Longing for Spring

Here is a poem for today to continue our celebration of National Poetry Month. This poem, which is untitled, was another finalist for Badgerdog’s Spring Poem Contest and was written by Michelle, a fourth grader at J. J. Pickle Elementary. Michelle captures every detail of spring in her poem: animals running along with the wind, the beauty of rain, children playing outside, birds chirping, etc.—she leaves nothing out. Her poem has a unique rhythm to it that truly keeps us longing for more.

I picked up a blooming fresh rose that was sitting in the wet green grass.

It smelled like honey that was funny that I gave it money.

The animals run in the breeze where the sun came out and where squirrels fed their babies that were jumping up and down.

The birds chirp a beautiful melody while hawks glide through the smooth blue sky.

When I walk through the park I see children playing with their friends and they soar when they play tag.

The rain falls and it looks like clear blue dots falling from the sky with the dark, grey clouds.

The animals hide and everyone goes inside while I look at the petals and leaves that were catching the water.

Michelle, fourth grade, J. J. Pickle Elementary School


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