The Decker Dolphins

How delightful to spend mornings with these Decker Dolphin writers, who were challenged to find creativity, passion, and poetic license through expository exercises. They were so respectful of each other during our time together, always cheering the efforts of their classmates and Ms. Terri! They found inspiration in Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and Sandra Cisneros’s story “Hairs.” Gazing at a postcard invited many to describe the worlds of hummingbirds, cowboys, and royalty. Thank you, Ms. Buchanan and her Decker Dolphins, for giving it your all and producing the magical works below.

Terri Schexnayder
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


Time for Kids to Drive

I have a dream today! That fourth-graders from around the world should drive. Why? Because parents take forever to go to Mexican restaurants for dinner (yuck!), and they don’t drive to where you want to go, like Jump Zone. They won’t even let you take vacation during a school day!

Those are my reasons why fourth-graders should drive! Are you with me? Are you with me? Are you with me?

Now, if I can dream this, so can you!

Kevin Bowie


Hummingbird Business

The little hummingbird has just flown from its nest to search for food. As I look at his picture, I hear his wings flapping and his chirping. His colors are beautiful—green, tan, black, and a splash of white. Oh, and his name is John Cena.

Yesterday, while performing the karate chop in preparation for the tournament, John Cena celebrated his great moves. Then, he heard another bird squawk, “The tournament’s about to begin. Gather around, everyone!”

John Cena gave it his all and won the tournament, taking home the Monster Truck prize. Yay!

Indio Garza


Gabriella the Queen

Queen Gabriella dozed in her bright orange gown. She had grown tired of listening to the women of her village reading endless poems. The queen looked exhausted after sitting in the chair for hours. She was so tired that she snored loudly, like a chainsaw.

As one reader began to share another poem, Queen Gabriella slowly took her crown off and placed it in her lap, so she could go to her peaceful and quiet zone of slumber. After what seemed like just minutes, one of the women mumbled something.

“Hey, why did you wake me up?” shouted the queen as she sat up quickly.

“I am sorry I disturbed your dreams,” answered the woman.

“Well, okay. I guess I need to get my ears checked,” replied the queen as she sunk back into the soft, cuddly chair pillows.

Jason Jaimes


A Place of Hope

Cookie went to a place called Hope Outdoor Gallery. As he looked at paintings on the huge walls, he saw a bald-headed face, words splashed across the stones, images of knights, a fish eating another fish, a rose, an old gorilla, a whistle, and other out-of-this-world styles of arts.

He smelled the colorful paints and imagined they would taste like cardboard.

Derrick Kindred


Mikado and Mur

“Ahhhh! Where am I?” shouted Mikado, the hummingbird. A bit disoriented, he had flown too close to a prickly plant.

“You are too close to me,” answered the scary-looking flower named Mur.

Mikado was deathly afraid of Mur and worried that the blood-red flower would kill him.

“I will kill you first, assassin!” he screamed, hoping to scare the perceived enemy away.

As it turned out, Mur was a friendly flower and only wanted to help Mikado find his humming-parents who flew away a long time ago. Mur had no intention of ever killing a bird! (But, Mikado quizzed him about that just to make sure.)

“Sorry, I doubted you, Mur,” said the relieved bird.

They set off on an adventure and eventually found Mikado’s parents, who were sunning in Florida.

Sergio Montalvo


Dancing in the Desert

One cloudy day in the Desert of Hot Places, two men—one lazy and the other a businessman—stopped to talk. The dazzling sun hanging above them suddenly changed into a disco ball!

All around them, millions of people appeared from nowhere and began dancing like nobody was watching. They couldn’t stop, and the two men joined them, dancing to an old-fashioned, groovy music beat.

“I want to keep dancing, man,” said the lazy one.

Within a short time, even the plants—huge, green, and pointy—began to wiggle and waggle. Everyone was having such a great time, and they never stopped dancing in the desert.

