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Scary Nights and Comforting Creatures

9 Apr

Dear Reader,

Caution: The following works comprise a collection of voices and visions waiting to reach out, suck you in, and never let go. From fancy ketchup to zombies in tutus to spring-ready accessories, the works in this line-up are as eclectic as the students who produced them.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring and creating with Ms. Williamson’s fourth-grade students at Boone Elementary School. Each week, we speculated, debated, and laughed as we discussed the essential elements that make a piece of writing compelling, and, above all, matter. I believe each of the following works embodies those traits, and I feel lucky to be in the company of such expansive imaginations.

So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be dazzled by some amazing creative works. Tread fearlessly, but carefully—they might bite.

Amanda Scott
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


How to Sell Ketchup: A Fine Food for Fancy People

Rated number one by food tasters around the world! This ketchup is made with real tomatoes, not Franken-food. What’s more, it’s even a good stress reliever. Just squish the packet in dangerous, scary, or other questionable situations and all your fears will disappear! Don’t wait any longer! Now’s the time! Grab your own fancy ketchup packet today. Available at a fast food restaurant near you.

Tiernan Hunt

Kevlar Comb

Combs are the best way to keep your hair looking both fine and divine! They’re unbreakable—like Kevlar for your hair! Who wouldn’t want one?

Marcus Trevino

Alvin and Theodore

One day I went to get a haircut. As I was sitting there in the bright barbershop, I thought to myself, Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pet? While I was on my way home, I thought of the perfect pet: a hamster. That’s it! I’ll adopt a hamster!

The next day, I drove to PetSmart and stared into the glass cases housing hamsters, ferrets, and kittens. I spotted a hamster with large black eyes and was immediately in love. The placard next to the cage read: “Chinese Dwarf Hamster.” How exotic, I thought. I had to have it, but I didn’t want it to be lonely, so I decided to snag the hamster it shared its cage with. I filled my cart with all the necessary supplies for my new friends: a cage, water bottles, colorful toys, and flaky hamster food.

Back home, they looked comfortable and happy. The only thing left to do was name them. After a while of thinking, I came up with the only names fit for these two friends: Alvin and Theodore.

Caleb Amayo


It was a dark and stormy night when I fell out of my bed. I got up so I could wake up my dog. I wanted to sleep in his doghouse, figuring I’d feel more comfortable there. But then I heard something odd, something that sounded like a clown. Sure enough, a clown jumped out of the shadows and squeaked his large red clown horn at me. Naturally, I was extremely scared, so I ran the other direction toward the kitchen when a zombie popped out of the pantry wearing a tutu, of all things! I scrambled toward the bathroom and thought I was alone and safe. But then I heard a ghoulish sound from the shower: it was Frankenstein! We looked at each other and both screamed! I dashed out of the bathroom toward my sister’s room, where I spotted crazy Elmo! He started following me as I rushed to get away, but then I crashed into two dancing dolls with eyes as large as the moon. My head was swirling and I started seeing visions. Chicken wings, crying babies, choirs singing. In my haze, a robot dog came barking down the hallway after me. So, of course I ran as fast as I could before spotting the Cookie Monster who yelled, “Cookie, cookie, cookie!” after me as I sped past toward my bedroom. Nowhere was safe. I burrowed into my bed. A few seconds later, the TV mysteriously flicked on, and on the screen appeared the cast of Sesame Street. Slowly, I watched as the head of King Elmo rose at the edge of my bed, and came closer, closer, closer.

Dyson Hall

The Swag Dogs

I have two female dogs and two male dogs. My family likes to call them the “Swag Dogs” because they have a lot of attitude.

They are all very soft but smell very, very bad. My dogs are all unique. I have a Pug, Chug, Chihuahua, and Maltese. Pancho, the Chihuahua, sleeps with me. But one day he died. Magically, he came back to life. It was a miracle, and the Swag Dogs were back together once again.

Sidnee Amador

Jeffery the Zookeeper: Dun! Dun! Dun!

Once, there was a zookeeper named Jeffery. He was a very rich man, and his house was made of gold and cost more than one million dollars! He also loved animals and even had his own bobcat.

One day, Jeffery saw something in his bobcat’s cage. It was shiny and glittery. Jeffery had to have it. The bobcat was nowhere to be seen, so Jeffery crept into the cage, hoping to retrieve the treasure. But Jeffery did not see that he had been wrong all along: the bobcat was still in the cage.

To this day, nobody steps foot in that cage.

Cali Reever

Fight for the Husky

I really want a Husky. I’m trying to persuade my parents to let me adopt one. I mean, who wouldn’t want a Husky? Who wouldn’t want a fluffy, blue-eyed cutie?

I deserve a Husky because I would take good care of it, attending to all of its needs. I already have two other dogs, so I’d convince my parents that they’d also need a new friend.

I’d make my case and seal it with puppy dog eyes. In my fight for the Husky, I’d be victorious.

Lilly Besa

We are Always Happy

My sister is four years old. Sometimes we are mad or sad. But most of the time, we are happy. When I’m sad, she gives me a hug and a kiss. Sometimes my sister and I are mad or sad. But if we stick together, we’ll always be happy.

Marina Tapia

The Switch

There is a photo of a man and his cat. However, what you see is not what is because the man in the photo is the cat, and the cat is the man. The man’s mustache is his whiskers, and the cat’s whiskers are his mustache. They’ve switched bodies.

Since that very first day when the man spotted the cat roaming around his neighborhood and decided to take him in, he knew they would switch bodies. The cat loved it; it loved being human. So they lived like this forever, switching bodies back and forth, between feline and human.

Coryn Rodriguez

The Nightmare

My friend and I were at my house playing games and having a great time when things got… freaky. First, the lights started to flicker, which made us run upstairs and hide in my closet. Sitting quietly together, I suddenly realized it was Friday the Thirteenth. In the shadows of the closet, everything took on a dark red hue, like the color of blood. Then we saw as a hand slide into the closet and slowly feel around. I closed my eyes and hoped it wouldn’t find us. But I never opened my eyes again to see.

Declan Perez

Spring Rose Hairclip! By Hair Clippie Co.

Today we have a limited-edition hairclip for the spring season. But this isn’t just any old hairclip. This gorgeous accessory features a prominent magenta rose that will match any party dress you pick out to dance the day or night away. You’ll be the blossom of everyone’s dreams. But this offer won’t last, so get yours today! Be the beautiful bloom you always thought you could be!

This has been brought to you by Hair Clippie Co.

Izzy Gonzalez


– ¾ after Shel Silverstein’s “One Inch Tall”

If a humans were one-inch-tall, pools would be oceans.
A shoe sole would be a deep, dark cave.
A dollhouse would be a mansion.
I don’t think being one-inch-tall would be so bad after all.

Joshua Hernandez

The Scary Night

It was a dark and stormy night. Tod was in the bathroom when the lights started to buzz and the door suddenly swung open. It was my mom. I was comforted at first, but then I noticed she looked different. She didn’t look like herself. Her eyes widened and her mouth turned into a triangle. She let out a long cackle, and then, poof—she vanished.

Rey Goff

Animals Reign Supreme

Speak all the languages of the world or talk to animals? I’d go with the latter.

I’d rather be able to talk to animals because I could joke with them. We could trade tricks and laughs all day long. There’d never be a dull moment.

If I could talk to animals, I’d also be able to help them when they’re hurt or in need. I’d know how to help them if they were sick.

In the end, aren’t we all the same, anyway? Aren’t we animals, too? If I had to choose, I’d rather talk to animals. How about you?

Jaiden Valadez


Look At My Imagination, Not My Room

9 Apr

Have you ever wondered how to make pickles dance? Well, it’s easy if you follow the steps provided by one of Ms. Barrett’s morning students. Just hire a DJ named Nolan, who plays “hip-hop, rap, or retro music.” And don’t forget the pool for pickle swimming. I love how this group of fourth-grade writers found inspiration in Sandra Cisneros’s “My Name” to imagine the sensory details of their own with colors of “dashing red or a deep blue” and “a fresh chocolate smell.” When we explored places in our writing, rooms emerged that were so clean “I can run as fast as a cheetah.” Other rooms were so outrageously messy, they “smelled like death and bad breath, overrun by ants, stinky cheese, and rotten peas.” I’m grateful for the invitation to write with Ms. Barrett’s fantastic, fun, and fearsome writers.

