The Rich Eclecticism of Hernandez Middle School

The writers at Hernandez Middle School have a gift for entertaining each other. Their work started out with seriousness, as they authored pieces inspired by Sandra Cisneros’s “Hair.” Then the class came alive as they turned strange assortments of prompts (a 40-year-old potato, shoplifting, mops, and immortality?) into stories. I want to thank these students for being so open to sharing their work, and for making us all crack up! Sharing your writing can be intimidating, but these students did an excellent job encouraging each other every week.

Allison Foster
Badgerdog Teaching Artist



Hi my name is Mary Ellen Frick. I’m ninety-six years old. People call me Chocolate Dropmop because I’m obsessed with cleaning. I have a weave, which I use as my mop to collect dirt. I also have brown eyes. My job is to clean people’s houses, and my hobbies are to wash my mop in the washing machine or dishwasher. I’m only good at cleaning dishes, toilets, and bathtubs, but I’m afraid of being thrown away. I got this job only because no one else would allow me to be around them because I have a horrible smell even after I wash my mop. My mom didn’t even want to give birth to me because of the smell. I became old from my years of cleaning. I get a package of mops for my head every month, and sometimes I get coupons to buy my mops.

Blessing Ekwuribe

Dear Ely

You are smart you are beautiful you are talented you are wonderful you are.
I love you so much you have always been the best and only.
You make me smile.
You make me frown you make me laugh.
You make me cry but I love you all the time.
Don’t leave don’t go stay
Here with me forever and laugh, cry, smile, frown, and love whichever you choose
but please at least do it with me.

Dahlia Cantu


Zach is my best friend his eyes are as bright as the sun soft like a blanket and as warm as a desert.

Dahlia Cantu


Her smile is my award-winning smile. Anusha’s smile fits her personality. Not perfect, but so amazing. It’s the way she smiles. It can be crooked, but she can go along with it. It shows mischief but can still brighten your day. Oh, how she only has one deep, small dimple that sneaks up on you. My best friend and sister’s award winning smile.

Joy Nwatu


The deepest one you can ever see. It reminds me of myself, how almost no one other than me in my family has a dimple on their left cheek. My mom and I show the same dimple. It shows caring and I’m there for you. That’s the kind of dimple she has, and I love every bit of it.

Joy Nwatu



My name is Joy Mya Kayla. I am an immortal slave. I am a handsome black boy with yellow-bluish eyes and brown hair. I often pick my nose. It’s the only food I have, and I sell my boogers. I’m a runaway slave. Before I ran away, the grass had high waters. I cried, “Why, Emma?” The hair dripped down then I saw a mop. It was Blessing.

Malachi McVade


My bunny has such beautiful bunny eyes. They are large and shiny when she looks at you. You can’t support her eyes. They look like marbles, so shiny and big. Her eyes are like sunshine. When I am sad, her eyes cheer me up.



How to Pretend You’re Sick and Not Go To School

1) Stay up all night: Stay up all night, so when your parents come in your room you have huge bags under your eyes and they will think you’re tired.
2) Rub your forehead: Try rubbing your forehead or do something to make it hot, so if your parents feel your forehead it will be hot.
3) Hands: Hold ice for a long time, so when you parents feel your hands they’re cold.
4) Voice: Try to make it sound like you have a stuffy nose.
5) Eyes: When your parents come in, barely open your eyes so it looks like your’re about to fall asleep because you’re so tired.
6) Bonus: Making your hair all messed up might make it look like you have been trying to fall asleep but couldn’t.

Hannah Sweezy

Family Hair

Every person in my family has a cool thing about them. My first brother has shaggy red hair, my second brother has brown comb hair, my third brother has brown stick hair, my little sister has dark brown hair, my mom has thick blond ocean wave hair!

Alyssa Crim

Mom’s Brilliant Hair

My mom’s hair is colored and thin, so thin she can’t even pull it into a ponytail. Her hair is so colored that you couldn’t tell that she had thin hair from a distance because the way her hair is colored makes her hair brilliant.

Abigail Holmes

My Family

Let me start out with my mom’s smile; it is a red apple. My dad’s hands are as big as the moon.

My brother’s feet are the smelliest thing in the world. They smells like dirty old cheese. My little sister’s eyes are very tiny. Sometimes I wonder if she needs glasses.

Jasmine Lemuel

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