Jadelyn Ortiz


How to Be a Princess

Imagine a life as a princess. You would get to do cool things like jump on the bed. Let me share with you how that wonderful life can happen. First, to be a true princess, you have to live in a castle and have one hundred horses. And, of course, you must own beautiful pink and gold dresses.

A princess demands respect and should never be angry or sassy. She always wears a diamond crown and carries a magic stick to make good things come true. Don’t forget the prince—a princess must have one of those! Finally, a princess should have a fun dance party, where she and her friends will eat amazing food, such as nectar peaches, and talk a lot.

Giselle Ramirez


Mystery Rider

Let me tell you about the man in the postcard. You might think he is me, but if you do, leave now! That cowboy is a famous bank robber from the Old West. His name is Mystery Rider. Can’t you just imagine that time and place, what people wore back then, and how they took pride in square-dancing and calf-roping?

Well, let me tell you his story. It all started with his horse… Well, never mind! He’s a mystery, too.

Jose Rios


How to Be in Your Dream

Are your dreams as colorful as mine, so colorful that you want to jump into them? Here’s how: First, close your eyes for ten seconds. Picture what you would like to wear, such as a red, puffy dress. Imagine yourself in a fun place full of gummy bears. Shout, “Gummy Bears!” two times. Then wake up, and you are in your dream!

As you explore this fantastic world, search for the town of Huckleberry. Keep going until you find your house—you will know it by the gold stairs. Walk in and see how fancy it is on the inside, too. Enter your purple bedroom and take a nap. Dream of a talking puppy. Wake up again, look around the room, and say “Abracadabra!”

Do all of this, and you can go anywhere you want over and over again in your dreams.

Siara Rios


How to Walk on Air Above the Earth

I’m going to walk on air, and I want you to join me in this exciting exercise. First, you will need to put short socks on your enormous feet to make them lighter. Next, wear sunglasses so that nothing flies into your eyes. Third step: You must wear a long-sleeved shirt to help you flap and fly. Fourth (and most important), wear long, dark pants with tons of paper stuffed in your pockets.

Oh, don’t forget a hat with magnets! Chew the gum in your mouth until it’s gooey, blow a huge bubble, and you will fly up into the air for twenty seconds. While you are up there in the air above the earth, walk around and have fun.

Rodney Ryan


Bud is Angry

Once there was a kid named Bud, who was very angry. It just wasn’t his day, so he picked up a brick and smashed it into a cement wall, tearing a large hole in it. As Bud peered into the hole he had made, he could see a big building like a castle in a land far away. He was amazed at the grim and weird sight before him!

Bud returned home and said to his mom, “I’m going outside to play with my friends at the park.” But he actually went to get a ladder from his garage to climb higher in order to see the strange, tall building he had discovered.

Bud stopped by his friend Rodney’s to get his help holding the ladder. When they got to the wall, something happened that made Bud angry again. He asked his friend to hold the ladder steady and Rodney let it slip.

“Rodney, you’re such a fool!” Bud screamed.

Bud stormed home to figure out another plan.

Jasson Santos


How to Train Your Hair to Obey

Imagine your hair when you first wake up—all over the place. Are you looking for a way for the mob of madness on your head to obey you? No more worries! I know how to train your hair to pay attention to your every word! Here are some easy ways to get your hair to listen.

First, you will have to try to brush it down. If that doesn’t work, tie it down! Tell your hair to calm down. If it magically whips itself back and forth, you will have no choice but to douse it with water. After that, it will sit obediently for a while. Don’t be fooled, though! Suddenly, your tied-up hair will turn black, white, and orange, then back to its normal color.

Finally, you will just have to put your fingers on its tips and force it to listen to you. Demand that it to do whatever you want it to do. Quickly, untie it and the next day: Crazy hair, no way! With these steps, you will never have to scold your hair again.