Terri Schexnayder
Badgerdog Teaching Artist

My Room Is So Clean

My room is so clean I can fit ten very large people in it. I can run as fast as a cheetah in there without stepping on anything. You won’t find noisy toys or LEGO—absolutely nothing is in my room! It is so neat, one billion people can squeeze in the space.

My spotless room smells like roses and tastes like a crisp apple. It is so quiet that you can hear the wind blowing through the trees. That’s my clean room!


How to Make My Dream House

Have you ever imagined creating your own dream house? Let’s plan and make one together with these materials:

  • Chocolate Hershey kisses, the best on earth
  • Sweet Tarts for the bedroom door, located on the fourth floor
  • Pink bubble gum for a slide
  • Blue bubble gum for the elevator
  • Snickers and Milky Way bathroom—tub, sink, and even the tile
  • Nerds are the windows

Maybe now you can make your own? I am going to build mine right now!


My Magical Name

My name is Preston.
Take away the “n” and it’s “Presto!”
I love my name.
It’s like the color red and the sound of the ocean.
My name is so magical with its fresh chocolate smell.


The Best Dream House

Let me tell you about the most amazing dream house ever! Once you have heard about it, you will want to live in it and probably build your own. It’s actually a humongous structure, called the Party Palace, in which a very petite person lives. You see, the story goes like this:

Little bitty Amy shopped for houses, but did not find any she liked. For example, she found a one-room with only one bed, and that was too small even for her. So she designed her own from granite and rhinestones. Inside there was a pool of green Jell-O and a chair made from a really large gummy bear. Amy’s bed squished when she climbed in, because the pillows and mattress were marshmallows. With the softest turquoise blanket, she slept so well!

In her dream house, Amy also had a flat screen TV, where she could watch “Jeopardy” all day long on her favorite spot—the cotton candy couch. There was a hot tub with warm, melted chocolate in her house, located behind Niagara Falls. Listening to the sounds of water tumbling down, it’s the best place in the whole wide world!

Vivienne Authement

My Name is Maya

Do you know what my name means? Well, I will tell you. It’s like a vanilla donut, and it makes me feel as happy as sunshine cupcakes and rainbows. My name is Maya.

Maya is a nice name. It smells like a daisy and tastes like cookies and creamy ice cream. My name is a pink color and cute as a puppy doll. My name is mostly perfect. Maya means hope.

Maya Barrientos

My Icky Room

My room is so dirty, I can’t see the floor.
It’s so dirty, I can’t find the door.
The toys are stacked up so high,
I think they already touch the sky.
My room is so messy, it looks like a maze.
Somebody help me—I’ve been in here for days!
The closet is so full, it’s going to blow.
What should I do? Where should I go?
It smells like old gym socks and stinky feet.
Plus, I lost my cousin Pete.
Please call for help!
There’s an avalanche of slimy kelp.
Oh, no! My closet exploded!
My shoes flew so far away; I think they are in France.
My room smells like death and bad breath, overrun by ants,
stinky cheese, and rotten peas.
Won’t someone just rescue me? Please!

Ameris Basden

My Enormously Neat Room

My room is so clean I can fit California in its space. Last week, I even held a football game in my room—the Dallas Cowboys won, of course! I once held a party in there and 1,000,000 people of all ages came and there was room left over for more.

When Queen Elizabeth visited for lunch, she complimented me on my room’s tidiness. It is so shiny, even the sun thinks it’s too bright. My room smells as if millions of roses lived in there. It tastes like a chocolate ice cream sundae. Hey, are you planning a superstars concert? Well, my bedroom is the place to rent! And, I promise, an event in my room will be an unforgettable evening.

Ava Contreras

How to Make Pickles Dance

Have you noticed those big, fat green things in jars? Have you ever imagined the pickles dancing? Well, I have, and I have seen them come alive at night! So, now, I will share with you some pickle-dancing tips. Be sure you get the regular, big fat green kind.

  1. Play hip-hop, rap, or retro music.
  2. Turn the music up very loud!
  3. Create a disco room.
  4. Hire a DJ named Nolan.
  5. Make sure you have plenty of Coke and cherry soda.
  6. And don’t forget the Minecraft video game.
  7. Order ten Domino’s Pizzas with ranch on the side—enough for 100 people and pickles.
  8. Build a backyard pool for pickle swimming.
  9. Remember the pool table with colorful legs.

So, now you know how to make them dance. Have fun watching the pickles dance and join in!

Nolan Edward Espinosa

I am Stuck!

My room is so dirty that toys are everywhere, climbing the walls and hanging off the roof! If you dare to enter my room, you must be a doof. You will trip and fall on your face, then roll down the hill of toys, hit the wall of dirty clothes, and disappear for the rest of your life.

Don’t stand in one place in my room, or the monster with no face, which hides under my floor, will get you! My room is so sickening that if you want to sleep with a blanket, you will have to dive deep to find one. And don’t go into my closet. If you open the door, one billion toys will jump out at you, pushing you through the floor and into the underworld. Hey, maybe while you’re down there, you will find the other toys I have been missing!

Oh, no! There’s my old friend Logan hidden under my LEGOs. Well, I should say my enemy now, because he just knocked me out!

Chase Foley

How to Ride and Handle a Unicorn

Have you heard the expression “somewhere over the rainbow?” Unlike this idiom, finding a unicorn is a real skill you can learn! Let me show you how to accomplish this with these simple steps:

  • Find your unicorn, usually somewhere over the rainbow. (Now, I mean literally!)
  • Tame it by feeding it a silver carrot, more than likely found in the same spot where you found your unicorn.
  • Once the unicorn has finished its meal, hop on its back. I promise, it won’t throw you off because it is your friend now.
  • But, remember, whatever you do, don’t put a saddle on it!
  • Gently grasp its rainbow horn so you can communicate telepathically, steer, and accelerate extremely fast.
  • If you need to break through a wall, unicorns provide many weapons to do this—explosive barf, laser eyes, laser horn, and the rainbow of death, to name a few example.
  • Use your psychological connection with the magical creature to use any of these.
  • Eat a mint and offer one to your smelly unicorn, too.
  • When your unicorn gets hungry and runs out of silver carrots, just spray paint your baby brother.

That’s how you find, ride, and handle a unicorn. Go out and discover one for yourself. And good luck!

Emmett Foley

How to Build Your Dream House

Let me explain how to build your dream house. Personally, I would prefer one made out of vines so I could swing throughout the living room and kitchen with all the power in the world! But, let’s get back to how to build it.

First, gather vines from Madagascar and make sure they are stuck together with gummy worms for the maximum strength. Be sure and get enough for all ten stories of your house. Plan on not having a floor—only water—so you are forced to swing around your house. (Plus, by moving around this way, your mom can’t tell you to stop climbing all over the walls!)

Another thing, remember to put the correct type of crocodiles in the water, so you can swim with them. You know, the dark as night ones. Take care of them and feed them some chocolate milk and nothing else.

Don’t even think about adding an elevator. You will be carried up to the top by a roller coaster when you get tired of swinging on vines. The last thing I recommend when you are designing your own dream house is to flavor it with a rosy smell.

Uma Green

My Messy Room

My room is so messy that whenever I open my door, everything falls out like an avalanche of colorful fabrics. I have to clean up with a bulldozer before I can go in—it happens every time. Maybe I should get a tow truck to pull it all out. When I finally enter my room, it smells like wet socks and rotten eggs. Once, I was stuck in there for a month, I passed out twenty times!

My room is so disgusting, my friend Logan went in and never came out. His mom and dad called the cops, and luckily they found his body! But then we had his funeral in my room and it stunk even more like moldy cheese.            

On to the next subject, when the zombie apocalypse hit, and they came into my room, the smell was so terrible, it killed them! I hid at the top of the house with a can of Febreze to save myself.

JonPaul Lara

Life is My Name

My name is like the number five, one of the most beautiful numbers.
A dashing red or a deep blue color.
A bright star or a dull planet.
A light in the sky to lift you up.

