I Am a Vampire

As we carve our jack o’ lanterns, put out the candy and cobwebs, and piece together our last-minute costumes, let’s pause for a moment to imagine Halloween from a slightly different perspective. This week, Zavala fourth-grader Aubrey allows us to experience a night in the life of a vampire. Congratulations, Aubrey, on a sophisticated and surprising persona poem!

It’s very dark inside my tomb.
It’s musty, dark, and damp.
Slowly, it gets colder, and I stretch my folded cape.
The door slowly opens, and the church begins to sing—
the song of midnight’s ringing coming slowly under wing.
I take flight as a bat, and I begin to hunt.
What can I find?
Will it be appetizing for brunch?
I chase a dog around the block.
I eat an old, old man.
I feel the sun is rising, and now
I have returned to my tomb.
It is very dark inside my tomb—
It’s musty, dark, and damp . . .
I slowly close my eyes
and wait for it again.

Aubrey, fourth grade, Zavala Elementary


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