Galilea Garcia Valdez


The Legendary Fluffy Puppy Cheetahs

Ms. Gildon’s Legendary Fluffy Puppy Cheetahs are exactly as they sound: smart, silly, and unexpected. During our six weeks together, they were always ready to explore new forms and news ways to describe things, especially through the use of sensory details. They wrote engaging biopoems about themselves and objects, created mind maps, celebrated their favorite people and places through odes, and crafted meticulous and charming how-tos. I know the Legendary Fluffy Puppy Cheetahs will create beautiful worlds and paint lovely pictures in their readers’ minds in the months and years to come!

Lauren Bull
Badgerdog Teaching Artist



I see my baby sister’s eyes that each day make me happier.
I see her earrings that look like little diamonds.
I hear her when she cries when she wants to eat or when she wants someone to change her diaper.
I feel happy with her hands that are really soft from the inside.
I smell her hair when she comes out of taking a bath that smells like flowers with really good perfume.
I imagine she tastes like agua de jamaica.

Karla Gómez



Yo veo una computadora.
Yo escucho un telefono.
Yo siento mis piernas colgando.
Mi lugar favorito es Paris.
Yo saboreo una galleta.
Yo miro libros.
Yo toco la mesa.
Yo huelo semillas.
Yo describo a Adriana.
Yo pruebo semillas de las que come el profesor, sabe a sal y son de calabasa.
Yo oigo las semillas que come el profe.
Yo tengo mucho calor.
Ms. Gildon es alta.
El tele es negro.


I see a computer.
I hear a telephone.
I feel my legs hanging.
My favorite place is Paris.
I taste a cookie.
I see books.
I touch the table.
I smell seeds.
I describe Adriana.
I try eating seeds from the teacher, they taste like salt and are from a pumpkin.
I hear the teacher eating the seeds.
I’m very hot.
Ms. Gildon is tall.
The TV is black.

Brandon Tovez


Ode to My Mom

I see my mom walking to the park.
My mom smells like kiwi shampoo.
My mom tastes like vanilla cake.
I hear my mom walking with her sandals.
I feel my mom—really soft.

Jose Acevedo


How to Brush Your Teeth

First, you go to the restroom. Then you open the door and walk in front of the mirror. Get your pink electric toothbrush. After, you have to get your toothpaste that tastes like mint. Put the toothpaste on your toothbrush and run cold water. Put it on your toothbrush. Then, you raise it up to your mouth and put it on your teeth. Brush on the side and on the bottom and brush your tongue. When you are finished, you get a blue cup of cold water. Place it on your mouth and hear swish, swish and spit it in the white sink. Splash!

Sujamis Colmenares


Tic Toc

Numbers in order, all sizes, he has three hands, tells time
Sibling of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 and foldy the folder
Lover of time and hanging out with foldy
Who feels boring and happy to play with foldy
Who needs to break a battery and legs
Who gives s l o w t i m e and time
Who fears somebody will stink him up
Who would like to see his own numbers and the world
Resident of chicken and waffles
Time teller

Angel Ramirez


How to Play Minion Rush

First, you need to download Minion Rush on Playstore.
Then wait until the game downloads. You’ll see an arrow at the top.
After, enter your birthday. When it’s your birthday, you win prizes.
Next, play for practice. Get lots of bananas so you can buy costumes.
My favorite costumes are the ninja, the grandpa, and the construction worker.
Finally, you need to be very despicable. Make new records and pass levels.
You can throw lots of vehicles, chicken, robots, and toys at the villains!

Cristian Martinez


Oda a Mi Papá (Ode to My Father)

Que mi papá me quiere mucho.
Me da dinero. Me abrazaba.
Yo oigo la risa de mi papá y la voz.
Yo siento su cariño.


My dad loves me a lot.
He gives me money. He holds me.
I hear my dad’s laughter and his voice.
I feel his love.