M, Meaningful
I, Interesting
K, Kind
A, Amazing
H, Hope
Mikah, a name to be crowned.

It tastes like rich, dark chocolate
and smells like homemade chicken soup.
A beautiful flower sprouts my name.
It is so fascinating, like prehistoric dinosaur bones.

A name derived from the culture of Saudi Arabia, a land far away. My name—all because my grandfather’s company desired educated workers. So he came to the U.S. to attend college and stayed. His story lived on through my Aunt Sara and my father Jamil. Later, I was born and released into the world along with my name, Mikah.

Mikah Muhaisen

Monster Room

My room is so messy, it’s like a monster is living in here, breathing out dog poop. There is chunky pizza on the ceiling. It smells like a thousand shards of old milk are hitting my nose. My eyes water as if lemon juice was squirted into them.

One time, my Shih Tzu entered my room, piled so high with soiled laundry, he disappeared. He was actually pulled into a black hole below my bed. When I step on the trains on my floor, it hurts my feet as if I were crunching on 1,000 pieces of glass. Slimy fish stick to my shirts and pants, and I discover 1,000,000 pieces of chewed gum all over my room, too. Whenever I say, “Fine, I will clean my room!” and tidy up, it is back to its filthy state within two seconds.

Brianna Perez

How to Build Your Dream House

Let me give you some tips on how to build your dream house. For me, I would start with gumball candy for the door and gingerbread for the base of the house. Add some delicious Hershey chocolate bars for the roof, which is eight feet into the air. Now that the outside is built, let’s go inside and see what we can create.

How about blue cotton candy for your bed? And silly string for the carpet, sugar cubes for stairs, and, best of all, slushies for the wallpaper?! The water flowing in the bathroom can be Coke, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, or some other soft drink you prefer. And your bathtub is made out of Mentos, and it’s so large it looks like an elephant’s. Your house smells like hot popcorn and sounds like people crunching and munching on delicious food.

Pretty amazing dream house, right?

Sofia Pezzi

How to Train Your Tiger to Dance

Let me think. How would I train a tiger to dance, to spin around, even talk properly to humans? Here are some suggestions:

First, find the perfect tiger at your local zoo because they can be easily trained.

Next, gather together ribbons and spin them to show him how to twirl. Play a song by Michael Jackson—tigers just love him!

While you are training your tiger, be sure and give him some chores, such as mopping the floor and washing the dishes. Tigers eat a lot, and you want yours to contribute to the household expenses.

Okay, back to training. Always cheer him on by clapping your hands. Teach him how to move his hips by feeding him a hot taco. And, to instruct the tiger on how to talk, just say, “Hi!” and he will answer you back.

Final tip: Don’t ever distract your tiger while he is dancing. He can bite.

Jakenzie Murphy Vargas

How to Dig a Hole

Holes are crucial to life. You need them to build basements, to hide from tornadoes, and to hold water, among other things. Here is how to build one. First, make a list of what you will need:

  • 1 long shovel
  • 1 short shovel
  • A backyard
  • Sticks and leaves
  • A poker face

Let’s get started! First, dig a shallow drop with the short shovel. It should be about one foot long and one foot deep. Second, go inside and eat lunch. Digging short, one-foot holes is so tiring! Third, go back outside and dig the hole about two feet deeper with the long shovel. Nice work. Now, you will need to clear out the hole with the short shovel—it’s more precise. (I hope you have a backyard because we are not throwing dirt into the street!) Toss your dirt all over your yard, but keep watch for the hornet’s nests. Remember I told you to get a poker face? Put that on now because you are going to need it soon. Next, take your sticks and cover the top of your hole. Finally, hide your sticks with grass and leaves.

Bring your brother or sister outside and have them stand close to your hole. Using your poker face, trick them by saying, “Hey, if you stand right here, you can see a bird’s nest on the top of that tree.” Guide them to the spot where your hole is. When they fall in, laugh as much as you want and walk away. Did this help you build a hole and also learn how to prank your siblings for the next time they do it to you? I hope so!

Dorsey Warstler

Arrow Maker

I am an arrow maker. Cold stone and wood. I get respect from warriors and myself. Arrows are speedy and agile—going with and against the wind. It feels powerful to make the weapon that shoots from a bow. A bow without arrows is useless, but arrows alone are still strong with an ability to kill ducks and deer.

Feathers for accuracy fall from the clouds. Added to the arrows, they help to make a straighter shot. Now, there are rifles, but I do not make bullets. I keep my culture and continue to make arrows to protect my tribe and to be the best Fletcher in this colony. If my name were Taylor, I would be a clothes-maker. But, true to my name, which means “arrow maker,” I have a passion for making them. Fighting the Europeans off on charging horses. Indian. American. European. Texan. Brave. Western. Southern. Fletcher.

My name is Fletcher Wilson.

Fletcher Wilson

Abundant Like Grackles in the Trees

8 Apr

You know those rare moments in the classroom when learning an important writing skill actually becomes fun? Well, for this workshop at Boone Elementary, those moments were about as rare as grackles in an Austin springtime. The writers of Ms. Texeira’s class demonstrated that although writing is a useful skill, it is also an art, in the sense that regimented exercises and the memorization of rules never quite get at the source of good writing. These writers proved to me over and over that they know how to tap into that source, which is rooted in a passion for creating and the perpetual rediscovery of the imagination’s capabilities. The following pieces are examples of what happens when the writing skills students are expected to master for a test—such as being detailed, explaining ideas using examples, and describing events in chronological order—develop out of writing’s least emphasized requirement: fun.

Adam Edelman
Badgerdog Teaching Artist

My Season

I’m in a nice blue tent with my best friend Luke, and we’re camping in the dark, scary, droopy woods! Luke and I were scared to death, alone and freezing. We had very little fire left and only the seven marshmallows that kept me warm while Luke was lying down. With the thin branches falling, we didn’t know when we were going to get out of the dark, scary, droopy woods!

About twenty boring, scary minutes later, a gray car showed up, and Luke and I knew who it was… my mom.

Michael Breydan Alva-Green

Gaga Ball

Gaga ball is a sport. The rules are that if you get hit in the foot by the ball, you’re out. If it hits you above the knee, you’re still in. No wall jumps either. Wall jumps are where you jump away from the ball on the wall of the pit you are playing in. You can only touch the ball with your hands!

And why I like Gaga ball is because one time we were playing it, and Brandon was the best player. I had almost got hit by the ball, but I jumped up. Not a wall jump, though! And I took the ball and I got Malak out. Then, I got Breydan out, and Brandon got Sebastian out! And so on. I was in the final round, just me and Brandon. Then I dodged the ball and got Brandon out! I had won the game!

Paxton Antognini

The Unicorn Planet

I was fast asleep in my warm, cozy bed. I heard a big bang. I woke up so fast. I slowly and quietly walked outside without waking anyone up. I looked around and saw a deep, big, black hole. I fell in, straight down. I fell down, down, down, as fast as a cheetah. It was pitch black in there. I finally landed and saw a whole bunch of unicorns. The unicorns were playing like kindly little children. I got to ride on one of them. They were as kind as a koala. They felt like soft and cozy clouds. I played with them for a little while. Then it was time to go. The black hole came again, and I said goodbye. I came back to my house and was in my cozy bed. Finally, I fell fast asleep. I had a dream about that wonderful unicorn planet.

Aubry Arispe

The Invisible Girl

I would be invisible because I could sneak around the house and eat donuts. It would be really fun and tasty. I would be so happy, and the best part is: my parents would never find out.

The second reason is that I would be a pro at hide-and-go-seek. No one would ever find me. It would be so fun. I am sure you would like it too.

The third reason is that I would become a magician. I think I would be very good at it because I can turn invisible. I think all the kids would love it. I am sure you would too. I know I would. This is why I would be invisible.

Gorgeous Sahlin

Why Do You Love Fourth Grade?

The reason I love it is because PTA paid for fourth graders to have… Badgerdog. Badgerdog is a class of all writing. Each class has a teacher. My teacher’s name is Mr. Adam. Sometimes he lets us write funny stuff, how we feel, and serious stuff. He sometimes lets us play games with him. We each have a folder to hold all of our papers and writings. He only comes on Mondays. When we write, if we are stuck, he helps us. He lets us either call him Mr. Adam or Adam, he says it’s our choice. I love that he treats us all the same. He never makes us uncomfortable. We all feel safe with him.

