brothers get into a fight with our powers

I am Poseidon

I understand that I can’t see my children 

I say the ocean is awesome

I dream my children will not die quickly

I try to be a good god, helping others with my powers

I hope we win all the wars between the giants Gea and the monsters 

I am Poseidon

Mila Liu

I Am Me

I am the from soft concha sitting on the shelf.

I am from houses of many—white, red, brighter than the sun.

I am from chili bowls steaming hot.

I am from the January goal save I made from the tips of my fingers.

I am from the shy, shimmering Sunny, the wonder dog.

I am from the music I play on my viola like a twinkling star.

I am from my dad fiddling on his guitar.

I am from my mother’s freshly baked shortbread crumbly and buttery.

I am from the creamy flavorful dark chocolate bar.

I am from Austin, Texas.

I am Sofia Pedregon Harrington.

Sofia Pedregon Harrington

The Monster

All monsters lived during the Texas Chainsaw Massacre days when chaos ruled the state. And like dinosaurs, they lived for a few thousand years. The only way for humans to survive is the C.I.A. in charge of bringing peace to the Earth. That is where I come in. My name is Jack, C.I.A. agent and it is my job to protect Austin from the Monster. 

Currently, I am in an abandoned warehouse, stalking some of the most dangerous and hideous creatures around. One that lives in here, just waits for a human to come along so it can ambush with a ferocious attack. The crude creature has scales, a mix of metallic purple and violet, with gigantic fangs are as large as a person. It is easy to locate because its stench fills the air.

As I crept through the dark halls of the warehouse, I suddenly heard a noise and sensed a presence behind me! I whirled around and there it was—looming over me. But I was too quick for its slow-moving bulk, and jumped behind a large crate, praying it would not get to me first.

“Whew!” I silently muttered as I cocked my hunting rifle.

Its roar came closer and shook the room. I stepped out from behind my place of safety, aimed, and screamed, “Go down, you big freak!” I shot like a mad man and one of my bullets hit his forehead. He fell with a loud thud.

Mission accomplished—well, one monster at least.

Mazin Nasser

My Name is Andy Song

Hi, my name is Andy Song. 

My name is from Andrea. because I believe god. 

My baptismal name is Andrea.

Andrea > Andre > Andy.

(Some people write “nd”)

I am from Korea at night.

I am from Apple with a fork.

I am from YouTube and Alan Becker.

I am from Korean history.

I am from E-class and zoom.

I am from airplane traveling to Texas.

I am from Korea and kimchi.

I am from Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

I am from under the desk in my pencil.
Andy Song


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