Evelin Daniela Domínguez


How to Make Hot Chocolate

First, get the materials: sugar, hot chocolate, hot water, milk, whipped cream, and marshmallows in blue, green, and white. Then pour the hot water and grab the hot chocolate bag. Open the bag and put it in the hot water. Stir sugar and milk and mix it together. After that, add the soft whipped cream and squishy marshmallows and bendy straw. Beside the marshmallows, there are light brown bubbles. You can make more bubbles with your straw. The hot chocolate is ready and it tastes sweet, hot, and spicy. Be careful, the cup is hot! Now you can share it with your family on Christmas or a cold day.

Krystal Gomez



Smart, really hungry, fun, and funny
Sibling of Angel— but not the ones in my class
Lover of sharks, games, and pizza
Who feels happy, hungry, and excited
Who needs pizza, water, and more food
Who gives back money and supplies
Who fears dying, zombies, and demons
Who would like to see dinosaurs, sharks, and dragons
Resident of Mexico
Escobar Mondragon

Ahiram Escobar


How to Draw an Ice Cream Puppy

First, get paper, crayons in red, blue, pink, brown, and black, and a pencil.
Then draw a circle and a cone.
After, draw the eyes of a puppy and the mouth like a puppy.
Next, draw scribbly lines on the cone.
Now you can add some decorations, like colorful sprinkles and gummies.
Lastly, you need to paint the circle pink and the cone brown,
the eyes blue on the inside, the mouth red for the tongue, and black on the side of the tongue.
In conclusion, you can show it to your parents or your friends.
They are going to love it! They are going to have a red smile and they will hug you.

Enriqueta Choxom


Mis Hermanos (My Brothers)

Ojos son cafes


Brown eyes

Adriana Urbina


How to Play Happy Wheels

First, get a computer. Next, go to Google and type TOTAL JERKFACE. Then click “Play Now.”

You’re wondering, who are the characters? There’s Segway Guy, Timmy and Dad, Pogo Stick Guy, Santa Claus, Motorcycle Guy, Helicopter Guy, and Old Grandpa. Segway guy looks like a person with a white helmet. The next character is Timmy and Dad, the little kid and his dad. They have a blue bicycle. Hey, look! There’s the Pogo Stick Guy. He has a helmet with a pogo stick. Next, there’s Santa Claus. This time, Santa has his elves with presents. The Motorcycle Guy has a motorcycle with somebody. There’s Helicopter Guy, who is hard to control so be careful! The Old Grandpa has jets with a wheelchair.

Once you click a level, this is how you play: use the up arrow to move, the left and the right arrow to lean. The space button is to grab and throw.

If you are a in a level called “Sword,” use the space button to grab and throw it. If you want to win a sword fight, you have to kill with the sword while throwing it.

The ball throw is kind of hard. If you throw it in the first space, you die!

Diego Hernandez

Playful and Poetic

These are the two words that come to mind when I think of Ms. Gildon’s Decker Dolphin writers. The students delighted in the chance to write about their names—the ones they were given at birth and the ones that got away.

These writers transported themselves inside postcards to imagine worlds far away or the possible wrath of a scary volcano. How would you prepare for an alien attack or train a dog’s fleas to talk? Well, read on and find out!

One day, challenged with a fire drill and other interruptions, we all sat on the floor and considered why words are important. This became of the group’s best pieces of writing, thanks to their willingness to share ideas!

Thank you, Ms. Gildon’s Decker Dolphins, for writing so that others may also delight in the magic of your words.

Terri Schexnayder
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


Why Words Are Important

Mothers teach us to talk with words. Teachers instruct us to read with words. Words are a storyteller’s tool. You talk with passion, thanks to words. Words bring Harry Potter to life. Expressions of happiness and anger come with words.

Words ask parents for a drive to Chuck-E-Cheese. The “ABCs” is the way to sing words. Words alert you to the time of day and to share my birthday. They describe action in a comic book, and zombie stories come alive on the page with words.

“Can I have pancakes, please?” are the words to use after breaking your arm! Words are useful for ordering at McDonald’s.