Ava Diaz

How to Make the Absolute Best Sandwich Ever!

First, you get the ingredients: bread, hot fries, peanut butter, a plate, a drink, and a napkin.

Then you get the two pieces of bread. Put one on the plate and set the other one down. Put peanut butter on the piece of bread on the plate.

After that, you put the hot fries on the bread with peanut butter, and put the slice with nothing on. You get your napkin and choice of drink.

Finally, you take a bite of the scrumptious sandwich and enjoy!

Brandon Alvarez

Best Sandwich

Ingredients: Spicy cheese, Italian bread, cooked bacon, cooked hamburger meat.

First, get your bread and cut it in half. Take the spicy cheese. Now, get the cooked burger. Put the burger and bacon on. Then put the cheese on. Heat it up in the microwave, then cook it for thirty seconds. When it beeps, BOOM! You’re done.

Morgan Montgomery-Cafferata


I would rather fly than turn invisible because then I would be lonely. Also, if you fly, it would be nice, and you would make a new friend from a different country. It would be cool if you could fly and turn invisible. You would see lots of good views,  and you could fly, for example, to Hawaii, or you could be in Texas and you could fly to a cozy place. So, that is why I think flying is a good way to travel in the air.

Malak Omari

I Want to Write About a Forest

I want to write about a forest. The grass was poking through the beautiful snow. And it was awesome. Some leaves were still on the trees. The sun was rising, and it smelled fresh and it was quiet.

Valerie Ramirez


Do you love math? I do! I love math more than everyone. Math is my favorite part of fourth grade.

I love math a lot because this year I got 100% on the math benchmark, and I felt so happy! This year I learned geometry and it was so fun. I studied very hard, and then I got an A on most of my tests. Also, I learned a lot of multiplication and division. I got a good grade on my report card and my parents gave me some money for it. I am now really good at math.

Everyone should learn math. I love it very much, and it’s my favorite part of fourth grade. I can’t wait to learn more math in the future.

Luke Robertson

When I Had to Use Persuasion

One time I had to persuade was when I tried convincing my mom to let me go to my friend’s birthday party.

It was going to be at Blazer Tag. The first thing I said to convince my mom was: “I’ll clean the whole house!”

My mom said I could go without cleaning the whole house and only cleaning my room. But then my mom said, “I won’t be able to drive you there because I’m going somewhere, so how are you going to go?”

I wondered, “Maybe I can ask my older sister since she has a car.”

My big sister agreed to pick me up after the birthday party. I just couldn’t wait to go to Blazer Tag with my friends. Sadly, my brother couldn’t go, but at least he had a phone to entertain himself!

I really enjoyed spending time with my friends. After that, I learned that when you convince someone, try to convince small, then go big!

Hillary Rodriguez

I See the Chocolate

I see the chocolate, dark as the night. I see lollipops acting like trees and Jolly Ranchers on the ground. I see candy canes bright and shiny, standing like flowers. Every house looks like a ginger bread house. The light blue sky is made of blue Airheads. But I always want to eat those rivers full of… Nutella!

Angel Villegas


The Trampoline Park

The trampoline park is cool. You can do flips. The most fun thing about it is dodge ball. I had my birthday there before. My family and my friends from school, we all started to play dodge ball. I smelled food. I saw people jumping. Sometimes I heard music. And the music was awesome. When it was time to leave, I felt MAD. The reason I was mad was because I wanted to stay!

Johnathan C

When I had to Convince Someone of Something

So, one time I had to convince someone was when I wanted to get a video game, but my mom wouldn’t let me get it. She said it was too expensive. But then I said I would pay the money back if she got it, and guess what? It worked! I really didn’t expect it to work.

Another time I had to persuade someone was when I had to persuade my cat to play with a laser toy. But of course, she’s a cat, so she didn’t. So, I played with it to show her. And she played with it! It worked!

Derek B

How to Make the Best Sandwich Ever!

To make the best sandwich ever, first put some Nutella on the top. Then, put some peanut butter inside. Next, put in some chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, and strawberry ice cream. Last but not least, some caramel syrup. Then spread it on the bread on the top. Put it in the oven to make it heat up and—oh, some mustard! Now you’re good to go.

Sasha R

Remodeling the Imagination

8 Apr

You will never be bored in Ms. Barrett’s afternoon class. These writers fight aliens from Jupiter and fall from their beds into magical and creepy worlds. With the help of Shel Silverstein’s “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out,” they create bedrooms that are so messy, devils shoot “stink bugs at [them] from eighteen miles below” the bed. You will discover so many wonderful ideas when it’s time to remodel your home. By simply adding an elevator, you can travel out of your house to “Mount Olympus so [you] can talk to Zeus about creating world peace.” I loved the enthusiasm and imagination I encountered every time I entered the classroom. Congratulations to these writers on their amazing stories!

Terri Schexnayder
Badgerdog Teaching Artist

The Aliens Are Coming!

Wow! Did you just hear about the alien attack that’s going to happen this Friday? I better form a team of courageous alien-hunters, so we can save the world. I sure hope others believe me, because the first ten people I asked at the Super Heroes conference just said, “No! Aliens aren’t real!” Next I went to Target and found some brave individuals who agreed. “Yes! We believe in aliens!” Whew! (Maybe they just said that because they were annoyed at me for begging to join them.)

Okay, at least I now have my alien-fighting team together.  First, we must purchase alien-sucking machines and train my army how to pull in multiple outer space creatures all at one time. Hmmm, we sure need guns—any suggestions out there? Great idea! I hadn’t thought about getting them from a military surplus store.

We are equipped and ready. Let’s go suck up some aliens!

Jayden Besa

In My Delicious Room

In my room
there is no broom,
but neither are there LEGOs.
Rather, rules to follow and things to learn.
Pieces of paper, but not to burn.
With a closet so big, it sucked me in.
In my room, it smells like strawberries,
and the desk tastes like raspberries.

With a blanket of cotton—3D, not 2D—
I am floating on a cloud, eating cotton candy.
Pillows to overlap my bed, covered with animal stuffies.
In my room, there are teacher supplies—staplers, scissors, and sweets
(no one will be suspicious as to why I have such treats!).
My room is pink and edible like watermelon jelly.

Bella Chu

My Awesome Name

My name is delicious and savory like unicorn poop, which is ice cream.
My name is the color of a very bright rainbow.
It is like cupcakes with sprinkles and a scent of sugar.
My name feels like soft pillows,
making the sound of breezy winds mixed with fiery lava bubbles.

When I say my name, chocolate bursts with flavor into my mouth!
My name is sprinkle ice cream cookies.
I am Soraya Contreras.

Soraya Contreras

My Room Is So Messy

My room is so messy,
I don’t know what to do!
Oh, I better clean it
very, very soon.
I get home from school
and walk into my room. Aggghhh!
Rats and bats, cats and hats.
Oh, no. What do I do?
I need to clean my room
very, very soon.

The next day, my friends come in
and then walk right outside
like a flash before my eyes.
I promised them I would clean my room—
they trusted me it was safe to go in,
but Fred and Ted wear masks to be sure.
“I did my best to clean my rotten, yellow-smelling room!” I cry.
They walk out again—darn, I really tried!

I am playing on my phone.
My mom moans and drones, “Clean your room!”
in the worst tone in the world.
“No way!” I mumble to myself. “If you don’t want to see it,
then I will just throw you in.” Bye, bye!

Nikki Dominguez

My Name

I’ve always thought the name James sounded calm
like a peach tree in bloom.
When I say it, the taste of fresh
summer strawberries stays on my tongue.

James Doerr

My Dream House

Dreams, houses, and dream houses. What would yours be like? For starters, mine is an exact replica of the Empire State Building, but with a twist on the interior. For example, I have an elevator leading to Mount Olympus so I can talk to Zeus about creating world peace.

