Session E: Mythology (4th-6th grade)

Rachel Gray

Teaching Artist

The Box

A traveler was on a quest to find a box. The traveler had no idea what the box looked like so he picked up every box that he found. Boxes of Pokemon cards, boxes of popcorn, amazon boxes, the list goes on almost infinitely. Then he found a strange yet beautiful box. He was told that inside the box there would be the very thing he’d come all this way for. So he looked for a way to access it. The traveler then found that if he pried the corner of the box apart it would open. He’d got it! The traveler then emerged from in between the couch cushions with his prize. The forever loved but abused, T.V. remote. He could finally change the channel to 18.4 and watch Sesame Street for the rest of his approximately 13 days where he would have to re enter the couch cushions.

Harrison Ciaverelli

Mal, Lara, and Ti

Once there was a girl named Mal. She was wearing a yellow shirt and black shorts. Mal had parents that owned a global resort company. One day, Mal went to the park for a little stroll. She saw that her friend, Ti, was also at the park. Ti was wearing a blue dress. “Hey Ti!” Mal said with a smile. “Hi Mal”, Tiana laughed. “Do you want to go get Ice cream?” They walked over to the ice cream store and Ti ordered chocolate ice cream with gummy bears. Mal ordered mint chocolate chip ice cream with sprinkles. They then walked together around the park and ran into their other friend, Lara. 

Lara was wearing a green dress. She also had ice cream. She said that she had been looking for them and she knocked on their doors but their parents said that they had both gone to the park. Then Mal said that they should probably go to the garden to eat their ice cream. There were lots of bees and there was one person other than them in the garden. He was playing the guitar and singing softly. Suddenly Mal, Lara, and Ti felt very sleepy. The song was lulling them to sleep.

When they woke up, they realized that their money was all gone. They woke up and started running all around the park to find the singer. They found him playing outside of a building. This time, they fought the music and managed to get everything back. He said that he was only doing this because he wanted to get a room in a resort of Mal’s parents and only needed a few dollars. Mal gave the man the money and he left. Mal, Ti, and Lara did their secret handshake. 

The End

Eliza Fenton

Agnes + Brett

There was once a beautiful maiden named Agnes. She was a girl that never learned to love. She was a part of a really rich family so she did not have to work a day of her life. She was spoiled and did not have any responsibility so she could not make a mistake. She never went to school because she thought it was beneath her. She had maids to do everything for her. 

One day she went out in public and one guy asked her out on a date. She thought, People think I do not like anyone but myself, so what if I say yes just so I can prove them otherwise. So she said “yes.” The next day was their first date and she hired photographers. She made him stand in different positions but she obviously made herself the star of the show. When he said I want to break up she said why I am so beautiful every man who has ever seen me has fallen in love. He said you hired photographers and then in the last few photos you made me feed you strawberries and told me that’s not how to feed someone and then you shoved a strawberry down my throat. Let’s be honest your personality could not get any worse, you treat everyone around you like they are nothing, and you whine like a five-year-old. She then said well let’s be honest then, I am beautiful and you are not. 

Then he taught her that what’s on the inside matters and not on the outside by saying,” I would rather be a half-decent person than a pretty person like you who is spoiled and rude.” Then he ran away. Agnes wondered for that moment if she would ever be loved or feel love ever in her life. She quickly discovered if she does not change her wretched personality she might never be a good or half-decent human. 

So she got a diploma, asked her maids how they take care of her, and got her doctor’s degree in computer science. Then she noticed the guy she had dated for one day could actually stand up for himself and was not blinded by her appearance. She discovered a crush. But she never got his name. Yes, she never asked for his name but she always wondered if she could ever meet him again.

Two years after she gets her doctor’s degree she has a job and she meets the guy she met guess what his name was Brett. They fell in love again this time both of them were in love and had two kids Andie or Andrew was the boy, and Andie or Andria was the girl. They lived happily ever after. 

The end

Mary Hardesty


Pure Guard, Splendorius  

Penelope was studying in the school library. She suddenly spied something moving from the shadows. She jumped up. Curious of what the figure was she ran towards it. The figure jumped out of the window and disappeared. What was that a burglar? A thief? she thought. 

Then she remembered she was in a library. What could that figure be doing in a library?

She looked at her watch. She gasped. It’s already 5:00pm. I really need to find out what that thing was. I am certainly not going to find anything here, so she walked out of the library. She headed for the front doors once she got there she walked outside. Then she went behind the school. She suddenly saw the figure. She ducked behind a tree log. She listened in hoping to find out more about the figure. She heard him talking about a secret base. She stepped back suddenly she heard a twig crack noise. The figure stood up. No! she thought, it’s too soon!

Then the figure disappeared. I was so close!

Mishika Lakkur

Overcoming Fears

Opal ran and ran, trying to escape…a coconut monster? She came into a clearing with a lake and dove into it, “Glurg,” “Gasp!” She woke up just as three bananas, two dates, and a pineapple joined the chase. “Bam! Bam!” She could hear her heart beating its way out of her chest. “Bam-Bam…Bam-Bam…!” Later, she was terrified of her breakfast banana! (And her snack of dates, and her dried pineapple pieces.) So she had oatmeal and crackers instead. And then…they went. SWIMMING! That was when she just yelled, “Worst birthday everrrr!” Everyone jumped. After some time, she sighed. “Sorry, I should just—” and then everybody left except her family and confetti fell. “No—best birthday ever!” 

Alice Neitzke


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