Words on signs around town give us directions. And, they help announce disasters— Evacuate!

Ms. Gildon’s Students


How to Stop a Volcano

When you live in front of a volcano, and it wants to erupt, you have to move very slowly so he cannot hear you. Next, take a giant silver ball covered in metal. (You have to buy a tiny ball and an air machine.)

Then, walk slowly and quietly until you get to the top of the volcano. And, boom! Plug the air machine into the top of it and shoot the ball into its mouth so lava doesn’t come out. That’s how you stop a volcano from erupting.

Javier Carbajal


The Misunderstanding

When Julie saw the time on the clock, she was scared! She was going to be late for dance rehearsal. When she arrived, the other girls were there already in their tutus and ballerina slippers. Julie quickly put on her costume and lined up with her dance partner.

When rehearsal was over, Julie joined her best friend Chloe outside and they went for ice cream. But something didn’t look right as they entered, and suddenly the girls felt something fall on them (it felt gooey).

They fell to the floor and were stuck. The owner laughed hysterically. Julie worried she wouldn’t make it back to the evening competition in time, but Chloe wiggled free and helped Julie escape.

They ran across the street after the light turned green. Julie felt as if she were dancing and running at the same time. Whew! They made it in time.

Then, in the crowd, she spotted the scary owner of the ice cream shop. He yelled, “Now

that is what I call dancing in a scary manner!”

“What?” answered Julie.

“I tricked you all. I saw you running and dancing,” he chuckled.

Julie and Chloe were very confused, but went to eat dinner in a much better restaurant.

Stephanie Carbajal


How to Prepare for an Alien Attack

I just heard something scary this morning. Two days from now, aliens from Titan are planning to attack the whole earth, but first they will come to Manor! We must prepare, and here are the ways to do it:

  1. Everyone should hide in the dog house.
  2. Stock up on fried chicken, green apples, and plenty of cold water.
  3. Surround your hiding place with the alien ship.
  4. Dress like an alien.
  5. You will have to raid the refrigerator again before too long.
  6. While hiding, plan a trap to stop them from destroying the rest of the earth.

Okay, now you know … Hurry, they are coming!

Jason Cordova


Poor Lady in a Postcard

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who lived in an old, abandoned house. She was so beautiful, but her clothes were not. She wore an ugly, old peach dress and a crazy shawl wrapped around her shoulders. She loved to read, play, and dress up. The girl lived alone in a house with grass all over the floor.

There was this song called “I Love It,” and she loved to sing it over and over again. Even when her house was on fire, she didn’t care—she just kept on singing! Wait, there are city scenes in the background. Now it doesn’t appear that she is alone.

Vida De La Cruz


Jeff the Hummingbird

Jeff flaps his wings to fly for the very first time. By the little hummingbird’s side are his mom and dad. He stands on a branch trying to catch food from the sky above.

Jeff’s colors of black, grey, green, and blue are wonderful. The tree on which Jeff is perched is his good friend. The other birds think Jeff is probably not a good bird, but Jeff does not believe that about himself. He grew up to be a good bird—actually, he grew up to be the richest in the world!

He went in and out of a lot of movies, like “Titanic.” Finally, at a party, an eagle caught Jeff. Jeff was scared, but he managed to escape the eagle’s nest alive. He returned home, where his parents asked, “What happened to you?”

Jeff said nothing, but was very glad to be safe and sound.

George Hernandez-Arellano


What Is This Thing?

It feels rubbery, like a bouncy ball.
It looks like a bunny’s backpack.
It’s a portal to keep your money safe.
It looks like a flip phone and is as big as one.
What is it?

Juan Hurtado


Julio and Stella

Long, long ago, there lived a girl named Stella and her brother Julio. They were very poor in Mexico. Stella thought it would be a good idea to move to Texas.

“Are you crazy?” Julio asked.

“I want to be someone in life,” said Stella.