My dream house includes a cinema room with a lifetime of supply of chocolate and Harry Potter movies. The bedroom wall is blue, reflected through with fish tanks located on every side. I have some weird stuff, like a roomful of unicorns. There’s even a space in which I worship my pets by hanging plastic heads of them all around. I add a room made of diamonds as sparkly as my dog’s eyes! The chair is made of jewelry, and there is plenty of space for my dazzling earrings. Finally, my walk-in closet is 1,000,000 miles long and contains giraffes and mountains of sneakers.

Everyone who visits, gets a pair of earrings and a quail. Now that you have my incredible ideas to build a dream home, the sky’s the limit!

Alice Dorning

My Name

My name is a proud and wealthy country.
It is silk on my cheek after the end of a bad day.
It tastes like peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream
and sounds like an ocean of joy.
It smells like bacon sizzling when you first wake up.
It is a rainbow of the sweetest colors.
The beautiful name of Britain.

Britain Emerson

My Squeaky Clean Room

My room smells like a big bottle of air freshener (even though I don’t use it). When I touch the floor, it feels like a big pile of smooth snow. I just love looking at my room because it is so beautiful and tidy. When I taste my room, there is the flavor of flowers for some reason. When I listen to my room, it sounds like the wind rushing against my ears. My classic, clean room!

When people come over to visit, they are so jealous of how spotless it is. They always say, “Your room is as fresh as a new strawberry!” When I look at the walls of my room, I imagine gazing up into the sky—there are cloud stickers all over—like the ones in “Toy Story.” I love my room. It’s so neat.

Tony Gil

My Room

In my room, there are two million LEGOs all over my floor and another three million in my drawers. It’s like I am swimming in a sea of clothes; there are so many shirts, skirts, pants, and socks piling up and tumbling out of my closet. They are like my best friends because they hover over me.

When I lay down on my pink bed cover, the soft chocolate brown blanket eats me as I try to go to sleep. I sink into another dimension of time and space where there are rainbows and unicorns spitting out sprinkles. It’s an amazing valley of dark green grass. I am sad when I have to leave, but I have school tomorrow. I must return to my messy room.

Faith Guerrero

My Name

Hi, my name is Elijah, but you can call me Eli. It came from the one the creator of Marvel named his daughter. Yes, my name began with a girl! Here is the rest of the story.

My family thought I was going to be a girl, and my dad really liked the name Eliza. But, when they found out I was a boy, they decided on Elijah. Elijah stands for “having fun” in Iranian. I live up to my name when I am playful and laugh a lot. My name sounds like the inside of a seashell and tastes like chocolate-covered strawberries. It smells like a heavenly aroma. Elijah feels like a soft marshmallow. This is my name, and I love it!

Elijah Hadivincheh


My dirty, dirty room is as smelly as a person who has not showered for years! It is full of slimy footprints from my sister coming in and out. Nerf guns, big and small, plus piles of dog fur cover my poor floor! There are so many holes in my bed that devils are shooting stink bugs at me from eighteen miles below.

When my friends come into my room, they get stuck in my ugly, claustrophobic closet. Even my sister got stuck on the ceiling and then fell into a black hole, once because there was so much dog slobber in my room. Those devils just laughed and laughed in the worst way possible way when that happened! Even I felt a little happy over that.

My room got so dirty, so disgusting, that I turned devil-like. My face turned dark red and my voice got very deep, and I laughed in the worst way.

Malachi Jensen

Dancing Jelly Sandwich

Do you want to learn how to make a jelly sandwich dance? If you want to, you are going to need a lot of materials. So, here’s the list to write down:

A dance floor, two pieces of bread, some jelly, a radio, the sandwich’s favorite song (anything with “sandwich” in it works) and record player, a video camera, some googly eyes with a black marker, and two paper cut-out arms. Also, book an empty room as big as a gymnasium.

First, glue the googly eyes on the front of the bread. Now, you have to draw any kind of smile. Install the dance floor in the empty room. Next, smear the jelly on the two pieces of bread and slap them together. Add the arms to the sandwich. Turn on the music to “Peanut Butter Jelly Rock” and watch the sandwich go! It may seem weird to see it rise up and dance on his hands for hours, but you’ll get used to it.

Ian Kelley

Timmy vs. Adam

I’m feeling a little “Timmy” today. Yup, let me tell you why. First of all, my boring real name is Adam. Anyway, Timmy means total awesomeness, but Adam means weird cat farts! Timmy tastes like rainbow jelly beans topped with awesome sauce. But Adam tastes like absolute seriousness. Timmy smells like a room full of peppermint candy. Adam smells like lazy gorillas.

I am feeling like Timmy, but Adam will have to do for the next thirteen years.

Adam Napolillo

The Gift

Everyone has a gift. Some people can understand animals, but not the way I do—because I really understand them. It all happened this year on March 23. It was a regular day, or so I thought! My mother, who named me Maria, passed away when I was five. She always talked about the animals she loved.

I had noticed she wore a blue and purple jewel around her neck whenever she talked with our dog Sidney. I never knew what that was about, but after she passed away, I saw the precious stone in her room. I took it for a good luck charm and went to the park with my dog. While sitting under a tree, admiring my jewelry, it started to glow. I gazed into it just as my dog walked up to me.

“Let’s go, boy,” I said to him.

“Yea, sure, cool. I am tired anyway,” he responded.

I looked so surprised when he talked, and so did my pet!

“How can you talk to me?”

He looked very puzzled. “I don’t know.”

I looked down at the necklace and realized the power it had, and what my mother had known. I knew then that this would be my future to talk with animals.

Bianka Perez

In My Room

In my room, there is a mess.
It is filled with toys and board games,
such as “Sorry” and “Don’t Break the Ice.”
With five million Nerf guns and one million LEGOs
and Xbox 360 video games, I can’t find anything!
I get trapped in my own closet—
my jackets grab me, pull me in, and hold me down.
Clothes everywhere—on my bed, floor, couch,
even on the ceiling fan.

My room is so dirty that it smells like overflowing trash.
My stuff gets sucked into a black hole
and I go with it into the dark abyss with flames.

JJ Sanchez

Aliens Are Coming

Oh, no! It’s actually happening—aliens from Jupiter are attacking this Friday! I need you to join my group of fantastic soldiers. Bring your lava guns, lasers, and evil unicorns that fly and use hard rock-solid Skittles. There is so much new stuff you can also use today, such as super-duper alien detectors. We are going to also need flying mattresses to sleep on way above the ground.

You can contact me any time at MattiIsAnAwesomeSurvivor@gmail.com. I will keep you posted on the approaching alien invasion. Stock up on all the things we will need: weapons, beds, food, animals, shelter at the IFLY Home, and a lot more. I know! I will also put up a big sign with my phone number: 123-456-7890.

Come on, people! These aliens are more dangerous than Godzilla. Plus, they do not have the most amazing fashion sense and are my least favorite color—greenish yellow. Let’s get them!

Matti Serhus

How to Train Ms. Gilman to Dance

Let’s say you are a nine- to ten-year-old, and you are in a school called Boone Elementary. You have a teacher named Ms. Gilman, and she needs help on the dance floor. You are the complete expert. So, what do you do?

I can take you through the steps.

First, you will need to buy her a sparkly tutu and leotard from Target. Next, find a very large room, such as the White House. Oh, you may lose all your money paying for that—sorry! Now, go buy yourself a fluffy, pink, jewel-studded tutu with any money you have left. Drive Ms. Gilman to your huge space and ask her to put on the tutu. No doubt, she will ask, “What do I do?”

“Let me show you how to lean and dab, lean and dab,” you explain.

Suddenly, she says, “Oh, it’s Sunday, and I have to go to school!”

You laugh, because there is no school on Sunday. “Man, you crack me up, Ms. Gilman. Now, let’s get back to that dance, shall we?”

Nomia Stilwell

A Robust Sense of the Absurd

7 Apr

Ms. Texeira’s class was one of the most enthusiastic groups of young writers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Whether we were writing odes, silly stories, or convincing personal essays, these writers approached every task with enthusiasm, imagination, and a robust sense of the absurd, testing the limits of their imaginations and supporting each other as writers and readers. I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as we enjoyed writing them together!