She convinced him to go to Texas with her, and since they couldn’t walk there and didn’t have a car to drive, they traveled by boat. The next day, they were all set to leave Mexico.

Suddenly, a huge tsunami came and slammed into their boat. Men, women, and babies died that day, but Julio and Stella lived.

As they were not far from Texas when they reached land, they decided to walk the rest of the way to Texas. Despite it all, Julio and Stella became someone in life.

Franscella H. Jaramilo


How to Train Fleas to Talk

First, you search for the fleas hidden on your dog. Put them in a cup or a basket. Next, try to get the fleas’ attention. Show them how to talk like you—slowly, like you show a baby. Say “A” first and wait for the flea to repeat the letter. Then “B, C, D,” and so on, while the fleas repeat after you.

Then, teach them to count—one, two, three, etc. They are going to learn numbers and the alphabet. They will learn how to talk. I would suggest teaching the dog next, so he can communicate with his fleas. That is how you teach fleas to talk.

Nayra Mejia


My Name

My name is Robert. Let me tell you a little but more about my name. For example, it reminds me of the name of the “Tom and Jerry” author. Another reason why my name is important to me is that I remember a friend from kindergarten who had the same name.

I do, and always will, want to be known as Robert because my family says to me, “You want to be called Rob or Robert—you sound like a superhero!”

Robert Rea Ortiz


Lopsided Museum

There was a time when a museum was upside down and upside up. People who visited it thought the place was scary. There was trash everywhere! When it was nighttime, the museum’s darkness would haunt you.

Christopher J. Ovalle-Ramirez


Gazing at a Coin Purse

It’s like a soft blanket.
It’s like a rectangle.
It’s flat like a pancake.
It could be used as a coffee mug.

Oriol Macedo Ponce


My Name is Michelle

My name, Michelle, is long with eight letters. It’s colorful with blacks and reds. There is another name I like. Monzerad.

It’s pretty like a butterfly and also has eight letters. Its colors are pink, purple, and teal. When anyone calls me Monzerad, I feel like butterfly roses.

Michelle Rangel


Long Ago

Long ago, there was a stone that came from space. It landed in a volcano where it was stuck for many, many years. The huge stone lived in the place and time where dinosaurs roamed. Finally, the stone caused the volcano to explode, and all the dinosaurs died.

Then, the stone destroyed everything around it. Years and years later, when people looked for the dinosaurs that once lived there, all they found were a lot of bones and fossils.

Adela Rivera


The Legendary Cowboy

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Jeff, who was born in 9999. Jeff was a legendary cowboy who killed about a million people, according to the history books. He made a $100 bet with a guy named “What Are Those” that he wouldn’t drink the potion called “Drink Here and Die Home.” But “What Are Those” did drink it, and nothing happened to him. An hour later, “What Are Those” had a heart attack and died!

Jeff said to himself, “I wonder why his name was ‘What Are Those’?”

He went to the guy’s house, looked under the bed, and saw a lot of sandals. Jeff exclaimed, “What are those?”

Kevin Jaimes Rogel


My Special Name

My name is short and has six letters. Every time I change grades, I hear my name. Do you want to know how pretty, awesome, and excellent my name is? Well, it’s Evelin.

When I was in kindergarten, I wanted to be called Yuridia because it sounded cool and like a flower. I like it because it’s much larger than my real name. If I could have the name Yuridia, I would be enormous! It’s the prettiest name I have ever heard.

Evelin Reyes Soto

The Decker Elementary Storytellers

Ms. Adley’s group of fourth-grade writers are enthusiastic, poised, and wise beyond their years. Plucked from among the stresses of standardized testing and school curriculum, these pieces show the beauty and truth at the core of these youngsters. Given the chance to explore the creative depths of their minds and memories, these writers have fired out stories we couldn’t be more proud of. Enough of my yammering–dig right in to the fantastic stylings of The Decker Elementary Storytellers.