Emily Beyda
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


Tacos, oh tacos, you’re so sweet
But you smell like my Dad’s feet
You come from Taco Bueno
Which rhymes with my friend Deino
Sometimes I eat you on Christmas Eve
Which is my Dad’s worst pet peeve
Tacos, tacos, wait a second…
You taste like my favorite cereal, Sock-O’s!
Tacos are my favorite snack
And sometimes I sneak them in my backpack
Burritos and tacos are brothers
But they come from a different mother


Ode to Trees

Trees, you give everything life
You provide shelter and air for the earth
Oh trees, you give everything life
You give life to the frogs on the ground
And the birds in the sky
Oh trees, you give everything life
You give life to us humans
And life to all animals
Oh trees, you give everything life
You start as a seed, and you grow over the years
And after a while, you whither and die
But just know that you give everything life



Oh burger, you are so yummy.
With your lettuce all out, you look like a shining emerald.
And the meat is sooo nice, like chocolate.
(Um, although that is a different food. Oh, well.)
Your cheese is like the shining sun, so brave and so melted.
Ketchup like blood, red spilling everywhere.

Lee Ana

Little Soft Paw

Once upon a time, there was a really, really fuzzy little girl. Her fuzz was thick, so she was always warm. Her Mom called her My Little Soft Paw. My Little Soft Paw went on an adventure to stop King Ding-a-Dong. He lived at the bottom of the deep blue sea. He wanted the little girl for her fluff. One day, he captured her and stole all her fluff so that when she came on land, she would be cold in Canada.

Owen Ball

The Secret is Bob

Bob was an ogre, and he wanted to get more ugly, so he took his teeth out. Bob tried to eat a sandwich. When he bit into it, his gums bled. Two hours later, he was in the hospital and he was dead. Four hours later, his Mom called and she said he was in trouble again.


A Riddle

It comes from a tree
It’s black and it’s brown
It falls on the ground
You can eat it
It can be cracked open
It is healthy to eat
It has a stem
It grows on a tree


Ode to Paper

Oh paper, a shade of white
Like wings to heaven, or freshly fallen snow
You are as soft as silk
And you contain millions of thoughts, like the Milky Way
You bend at soft, crisp angles
You are the start of a scribble, morphing slowly into beauty
You let pens skate across your smooth, soft surface
You can become anything
There is no limit or rules for what you can do
From a big, rough tree you become new, perfect sheets
You contain almost every thought
An entire person, room, house, mansion, country, planet
Can be contained in the midst of your pages
You make dreams come to life
Oh paper

Amity Blue Rogalski


Oh lotus, you are beautiful in and out
You make me warm like the sun
You are so pretty as you glide across the water
Making a beautiful swoosh, swoosh
All things are drawn to you
Because you have the most beauty in the pond
With your bright colors
You are down to earth
And are a gentle soul
Oh lotus
Oh lotus

Ava Henderson

Mother Nature

Mother Nature, you are beautiful
With birds on your trees
Deer on your grass
Wolves on your rocks
Fish in your rivers
The rain and your puddles
Your beautiful flowers on your branches
I love that when I’m in your woods
I can hear the deer running
The birds singing
Your beautiful cracks when I step on your branches
The waterfall splashing
I love you, Mother Nature


Ode to the Vulpix

Your icy tail is so cold I start to cry
Then your tail is like crystal stars in the moonlight
And with a tad of glow, too
I see an ice stone, and I bring it close to you
Then you evolve into Ninetails
Your tail is like snow
You move like crystals
And you still have that crystal gleam


The Beast

A beast had soft fur and smelled like nothing. It had no taste and saw nothing because no one had been able to see if. If someone had, they would be killed instantly by its big claws. So, stay away from this furry creature. It is very nasty smelling, and everyone should hate this thing. That was how we met the monster.


A Riddle

I see people running. I feel a football. I hear people yelling. I smell sweat. I taste water. Where am I?


Ode to Football

Ode to football, the thing that creates a lot of friendship
When the laces grip your fingers, you feel a light shining inside of you
When you let go of the ball, it soars through the air like a beautiful bird flying through the sky
When you make a touchdown, you feel a magical sense inside of you
You feel the ball celebrating with you, too
A football is like a magical creature that was once an angel
When you open the present, and you see the ball gleaming with joy, you are that way too
When you watch your team win, you feel like nothing can stand in your way
When you read a football book, you get sucked into the book and feel as if you’re playing football
Football is an amazing game that’ll never change
Anybody can play football, and anybody can enjoy it
If your team ever loses, it isn’t the end of the work
Because there’s always the next game
And you’ll play ever better than before
Ode to football


One Crazy Day

I watched the sun illuminate and called 911 and said, “Hey, 911, can you open my soda?” I’ve been going to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza since I was three years old.



The song of the heart
The warmth inside
The magic within
The magnet to it
The happiness and joy
The comfort for sadness
The one that you feel closest to
Why, my darling,
That is love

Feel the power of the magic
Feel the golden aura shrouding you
Compassion and Kindness
With your heart in it
The despair when you leave
The electric shock of exhilaration when you come back
The dream you have every night and day
What people call a dream come true
Why, my darling,
That is love
As the arrow pierced your heart
You think differently
The longing to be with them
Your spirit glowing bright
The longing to say the words
I love you
But you still hold back
For the fear of loneliness
And ruining the moment
Why, my darling,
That is love

Be kind to yourself and be happy
Don’t hide yourself
Replaced by someone unknown
Be happy and calm
Honest and real
Steady and smart
Old but fresh
Why, my darling,
That is love

Love is not enough enough to say
For it is not describing your spirit
You feel complete and whole
Finding your missing half
It’s quite an adventure
Through good times and bad
But as long as you’re together
You need no more
Why, my darling,
That is your whole

Simone Owensby

Lilly’s Pizza Adventure

Once there was a beautiful girl, and her name was Lilly. She was very hungry, and she was in the mood for some pizza, so she was on her way to the Pizza Palace, until she stopped by this little girl riding a hoverboard. The little girl said, “You can never have pizza!” Lilly was very confused. So, while the little girl wasn’t looking, Lilly ran into the pizza shop then she ordered her pizza. Right after she took a bite, the pizza started to dance, but she didn’t care.


A Mountain Memory

I’m in the mountains. I see snow and ice. My friend is cooking ribs on a barbecue inside our cabin. I feel happy. I am on vacation with my friends and family. You can sit by the fireplace.


Ode to the Book

You’re full of amazing words
and always make me happy

Your pages are different in size
But they are always rather flappy

Different types of genres
Historical or fiction

But what makes you my favorite
Is that you are my addiction

Brightly colored titles
Like a rainbow in the sky

Amazing pictures on a page, on a page
No, this is not a lie

But when I see the words “The End”
I feel kinda down

But when I remember I have more books
I no longer have a frown


Ode to Dandelion

You start as a seed in the wind
You flutter across the sky
‘Til you land in soft, moist dirt
And your roots go down deep
You grow into the earth
Then your seed opens
And your stem goes up
For the first time, you breathe the fresh air
Your leaves open in the sky
A puff ball is there
And the winds will come again
To plant new flowers in the ground
So they may bloom
And then the seeds are gone
But you still have more life
As your buds open up
I see a beautiful yellow glow like the sun
And amazing in your glory
You are magnificent and calm
Yet filled with energy
You may be so small
But large
Even so
Everyone who looks at you is happy
I thank you for everything
Your beauty and grace

Kiana Leon

Splashing in Creative Waters

30 May

This six-week class with Ms. Vega’s students at Widen Elementary School got churning right after the STAAR test storm passed, and I saw these students’ writing as a sigh of relief, a dive back into the creative waters to frolic and play. Many of the students selected the final piece they wrote—poems inspired by Nicanor Parra’s “Mummies” to be published here. It was a culminating activity that blended together the three craft elements we focused on—utilizing vivid verbs, selecting specific and significant details, and arranging writing in some sort of energetic order. All of the work here represents the true spirit of these kiddos—a playful pulse breathing life into their readers and back into themselves. It has been a true joy working with them!

P.S. I want to give a special thanks to the wonderful poets / educators Katelin Kelly and Katie Pryor for their help with this class.

Tyler Gobble
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


A Tiger’s Life

One tiger wades in the
lake of water.

Another goes west through
the dark forest.

Three tigers climb a big tree.

One tiger gets a fever
because it’s allergic to beavers.

All tigers hunt for food
but one tiger’s not in the

One tiger runs through the
forest because he’s won the

The tiger who won the race
gets hunted by the mean hunter
with a big mace.

At the end of the day, all
tigers go back to their dens.

Rodolfo S.



One Shopkin is lighter than
the other.

Another Shopkin sings until
he drops the word.

The other one is really crazy until
he gets out of the box.

One Shopkin named Chiqui
Chocolate is sweet like
a donut.

Another one just wants
to be the queen.

All the Shopkins have
a lot of actions.

America G.


Look at a Unicorn

  1. You can see a unicorn farting rainbows.
  2. You can see them falling.
  3. You can see the power.
  4. You can see them white.
  5. You can see them in a story.
  6. You can see their rainbow horns.
  7. You can see them eating.
  8. You can see them running away.
  9. You can see them chasing people.
  10. You can see they’re just rough stuff.
  11. You can see them stepping at people.
  12. You can see them drinking gas.
  13. You can see them at school.
  14. You can see them at your house!

Marco C.


The Crazy Shopkins

One Shopkin jumps with a jumping
rope to the big and colorful store.

Another Shopkin throws a small
pink ball into the store and
gets in trouble.

Some of the Shopkins run all
over the store and start screaming,
jumping, rolling, and doing handshakes.

All of the Shopkins go to the
store and have a big party in
the store without permission.

Until a few of the Shopkins
start leaving and the other
Shopkins keep partying in the

Until all the Shopkins leave
and the big store is messy and dirty.

Natalie Z.



One puppy is biting
the fat pillow. Another one
is sleeping in the woods with
the spooky noise. Some were
eating and others were full and
fat. All celebrated their second birthday
with a big pool and fun.

Graciela P.


I Remember

I remember when I wanted to be the only child, so I stabbed a fork in my sister’s head. It was hard.
I remember I was trying to flush my sister down the toilet but her head was too fat, so it didn’t fit.
I remember when my friend tried to kidnap me. Her name was Arelis.




Two puppies are pulling
the rope until it breaks.

One of them is eating
all the food while all the
other puppies are starving.

One of the puppies is
playing in the park until
it rains.

Ariadna V.



Minions’ Worst Day

One Minion eats a banana.
The other Minions are crying.
All the Minions are filled with sadness.
A big package is delivered to the Minions.
The Minions stop crying. They stand up.
All of Minions go to the package.
They all open the package and there are
2,000 bananas. They all get five
Bananas each. They are happy
And they make a celebration of

Omar R.



One McDonald’s has a park.
Another has a Ronald
McDonald’s Society and chants
Big Macs, Big Macs! 

Two have a big McDonald’s

And the last one has Ronald
McDonald yelling CHICKEN

Christian B.


How I Lost My Puppy

I remember when I had a little dog.

I liked to play with him until my parents
told me that they were going to sell him
because he ate something gross.

Then it was Friday and some people came
and they sold him. I was really sad and I was crying.

Kayla R.


Un Unicornio

  1. Yo estaba en la casa de mi abuela y vi unas flores que eran bonitas y olían bien.
  2. Yo fuí a un palo que tenía muchas manzanas y estábamos comiendo y estaban ricas.
  3. Yo fuí con mi mamá y pasear donde había mucha llueve y esta ve jugando.
  4. Mi familia y yo fuimos a pasear al parque y está vimos jugando mucho.
  5. Yo había visto muchos árboles y montes y había un unicornio.



The Puppies

One puppy is talking on the phone
Another one is running
and another one is
playing. The other one
is eating. And the last one
is sleeping. And the very last one
falls from the stairs and cries.



How I Scare

I remember when we
saw a movie and we got
in the closet because it was
about a girl in a closet.
My friend heard something because
She was by the closet and
we jumped on her. She
did not talk to me
for three weeks.

Dayana T.


The Owls

One owl flies in the air.
Another owl is hunting the mice.
Some owls are sleeping and
others are playing.

All the owls go to sleep.

Another owl flies to
the ocean and catches
a fish.

One owl is dancing
in the air with another

Fabian F.

Ms. Linahan’s Llamas

29 May

Ms. LInahan’s llamas (fourth-graders at Baldwin Elementary School) shared a love for collaborative writing and group storytelling that spilled over into irrepressible exchanges of themes and ideas. Our writing time together was book-ended with on-the-rug sharing circles, with each student volunteering connections and interpretations of each other’s work, collaborating to create an inspiring environment for learning and writing.

Emily Beyda
Badgerdog Teaching Artist


My Pet Onion

I’m an onion, but I’m a baller, and I’m officially King Gangster Onion. Last week was awesome. I drank some orange juice and turned into a gangster and ate the MLG Pickle. Now I’m totally rich, and I eat Dorittos and drink Mountain Dew. When I was young, I always wanted to be a white apple, but I never was. I don’t have any parents. I mean, I come from a green thing, but I call him Green Thing, not Dad. My home was a complete mess considering it’s me. So, yeah. That’s me.

Connor Howard


New Friends

One day, there was a purple fluffy unicorn named Jackie. She had no friends and was very lonely. All she wanted was a friend. Jackie had nothing to do and no siblings or friends to play with. She sat in her backyard staring at the side fence. She had been sitting there an awfully long time and her legs started to cramp. She hated getting leg cramps and decided to walk around. That’s when she heard voices. She went inside and found her mom talking to AJ. AJ was a girl in Jackie’s class at school. AJ had seen Jackie walk in and looked to see what was going on. Jackie slowly walked to the door and asked AJ, “Would you like to come and play?” Jackie held her breath as AJ opened her mouth to speak. “Sure,” AJ replied. Jackie was so happy. They went outside and played soccer. When they were done, they were very thirsty. They went to the fridge to get some Gatorade. When they looked in the fridge, they were disappointed. Jackie was afraid AJ would think it was strange she didn’t have anything to drink. That’s when she heard her dad’s booming voice. “I’m home!” He walked through the door holding grocery bags. Right when he placed the bags down, Jackie tore through them. She found Gatorade at the bottom of the first bag. She yanked it out and tore two groceries from the box. She brought the box upstairs in case they were still thirsty. And then they drank all the Gatorade they wanted.

Ben Tillisch


The Kitten

One day, I got my first kitten. I looked at her fluffy white fur. I lightly felt her soft white fur, and then I heard my oven ring. Ding! The cookies were ready! I tasted the gooey chocolate, and the cookie was wonderful. I smelled the delicious cookie with it’s cookie dough smell. I gobbled it up. It tasted so good. But now I regret eating it so fast!

Lily Ruxer


Billy and the Man Eating Fish

One day, Billy was fishing, hoping to catch a fish quickly because he knew the FBI would be there soon. When he felt a tug, he pulled the line and a fish popped up and almost ate him. He kept the fish as a pet, and as soon as he got in his car, the cops came after him. He wasn’t looking where he was going and crashed the car that the cops were using. The fish got so big, it ate Billy and only his head was left. Then the fish ate three more heads belonging to the cops.

Reiser Johnson


The Penguin

There was once a penguin who really loved ketchup and mustard, and he really wanted some of both, but on the way to the store there was a giant human mouth. Every time he went to this store, the human mouth would scare the penguin away, which is why the penguin never had ketchup and mustard again and he lived badly ever after!

Neha Gundubogula


Answer That Question

“Welcome back to ‘Answer That Question!’ We are interviewing Mr. Giant Butt. The first question is, What is your biggest secret?”

“I can actually talk!”

“MY GOD, a talking butt! What a freak show! Next question: What is your greatest fear?”


“What do you want the most?”

“A wife.”

“LOL, he’s forever alone. What was a special day in your life?”

“I’ve never had one.”

“Who is the most important person in your life?”

“I told you, I’m forever alone!”

Kevin Howard


Sparrow and Robin

“Tweet!” Robin chirped. “I want an owner!”

“Oh be quiet,” Sparrow chirped. “We’re wild birds. None of us are getting homes.”

The two friends, Robin and Sparrow, were having an argument over whether they would have owners soon or not. “No!” Sparrow kept saying after Robin asked over and over if they would get homes soon.