Tyler Gobble
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


My I Remembers

I remember fireworks.
I remember my new cousins.
I remember my first dog.
I remember when my dog once growled straight in my mouth.
I remember Mrs. Williams ripped someone’s test up.
I remember meting Ms. Adley at Decker Elementary School.
I remember I believed there was a monster under my bed, and the monster had sharp red horns that felt like nails on my bed.
I remember I was playing tag, and I cut myself on the concrete, on a part that was spikey. They never fixed it.



My I Remembers

I remember this rule: S.W.A.G.
I remember my grandma punched me or my cousin in the side.
I remember my pre-K best friend Elizabeth. She had blond hair.
I remember when I had to take a bath with my brother when we were babies.
I remember when I was little, I used to believe that butterflies were poisonous.
I remember when my mom was stressing, and I was eating my good-o chocolate that was called milk chocolate with crisped rice.
I remember when my mom used to say that Santa is real when I was three and she still says it.



The Epic Adventure (an Excerpt)

At 7:00 in the morning, awaiting to have a perfect day, and for once my hair isn’t deserted. Looking outside, I see a bright sun and bright clear water. I am looking at myself in the mirror and wearing a red shirt and pants.

But when I look outside again, there is a helicopter waiting to bring me to Las Vegas. While in the air, the gust of wind makes me vibrate, then I shut the door closed. In the meantime, and I skydive on top of the Egyptian cat.

Afterwards, I head to the casino and win every single penny they have. But they call the FBI and start chasing me all over the replica of the Eiffel Tower! I race to my rocket hidden inside the head of the Egyptian cat.

I power it on and blast off to Mars and make a civilization with all the money I got from the casino. I take everyone, but whoever didn’t listen I throw them out of the dome. But then I make tubes to take water from the earth and put it on my 52 by 52 mile dome.



A Trip to Hawaii (an Excerpt)

Last month, I went to Hawaii Falls with my family. We packed up, and a bad thing happened. I slammed the car door, and my finger was right there. But then I hopped on the car and we went to Hawaii Falls and then my friend was scared to go on the slide, so then the people who were there laughed at him.

Keven Perez


I Remembers

I remember chocolate candy.
I remember my grandmother being mean.
I remember big hot braces.
I remember putting all my weight on my sister.
I remember that I was a crazy baby.
I remember that I was eating some ice cream and it was really cold.
I remember when I was screaming and I got yelled at.
I remember kicking my big sister in the kneecap.

Jaressa Lang


I Remembers

I remember fireworks.
I remember Victor.
I remember cool Jordans.
I remember when my foot was bleeding.
I remember I thought the tooth fairy was fake.
I remember I was playing football tag and then I fell.
I remember when I fell asleep in class and the teacher woke me up.
I remember I met my cousin and I was so happy.
I remember when I was popping fireworks with DJ,
and we put one inside an empty water bottle and it popped even louder.



I Remember

I remember my family.
I remember dreams that were scary and dark, like black.
I remember my pets from the past.
I remember I wanted to see Obama. I was going to ask him how far it is from Washington to Texas.
I remember who I am.
I remember scary stories that scared me a lot.
I remember I wanted to go to North Pole with Santa.
I remember seeing a bat in a cave once, long ago.
I remember my old teachers.
I remember having nightmares from scary movies.
I remember seeing ghosts at night.
I remember seeing a demon under my bed and it was black and red with horns.



The Best Perfect Day Ever

First, it was a good sunny day. Jose was bored and sleepy, but then the mail came. There was a fresh blue letter. He opened it and read it. In a little while, he was surprised to learn he would go to Las Vegas. He was jumping and packed his things and went to Las Vegas. He was there for an hour. He went to a big, white motel. The he went to the biggest mall and did a lot of things. He was beginning to get tired. He drove to his hotel to go to sleep. He was awaken by the buzz of the clock. He was late for school.