What they didn’t know was that under the tree there was a guy named Wallace who desperately wanted a bird. The only problem was that his girlfriend was totally against it.

“No! We are not having another pet in this house ever again! I can’t stand the fur and business they leave all over the place,” she had screamed in Wallace’s face.

“Tweet!” Robin suddenly called. “There’s a sad guy down there!”

“That doesn’t mean he wants us,” Sparrow chirped.

“Birdies!” Wallace cried.

“See…?” Robin snapped.

“Okay, okay. You win!” Sparrow cried as she fluttered down to Wallace. Robin followed.

“I think I’ll call you Hansel and Gretel. No, Salt and Pepper. No, Paul McCartney and Britney Spears. No, John and Lucy. No…” Wallace rambled on about picking names.

“I’m breaking up with you!” Wallace’s girlfriend screamed when she saw Robin and Sparrow.

“Sasha, wait!”

Sasha softened. “We can keep them,” she cried.

“Oh, thank you!” Wallace screamed happily. And they lived happily ever after with the two birds.

Sofia Colaluca


Magic 8 Ball, Yes!

Mr. Burger wanted a pet penguin. But Mr. Burger lived in Egypt, so he booked a flight to Antarctica. When he got there, he was really cold. He saw a house, but he realized it was a council of penguins. They didn’t like burgers, so the council had Mr. Burger ARRESTED FOR MURDER! But a penguin lawyer fought for him, so Mr. Burger was FREE! But then Mr. Burger went back to Egypt with his friend Connor, who went to Antarctica to study sea lions. Everyone was happy!

Bo Wang


Agent Tyler

Hey! Sup? I’m agent Tyler. What I usually do is stop bank robbers and throw them out the window, take down monsters, send bad weather out of the area–you get the point, right? Well, as an agent, I’m really famous. I have about a quadrillion dollars. I can do whatever I want, and I pretty much like wearing sunglasses almost everywhere just for fun.

Tyler Kampton


The Pig Who Went to Candyland

One day, there was a pig who wanted candy, so he traveled all the way to Candyland to get some and take it to his home. When he got there, a dragon tried to eat him and bake him with fire breath. The pig ate some candy and started to run away, and the dragon chased him all the way home and caught his house on fire. The pig was hiding from the dragon under the bed, and he stayed there until the dragon left. Then the pig came out, but his house was destroyed. When he checked his hands, he still had some candy. He ate his candy, and then he fell asleep because he realized it was his bedtime.



The Shadow

Once, there was a boy who was secretly a shadow. All he wanted to be was a normal human being, but healthy food got in the way. He loved healthy food, but every time he ate something healthy, the power of his shadow grew stronger. His parents fed him celery and chicken almost every day. If he wasn’t eating celery and chicken, he was eating broccoli and steak. What the boy didn’t know was that if he ate more and more healthy food, he would become evil! The poor boy couldn’t eat lunch at school because he didn’t want his friends to know he was a shadow.

One day, when he got home from school, he ran to his room. He heard whispering. The shadow was talking to him. “Beware, beware,” the shadow howled.

The boy threw himself on his bed. “Your soul, your soul,” The shadow howled again. Soon after, the boy got dizzy. All he could see was the shadow. The shadow took over his personality.  The boy was under the control of the shadow. The shadow took the boy to the cemetery and pushed him into the cabinet of souls. The shadow won.

Kinda N.



My name is Sprinkles. I live in Unicornlandia. I am going to Cookie College. My roommate is Nyan Cat. She always poops sprinkles, which I find offensive, because my name is Sprinkles! A couple of years ago, my parents, Mr. Donut and Mrs. Pegisi, got killed because of Donald Trump and Barney. Hey, those were the only things on TV! So me, and my brother Watermelon, moved in with Aunt Pineapple. I don’t like her. Her puppy tried to kill me once.

Georgia Schmitt


Nubby’s Life

My name is Nubby. As you can tell, my humor is stiff. Get it? Because… I’m a pebble? Get it? Wow, tough crowd. In school, no one notices me. I mean, who wouldn’t notice a small brown pebble in the school yard? Also, people literally just run over me to play football. Literally! Because they’re ungrateful humans. It’s the same at home. Sleep, wake up, get run over, sleep. (And pebbles DO NOT eat, so DON’T ask.) So, I’m just a pebble push-over. My home is next to other stinking dirt. Geez. My life stinks once you think about it!

Joopsy Addison


The Crazy Frog

One day, there was a cute little frog named Chase. He loved to play with a lily pad and rainbow. He liked to jump on the rainbow. On stormy nights, a big rain cloud rolled through the sky! When it was gone, the frog said NOOOOOOOO! all over the swamp. Then he became a night frog. Then it was it time to fight the cloud. He had to do it. To be continued…



The Lonely Cat

Once upon a time, there was a cat that didn’t have an owner, and the people who took care of her, well, they were mean to her. One night, she woke up and she saw a diamond. Something came out of the diamond, and it was an owner the cat wanted. The owner said to her, “Will you be my cat?” The cat thought and thought and she said, “Yes!” The cat ran away with her new owner, and the next morning the mean people who used to take care of the cat were looking for her. The mean people got mad and they were like, “NOOOOOOO!” The cat heard them, but she didn’t care because she had a nice owner. Meow.

Ava Vasquez


Football Memories

One day, I was playing football with my friend Andy. It was nearly evening, and you could see the brilliant colors of the sunset. My dad was quarterback. He hiked the ball. I took off running as fast as I could. I ran and felt the ball coming. I smelled the leather and hoped I could catch the ball. As the ball went into my hands, I felt the sharp sting of the ball. In anger, I dropped the ball and tumbled onto the sweet smelling grass. I tasted the dew on the grass as I cradled my head in my hands. I heard the footsteps and Andy saying “incomplete.”

William Gu


The Banana and the Horse

Once, there was a banana. He was a mutant and fought zombies. One day, he decided he wanted a horse to help him fight, and he found a big black horse. The banana tried training the horse, but he couldn’t at first. First, the horse didn’t want to fight, but soon he started training and eventually learned to fight with the banana. Soon, the horse and the banana became best friends and lived happily. Well, other than having to fight zombies.



Pac-Man and Justin Beaver

I was going to the arcade, wondering what I would play. I’m Justin Beaver, by the way, and while I was thinking about what I would play I thought about playing Pac-Man. I went to the arcade and found the little lemon with his gorgeous mouth and his beautiful voice, “Wacka wacko,” and I fell in love instantly. I didn’t want to play Pac-Man. I wanted to go in the game with Pac-Man. Suddenly, I saw a button on the machine that said “In.” I pressed it and suddenly felt dizzy. I looked around me then saw black walls everywhere like a maze. Then I saw Pac-Man and was like, “Oh my gosh… Pac-Man” Then I married Pac-Man and had one ugly baby. Then a ghost killed me.

Noah H.


The Worst Day Ever

One morning, I woke up and walked downstairs. I went outside to see what the weather was like. What I saw was amazing. I saw a whole world made out of chocolate. I ran over to touch a tree, and it crumbled. I took a bite out of it–it was flavorless. I listened to the running chocolate under me, but it made no sound. I smelled the air–nothing. I kept walking, fell off a cliff, and was falling for what felt like forever. Thump. It was just a dream, I had fallen off my bed, chewed my Legos, and destroyed them. I had knocked over my water. This was the worst day ever!

Grant Barden



My name is Avalon. I have bad luck, you could say. Well, that’s what other people say. I don’t listen to them, but it’s true I have bad luck. I try to stay hopeful and strong to have things go right. It seems the more I try, the worse things get. One morning before school, I got a black eye. I also slept in, so I was going to be ten minutes late. I got dressed as fast as I could. As I said, bad luck.

Siena Cone


Arcade Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a video game arcade girl and she had a pet deer. One day, the deer jumped into a Pac-Man video game. The girl yelled out, “I’ll save you, Mr. Fluffy Bottom!” She jumped into the game, and a ghost came after her. “Help!” she screamed. “There’s Mr. Fluffy Bottom!” she shouted. She got on the deer and gave him a jetpack. They soon flew on in the game and lived in the Mushroom Kingdom happily ever after.

Emilio Perez