I Remember

I remember movies.
I remember my mom and dad.
I remember my dog. He is loving.
I remember when my baby sister ran into the hall naked.
I remember that I believed trees moved. They don’t.
I remember when I blew a bubble and it popped in my eye.
I remember having lots of tests and they took a long time.
I remember when my sister was acting like a princess.
I remember when I could not do my ABCs.
I remember when I started cheer.
I remember the first day of school and I was scared.
I remember all my teachers.



Weirdness of the Night

It was 3:01 a.m. The wind was howling on the night before Christmas. I had just heard a tree smacking the window, so I exited my room and saw a door knob. I approached the door and hesitated but left the house.

Nobody else was awake but me and three others. Their names were Thing One, Thing Two, and the Cat in the Hat. Then we heard a voice as sweet as honey, and it said, “Enjoy this night, for it will be one of the few snowy nights that shines bright.”

The voice faded, and snow fell from the sky, as white as a winter rabbit’s fur. I had some fun by making snow angels with all the rest. We sledded down a hill or two.

My favorite part of the day was having a snowball fight as sweet as snow. Soon after the snowball fight, the city lights came on and we all went home because we didn’t want our parents to be confused and unaware of where we were.

I would say I just woke up, but I had never gone to sleep. I was filled with excitement for Christmas morning.

Matthew West


I Remembers

I remember fireworks.
I remember Roddrick.
I remember when I had the most fireworks.
I remember I ate a bug.
I remember I thought the tooth fairy wasn’t real.
I remember I was playing the game and I got scratched.
I remember Miss Miller. She baked cookies when I first met my best friend.
I remember how bad it smelled, like smoke, a lot of smoke.

DJ Byrd


I Remember

I remember money.
I remember football practice.
I remember when my cousin failed karate.
I remember when I busted my knee.
I remember I used to believe in Santa.
I remember when I was playing football then got hurt.
I remember when my teacher threw a marker.
I remember when I met David.
I remember popping fireworks.
I remember first playing football.
I remember playing basketball.
I remember when I got shots.
I remember when I came to Decker.
I remember when I first met Mr. Tyler.
I remember when it was my b-day.
I remember eating ice cream.
I remember going to the mall.
I remember getting a haircut.
I remember being bad at school.
I remember being in the first grade.
I remember last summer.
I remember old songs on the radio.
I remember winning at basketball.



The Best Dream Ever

It was 4:30 p.m. and raining hard. I was falling asleep. I thought I woke up. My sight zoomed, and it looked like I was in a cave. As I walked out, there were knights and dragons and then… I sneezed fire.

I was a dragon, standing. As I walked out, two knights raced to me as I gobbled up one of them. The other one hit me and I didn’t notice. Then I noticed and I accidentally stepped on him. I was the biggest dragon there.

I slowly came down on my four feet while other dragons and humans battled. I came running and slashing and eating everything. I saw the dragons won while they let out a roar. I was badly wounded as I slowly faded awake with a plate of chicken laying on the table in my room. I gobbled the chicken up and went back to sleep.

Greyson Toner

My Shoe

One of the many powers inherent in the writer is the ability to transform ordinary objects into vessels full of wonder, to take what we know and turn and tilt it so we begin to see the world through new lenses. This week’s Unbound selection, inspired by Kit Wright’s poem “The Magic Box,” does just that, taking an everyday shoe but remaking it into a treasure trunk full of strange cargo. Congratulations to Amaria at Decker Elementary!

I will put in my shoe

A jug of juice from a store that smells like bugs from the middle of Pluto,
A blue horse from a barn at the end of the earth.
An Atlantic ship from the 1950s. It was nicer back then.
Now it’s musty, dirty, dusty, brown, and crusty like my old mustard.

I will put in my shoe

A big person the size of Jupiter who looks like sea-green flowers.
A load of blond hair the size of a whole teacher.

My shoe is black like lead with diamonds that sparkle in the sun.
The inside is purple and soft, like my pillows and sheets.

Amaria, fourth grade, Decker Elementary School